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    From a while back wehen CGA had other things on their minds...

    I have a suggestion too. When I am in the guild market, I use the double click / enter combination a lot when I refresh my packages. Is it an option to sell everything in you bag with just one click for one gold?

    Because you would still need to unpack maybe it would not be seen as a sell bot?

    First I want to thank the developers of GCA. Your add-on makes the game a lot mor enjoyable to play :)

    I have a suggestion too. When I am in the guild market, I use the double click / enter combination a lot when I refresh my packages. Is it an option to sell everything in you bag with just one click for one gold?

    If that would be possible it would save a lot of clicks :)


    An already very happy user of GCA!

    You'll need to check the threat of your blocker and the threat of your samnit.

    Make sure your samnit with Direct Attention doesnt have a lot threat. He will do more damage than your other attackers, so avoid items with threat.

    With every mouseclick I get an add for Metin2. Drives me crazy :( I am a paying costumer and don want to get bothered with this crap.

    GameForce, it would be nice if you would help your customers instead of annoying them.

    One thing is sure, I already dislike Metin2 without even playing it!

    Die Auktion auf dem Speed-Server ist schneller, daher ist die Chance größer, die besten Gegenstände zu bekommen

    Not true, You level faster on a speed server and therefore you will see the same amount of auctions as a normal server.

    The huge advantage of the speed server is that they can always wear an Underworld costume while they play. Thats whjy a normal server can never compete with a speed server.

    I never saw any valid argument why the normal servers and speed servers are equal, just to compensate this single fact.


    Lets say you are an active player and you play 8 hours a day.

    On a speed server that means that you can always play with an Underworld costume. This gives you loads more gold and loads more red stuff. You dont need to play without an Underworld costume.

    On a normal speed server that means that you play 4 days without an Underworld costume.

    Thats not a slight disadvantage, that is huge...

    And the worst is yet to come. The bosses in the other regions are a lot more difficult.

    Nodens is doable, Cassivellaunus is pretty strong (even after the nerve), Taximagulus is pure bullshit.

    rofl. Sheo would love to like your post, but that would be one step too far, even for him

    1. The problem here is that the advantage exists and you can make use of it and play 9 hours a day with Dis Pater and thus get a huge advantage. And I know there are players on a *5 server which use this advantage.

    2. A *5 server and a *1 server have the same amount of events to get to a ceratin level. It's funny that this argument was stated just to show that there is no difference between a *5 server and a *1 server. Now that it is convenient, the statement comes back, but the other way around :O

    3. No. A *1 player has to spend a lot more rubies to get to a certain level as a *5 server. It will take hom a lot longer and because the pacts and centurion on both servers are 14 days, the *1 player has to pay a lot more.

    So a bit of compensation is still fair.

    This is my last post on this thread. I am getting tired of *5 players saying how fair it is.

    It is the not the wrong place , just because you get a counter argument. Deadite asks for a compensation for the advantages of a *5 server. You say the system is totally fair (in your eyes). Well.... it is not!

    I think it is a good idea, just to compensate for the benefits of the *5 servers.

    On a times *5 server the players can use the Underworld costumes much more efficient, because the *1 players need to sleep during the duration of the costume and *5 players don't. So the benefit much more.

    Furthermore *5 players can gather much more gold before an event than a *1 players, because the announcement are made on a set date for all servers. Till the event tey can maken at least 5* more gold and therefor train much cheaper

    Not even talking about the financial benefits.

    So it would only be fair to compensate and make the huge gap between the *5 servers and the *1 servers a little less.