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    And the worst is yet to come. The bosses in the other regions are a lot more difficult.

    Nodens is doable, Cassivellaunus is pretty strong (even after the nerve), Taximagulus is pure bullshit.

    rofl. Sheo would love to like your post, but that would be one step too far, even for him

    1. The problem here is that the advantage exists and you can make use of it and play 9 hours a day with Dis Pater and thus get a huge advantage. And I know there are players on a *5 server which use this advantage.

    2. A *5 server and a *1 server have the same amount of events to get to a ceratin level. It's funny that this argument was stated just to show that there is no difference between a *5 server and a *1 server. Now that it is convenient, the statement comes back, but the other way around :O

    3. No. A *1 player has to spend a lot more rubies to get to a certain level as a *5 server. It will take hom a lot longer and because the pacts and centurion on both servers are 14 days, the *1 player has to pay a lot more.

    So a bit of compensation is still fair.

    This is my last post on this thread. I am getting tired of *5 players saying how fair it is.

    It is the not the wrong place , just because you get a counter argument. Deadite asks for a compensation for the advantages of a *5 server. You say the system is totally fair (in your eyes). Well.... it is not!

    I think it is a good idea, just to compensate for the benefits of the *5 servers.

    On a times *5 server the players can use the Underworld costumes much more efficient, because the *1 players need to sleep during the duration of the costume and *5 players don't. So the benefit much more.

    Furthermore *5 players can gather much more gold before an event than a *1 players, because the announcement are made on a set date for all servers. Till the event tey can maken at least 5* more gold and therefor train much cheaper

    Not even talking about the financial benefits.

    So it would only be fair to compensate and make the huge gap between the *5 servers and the *1 servers a little less.

    It is not normal for an organisation to deceive their customers.

    Your odds to win should be 50% against a mirror, but we all know that it not the case. The chance of loosing 10 times in a row is 0,09765625%

    Well, it happend to me a couple of times. And I know that it happens to my guildmates as well.

    Well done GF X(

    Hello Maeve,

    I think most of us know that the forum admins are not the one to blaim. The biggest problem in our contacts with GF is FEEDBACK.

    Whenever we post a problem, whenever we try to suggest improvements for the game, the problem again and again is feedback.

    The best return I had so far is " thank you for your idea/problem, we'll get back to you". And ofcourse they never do. Not even a rejection of your idea or whatever.

    Back on topic. There have been a number of suggestion for this. This is one of them, but I prefer one of the others which have been mentioned:

    - new guild building, which makes your melting times shorter as it's level is increased

    - a new god which you can activate which makes your melting times shorter

    You are probably not far off :)

    The combination of the Lucius and Sebastianus appears to be the best.

    The set Gucio showed is available for around level 164 players ;)

    Thats because they are on a speed server. Most of them have a lot of Sebastianus, from lvl 160 (and up) they are all full red, some earlier. Thats a result of a magical gathering of all good players on one server, which just happens to be a speed server.

    Sebastianus is the best outfit for your mercernaries. The resources can only be found in the Underworld, but thats no problem for them because they have better options (than normal speed servers) to get those resources. And yes, the advantages of Sebastianus outweigh the lack of block.

    @Sheo, before you start namecalling again. You might wanna take a look at .de 201 first, and compare them to other normal servers.

    Since every high player (lets say 120+) on a speed server is completely red (including the mercs) and taking account of Sheo's post we must conclude the following:

    - All good players magically gathered on the speed server and they spent huge amount of rubies

    - All crap players gathered on the normal servers and they don't spent rubies.

    This must be true, since I don't see high level players on normal servers which are completely red.


    Reallly Sheo????

    The advantages of a speed 5 server are huge.

    For example:

    - The events on a speed server and a normal server are the same lenght. For example the event with 10% extra chance to find a scroll. The difference is that the speed servers regenarate five times as many expedition point, so five times more chance on a scroll

    - During those events the speed servers can go into the Underworld multiple times. And thus have a better chance of finding good scrolls (and better items)

    - When a player on the speed server wears a OW3 costume they have much more effective playing time with that costume, because the players on normal servers have to sleep during a signaficant duration of the costume. So loads of extra gold

    etc... etc..

    So sure, you can call us whiners ( I won't call you one), but the game is just NOT the same on speed servers and normal servers

    I think Lucius is not the best option if you want to give your healer blockvalue because of this "feature" because it will give your healer extra threat.

    Amulius or Aulus are better (and easier to craft) options, because they have blockvalue and no threat. Aulus would be the better one, since the block is higher and it has additional dexterity

    Correct, it doesn't make any sense at all, but do I need to remind you this is GameForce? ;)

    Check your battle details and you will see that this is really what it does. One of many hidden "features" in this game.