What the game really needs

  • I know there were endless treads and endless lists of what the game really needs but i think in reality, the game is fine and that's why we play it so i am trying to think what the game REALLY needs and what priority this need actually has. Yes, we might have a problem with the fighting system or too much Ruby dependencies in Forging but let's face it, this will not change no matter what. Let's talk about some changes that could really happen.

    By priority (Highest priority to lowest):

    1. Mobile version/app - With the increased use of mobile devices, this becomes a real necessity. If not an iphone/android app, at least optimize the front-end of the game to scale good with mobile devices. Especially, dragging the items, it requires unzoomed screen which makes it incredible hard. It got easier when i got my new Galaxy S8 Note with the S-Pen but let's face it - not many people use a pen-enabled device.

    2. Dungeons in Britannia - This feels like a really important thing that can/should actually happen. I just entered Britannia and i feel like im in the Underworld. The whole Dungeon points button is missing. And it's wrong to have dungeon points and nowhere to use them, right?

    3. Little tweaks to itemization - Get Auction house to spawn up to Red items, Get Magus to upgrade to Red. We need more ways to obtain gear other than Forging. Forging a red item for us the normal players is actually very hard, not to mention expensive.

    4. Selling your inventory - Having 30 pages of items. It's a real chore to sell them, right. Well think about the speed servers. I've seen screenshots of incredible 100+pages of gear there. People just can't get around this. With so many items dropping in the game, perhaps some small system where you can for a price - sell all your packet inventory with 1 click. Or with penalty, like 20% gold lost if you do that. Ideas welcome. Let's help GF with this.

    5. Normal speed vs Speed servers issue - I tasted both worlds and it "feels bad man" to be a speed 1 player (unfortunately, all my serious chars are speed 1). GF need to do something about the speed 1 players. I actually feel incredibly burnt out knowing that if i was on a speed server i was not going to wait 2 years to see the next expedition/dungeon. On top of that, the speed server players not only do better in everything, they are allowed to attack us. Not yet level 100 on the speed server but i heard Dis Pater Hard costume makes attack cooldowns to 18 secs. I get farmed by the same S28 speed server player couple of times an hour!

    I don't know if people realize how much more beneficial the speed server is. If you haven't thought of it, just think about it for a sec. It's not only quicker cooldowns. It's quicker regeneration of everything!!! Expeditions, dungeons .... and even Underworld cooldown. Yes, speed servers go inside the UW not every 5 days but every 2. Which leads to more items and therefore richer players compared to the same level of players on normal speed servers. This on its own is incredible unfair.

  • I agree with 1,4,5 . These 3 are very important. I hope that they will make something with speed 1 servers with the time reduce..

  • Selling all packages is very important for anyone. Any kind of penalty is reasonable for selling with one click even I'm okay with that If GF says "you can only sell your all packages with 5 rubbies".

    There is an inequality between speed 1 servers and speed 5 servers, I agree with that. I think speed 5 ( also 4 ) players should not be allowed to attack speed 1 and speed 2 players. GF should fix this with improvements on Provinciarum Arena or some improvements which could be a nice solution against inequality.

    I remember the times everyone says that the game needs a lot of changes on expeditions, dungeons, variety of items etc. and GF proved that It is capable of developing Gladiatus well. Consequently we must wait to see the progress.

  • The most important point is 1.

    If you want to attract new players you will need to be in the app-store. Thats where the new players are at. So if we dont have an app-version of this game, there is no way we can get a load of players in this game. Browser games are old…..

  • Those are good suggestions but I'd like to add some.

    Game also needs crazy addon features built in game itself.

    Also I think adding some prizes for achieving something like when you get 10m honor you get 5day cent or something.

    Merging bronze forging tools to get silver ones, smthing like 3 bronze for 1 silver.

    And the most important one, rule about pushing should be brought back but should apply only to multies, some servers have so few ppl that u can't get pack at all.

    Furthermore I hope we'll see those server merges since I've seen many dead servers(less then 5active players)

  • I'm sorry for double post but I think this idea might actually be good one.
    It would be extremely helpful if we could get option of transfering characters to other server.
    Many ppl actually stopped playing after their server died, this way they could just switch to more active server and every1 would be happy.

  • I agree with all what you said, just for the second point, Having dungeons in Britannia is just a question of time, maybe they're just waiting for more players to access this country.

    I want to add something for those sugg, somone here has already talked about something similar, a reward system other than victories and favours, like if you beat a boss X times or if you a beat a dungeon boss within X rounds or with just X mercenaries, if you get X honor within X days ... you get the point, it's just a harder missions with a greater rewards, and it's not all about dungeons exp and arena.

    And another thing, I really don't know why, but in our community, it's very rare to find someone to attack from the x 5 server, but you find those from the other servers almost everytime.

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  • Personally, I also like this idea very well ..

    as a payable premium item with attached in the game ..

    Server change role in the premium Breich, cost 5000 rubies, at the same time limited time until you can change somewhere else ..

    Why do you have to start a New Gladiator if you have a good gladiator and have invested a lot of time but are playing on a dead server ..?

    The player himself is not to blame for the server becoming inactive ..

  • That's why good customer care would provide character transfer xD
    But guess what, they don't care :'D

  • Big yes to #2. New, better dungeons. Dungeons are 8 years behind the current game at this moment. I leveled to 120 2 weeks ago and soon realised attacking the dungeon is just a boring waste of time compared to expeditions with the new costumes. They should add new, updated dungeons (updated in terms of drops because current drops from bosses are just horrible) and maybe add a new dungeon specified costume in the UW for increased rewards and better drops or something.


  • 1. Totally agree, playing on a phone is a pain right now; that could prevent us from attracting new players into the game, as playing on phone is now common place.

    2. I hope Britannian dungeons are on the way (since Britannia is still quite fresh).

    3. On obtaining Red items : I think they should be rare and difficult to obtain. I don't think we should be able to Magus up to red; perhaps up to orange, but Forging has to keep its strength and unique place. It would become way to easy if any lack of materials could just be ignored by spending a bunch of gold.

    And I say this as a no-rubies player; i know how hard it is to craft all of those (necessary at high level) items.

    Same goes for the Auction House, but it could be cool to see one or two Reds here and there. I think overall, the Auction house mostly needs a lot more blue, purple, and some orange drops, especially as we climb levels.

    4. Selling items from the inventory : oh God, this is sooo important. As a x4 player, it is just a pain to spend half the day selling items.

    It would be extremely convenient to have either one of those :

    - a square in the inventory where you can directly drop an item to sell it; the drawback being that you won't see it ever again;

    - or an option to sell an entire page of the inventory for its market price; with the same consequence (as you're not selling it to a merchant or anything). There is already one for deleting a page of the inventory; why couldn't we sell one as well ?

    This would make our lifes as gladiators a lot easier :)

    5. Normal vs speed servers. That is a critical issue. Some speed 1 players want to be separated from speed servers in Provinciarum; but I think this would kill some communities with limited playerbase. Mine (French community) is just too small to work if we start separating Provinciarum.

    To me, the core problem is that, as you said... being a speed 1 player sucks. There's no other way to put it, I can't think of any reasons to prefer speed 1 over 3,4 or even 5.

    We could ask GF to turn the speed 1 servers into speed 3 or 4 (is it doable, I don't know), thus solving the problem :)

    Else, it is hard to tweak the speed 1 servs, as we would lose the idea of a speed server (exactly the same at a different speed).

    So, if I were a speed 1 player I would just ask to turn the old servers on higher speed, or at least to give an opportunity for speed 1 players to transfer account to a speed one.

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  • mi sugerencia seria que hubiera un 5to monstruo en las expediciones ya que la diferencia entre el 2 y 3ro es alta y aun mayor entre el 3ro y el jefe de expedicion, se podria poner uno mas para dar mas diversidad. y otro punto pero menos importante, no seria bueno que uno pudiera modificar su personaje? uno siempre anda con su traje pero la cara siempre es la misma, somos gladiadores y deberian ser diferentes mas que cada uno se sintiera unico...

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  • Option 4 should already exist for a long time, years go by and until now they have not implemented this, it seems that they do not want to invest some more resources in the game.

  • I don't think we should be desperate about GF's time spent on Gladiatus; I mean, we've had new stuff every now and then. Sure, you may think it is coming very slowly (kinda true), but at least we have some important new features sort of every year. Forging is a few years old, Britannia is very recent, even the private warehouse for ressources that came out last year... Those are crucial changes, showing (to me) that GF has not completely abandoned the game.

    Coming from another GF game (Ikariam), I can tell you what a game abandoned by GF looks like... Something like one change every 10 years, lol

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