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    I definitely think that the idea is good but if a scroll drops 100% then imagine in a month or two the amount of prefixes/suffixes that will be out there. I certainly think that they are way way too rare now but dropping it from every Dis Pater kill is on the other end of the spectrum.

    I am too in a break from the game. I hit my goal of dinging level 120 which has been a goal of me for the last couple of years. However, dinging level 120 made me lose hope to play anymore. Here are couple of reasons why:

    1. It took me 2 years to level from 100 something to 120. And i have to say, it has been quite a journey but what happened when i dinged 120? I moved to Britannia to fight in an expedition and no dungeon..... and i have to do this another 10 levels until i reach the next expedition, which will probably take me another year if i play seriously. What will i get for all my work and real life money for this 1 year? 4 new mobs with 5%-10% more rewards in terms of gold/honour items. Is it worth it? No.

    2. I over burnt myself ... this is entirely my fault and not Gameforge's. I dinged 2 chars to 120 at the same time, while playing a 3rd one from 1 to 102 (takes a year or two as well) and another one on a speed server (just to see what it's like). Gladiatus, being a great game overall, is not just an ordinary browser game ... it requires a lot of time. Now multiply this x4.... I am a long term Blizzard fan and I've been playing WoW, Diablo and other Blizzard games since 2000 and i think i've not invested as much money in Blizzard than in Gameforge to run my characters. The game is just not fair since Forging came. Yes forging is great addition to the game but it also gave birth to these monstrous characters wearing all Red from top to bottom, not only on their main chars but on all mercs too... Let's face it ... Forging became the only way to properly gear yourself and yes some players have found a way to do it without spending 100s of Euro but most of us ... playing the game as it is ... have to pay 20 euro to try a forge in a respectful manner. I am far from poor but even 100 euro spent for games per month is unreasonable, even if i can afford it. It's just stupid in front of my wife and child.

    3. Speed servers are also a major factor in my lost appetite for the game. Seeing how beneficial they are, i kind of feel that i wasted my 10 years in playing the game when someone can do it 5 times quicker now....

    Although i don't play for 3 months already, i am active on building the site so don't get discouraged to continue sending me feedback. You've all been great and keep it up

    Shame that the last response from GF was January 2018 (1 year ago) telling us that they are working on the game and we haven't heard from them.

    Wait a sec. How is "Direct attention to one self" making the "attacker merc hit other targets than your opponents blocker". That's not what this action is supposed to do. Is this a bug? Why would a setting that makes others attack you more give you increased chance of hitting other targets

    Hey community,

    First of all Happy New Year.

    I think i've seen a discussion on this and i think GreatApo was talking about it at some point but can i ask this once again, since i cannot find anything here?

    What does "direct attention to oneself" mode do to a merc?

    I think it was either a static amount of Threat (like 700) or was it doing something else like the game first looks at who has the direct attention to oneself set and attacks him ignoring Threat?

    I want to add it to the website too. I recently got a question like this from a fan and i don't know the answer.

    I want to ask the community about this some additional questions. We all know that we get a warning when we try to enter with a costume on. But i have only tried it limited times. So i want to clarify different scenarios.

    example - Finishing Normal underworld while with Hard costume ON - is this a problem?

    another example - Doing Underworld Hard with Normal costume ON but not having another Hard costume already earned - is that also a problem?

    I think that's a normal behavior. You will have to use a refresh quests (click on button New Quests) to get rid of them.

    My personal opinion is that if the game had more players, a button to go passive wouldn't be so distinctive. Who cares if few people use it. Majority will not but it's nice to have the option to opt out. I like the ideas here that it is a Gladiator fighting game but it's a MMO where you can fight NPCs or you can fight people in PVP. Your choice .... why not choose what you can be - either an adventures, a pvp star ... or both. :) So basically, I am up for a passive button too.