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    C'est pas mal mais tu peux mettre le charisme entre parenthèses, beaucoup moins important que l'adresse; même l'intel est meilleure comme l'a dit Calou.

    La force en revanche je suis pas convaincu, ça reste de la bouse ^^

    Two things to add :

    - UW 3 outfit is very useful for this, as it allows you to complete arena / Turma quests a lot faster.

    - The pact that gives +2 max level on item is also useful sometimes. For some reason, when you have this pact on, quests reward level will be anywhere between (your level -2) and (your level +2).

    So for example, if you're looking for Sebastianus items and you're level 104, you DON'T want to have this pact active, as you want lvl 104 quest rewards.

    However if you're level 103 or 106 for example, you would want to activate this pact, so that you have a chance to find level 104 quest rewards.

    This can be useful when you're stuck on a bad level where you won't have many interesting quests rewards.

    5) D'un point de vue style de jeu:

    Un joueur qui essaye d'atteindre le plus rapidement possible un haut niveau optera pour la Guivre Vorace. Un joueur qui préfère prendre son temps pour monter son personnage préférera toujours les donjons,et donc Akhekhu.

    Je pense que c'est ce point qui est le plus important, il s'agit surtout de savoir si tu veux monter vite au niveau 100 ou lentement.

    En montant vite, tu obtiens plus rapidement les costumes des enfers, qui changent profondément le jeu.

    En montant lentement, tu peux consolider ton personnage et être plus puissant en arène, contre les autres joueurs qui ont tendance à monter plus vite et avec des personnages plus bâclés (surtout sur les serveurs rapides).

    No, the game shows "blocked" in grey, when the block negates all the damage from your hit.

    In your case, Cassivellanus blocks your hit but his armor is not enough to reduces the damage to 0, even when the hit is blocked. So that is why there is a little bit of damage remaining, shown in grey.

    For reminder, blocked hits are not reduced to 0 damage. The damage from a blocked hit is just divided by 2, then reduced by the ennemy's armor. Oftentimes, if the ennemy has a good armor, it reduces the hit to 0 damage but thats not always the case, especially if your target has a poor armor like Cassi.

    In this example, let's say your hit does 1100 damage, but its blocked => the damage is reduced to 550. Then, the armor of Cass is applied for, say, 400 reduction.

    That's 550-400 = 150 damage remaining.

    So your blocked hit ends up doing 150 damage, shown in grey.

    If you check, its also possible to end up with 94 damage in this instance, given your damage and Cassi's armor :)

    Do you have any specific maps that give the most red drops for you

    Just the boss from Dragon Remains (althought as said previously, it gets even better in Britannia).

    However i think it gets better as you advance in levels, in my first UW1 in dragon remains, i would not get that many good drops. In my last one (level 116) i got, for example, 11 orange drops and 2 reds (a third of those drops being worthless stuff like scrolls or potions). Maybe if you've just hit level 112 your UW1 won't be so generous, but it definitely improves over levels :)

    The boss from Dragon remains should drop a red item every now and again, when you're using underworld 1 costume (about 1 or 2 red drops per costume if you do all your expeditions). Of course you can get more or less lucky, but this bad boy should make red items less rare to find.

    Hi, it just stands for blocked hits.

    Now another one is the 25% chance to block a critical hit (turning it into a normal hit); i don't know if the game would display it as a *crit* greyed out, or as a normal hit. In the first option, some greyed-out critical hits would stand for that mechanic instead of a regular block. But that's details lol