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  • Hello?

  • Appreciate for website man.

    Even tough I am high lwl ı learned so much thing from it,keep up great work.

  • I recently managed to beat fenrirson at level 59. You were wrong about having to be top geared and level 72 haha .. could you add to your website why the dexterity of my mercs drop when you fight Fenrirson


    • It seems to be his 2nd skill

      Round 2, 9, 16, 25, 31, 38 or every 7 rounds : Fenrirson releases a fear-inducing cry that fills all group members with terrifying fear.

      As for beating it at 59 :) that's good and well done but you can't really beat him before the entry level so you still have to be top geared to down him. You are just one level above top geared in this case :)

    • So Zagrash is the next boss and he is really hard. Like to wrote difficult to beat him at level 78.. but he is right after fenrirson and I have beat him already and have some time to prepare for Zagrash.

      I want to beat it at Negotium before level 70. Or atleast 75.

      Do you have any suggestions how to go about that? I can't have too high level items or mercs so any way to compensate?

    • Well check out the Zagrash guide -

      Also the dungeon page