Some Gladiatus unknowns

  • Hi guys,

    I was wondering if someone can shed some light on the few things left unknown to me in the game. I would like to record them into the website if i get answers. So

    1. The Rite of CasVa. Seems like it's an event.

    Defeat one of the brothers of CasVa is the objective of one of the achievements in the game. The achievement sits next to the other ranking events such as Revenge of the Dead/Battle at Hadrian's Wall etc.

    Any idea of the event and any media i can find? I would like to create a page on the fansite such as the other event pages

    2. I found some unknown to me items in the game media. I have them on the fansite under Unknown. If anyone knows what they are please let me know.

    Unknown_1.png Unknown_2.pngUnknown_3.pngUnknown_4.pngUnknown_5.pngUnknown_6.png Unknown_7.pngUnknown_8.pngUnknown_9.pngUnknown_10.pngUnknown_11.pngUnknown_12.pngUnknown_13.pngUnknown_14.pngUnknown_15.pngUnknown_16.png

    Unknown items

    Items that i do not know how to category yet, or i don't know their names

  • Salve,

    1. The Rite of CasVa = an event that was active only once, a long time ago - i think around 2009:/ (have to check my personal archive.... ).

    since then, despite various and numerous solicitations from the players, the event never took place again.

    The explanation for this - my personal one...: this event is lost in programming because of continue changing of the programers team behind the game.

    2. At some point in the game was "The Tavern" a place where you can choose missions.

    example: Give me - 5 fingers from a desertor / 3 barbarian necklaces / 4 gold casket etc...

    (after an expedition in specific locations you were geting 1 of that)

    you have others photos who could be part even from the casva event if i remember corectly

    (will check my personal archive again).

    Maybe other players have a better memory than me :P

    Good luck with the site!

    ....Good times are over....

    They say we die twice. Once when the breath leaves our body, and once when the last person we know says our name.


  • i remember watching my brother play the game really long time back, when there weren't any dungeons and explorations where in three difficulties or sometin.
    I also do remember the tavern with the quests, which was the biggest suprise to me, when i returned to this game, that it was removed.
    the pirates finger deffinately is in my memory.

  • This is my earliest screenshot so i must have started not long before it seeing that im level 22 in it. In 2011 they changed the game and the entire interface. These unknown items must be even before that.

    The date on the bottom left is December 2010

  • the nicest thing back then, if any of you remember was the detailed attack reports, where 'scenes' were described pretty neat now its just plain damage

    Oh and also the myriad number of available titles :D

  • the nicest thing back then, if any of you remember was the detailed attack reports, where 'scenes' were described pretty neat now its just plain damage

    Oh and also the myriad number of available titles :D

    Those were the days though haha. I can still remember that some of those detailed descriptions were pretty horrifying xD

  • Far as i remember - them were definitely the quest items - bring 4 fingers of the pirate or what ever the mission was.

    And was the last img - a healing potion?:/


  • Not sure if this is the right thread but is there any tutorial or something for 120lvl+ ppl
    I'm interested in finding scrolls like sebastiniev or whatever is it's name. Can I find those items on auction or how do I get em?
    I'd really appreciate if someone could share some important stuff for 120+ content

  • Yea probably not. From what i hear Vitez, 120+ level people are going into UW medium and hard and sometimes spend more time hitting the same enemies again so they have a chance for a UW-only scroll or to keep completing UW quests that reward items and most of those items are with UW-only high level prefixes or suffixes. So they smelt them later.

  • Well considering most of these scrolls are level 110+ and having in mind that UW medium mobs are the same level as your character and Hard are around 27 levels above your character .... You can start farming hard pretty much immediately and character level 110+ for Medium to be useful for the hunt too.

    Good point in adding this to the site, any idea which section would be a good fit?

  • Hmm, is it possible to get loot on hard mode? perhaps with 1st costume?

    No. There is no loot in hard mode no matter what costiume you wear.

    What you do is when there is higher chances of dropping scrolls you wear easy costiume and you keep doing medium uw hoping one of them will drop out.

    Or collect tonnes of items and smelt them. They can be found in quests in UW or UW drop.

  • The best tip if you want to harvest Sebastianus scroll is to wait for the event with the 10% extra chance for a scroll drop.

    Put on OW1 costume for extra chance for drops. When the event starts, go into OW2 and stay there for as long as you can. Spent a lot of Jewels, but the rewards could be very nice. You'll have more chance on a scroll drop. You'll get a lot of drops with could lead to more nice scrolls when melted.

    And ofcourse, the 10% extra chance for a scroll drops also counts when melting. So during this event, make sure you have some nice things to melt ;)