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    Lets not get off topic here.

    x5 servers are benefitted in all ways, anyone who says different has never played a server x1 and a server x5. I have donw both and I feel played by GF in all ways for my time spend on server x1.

    Back ONTOPIC:


    There have been some good suggestions already, lets not forget that GF wants to make some money in some way.


    Change some already existing pacts with an extra option that influences the forging, melting and stuff like that. People will spend rubies for those pacts.

    This is for the bigger benefit of the ppl who pay for a game (lets not forget that those players are the sole reason this game still exist and paying players should have some sort of benefit (like centurio).

    Then... as a guild, buildings. Always good idea, makes things interesting again. You could even add multiple buildings! One for melting, one for forging, one for upgrading items at the Magus (increase of %).

    Then you also got the part of the different speed. In my opinion... melting should be limited to max 24 hours for 1 item. No matter what server you play, max 24 hours. So speed will have an advantage for items that last less long for melting, but not a massive advantage over other servers.

    Besides that.. there is a important money side on this as well:

    --> more melting = more materials = more forging options = more likely items will be used taht need purchase with rubies = rubies is money for GF.

    Yeh, I put my account in holiday mode because this game is not changing and there is no hope for change either.

    + Gameforge does not give us inside in what they want to do with the game

    + ALL FEEDBACK goes straight to the bin of gameforge.

    But there is hope. Nightmare just added the tag Discussion to this topic. So I guess they are aware of the game's condition.

    Now it will take a year or 2 before they do something with it. :)

    Hope they will keep a close eye on this topic as there are severable points that are annoying the players who are playing now. I have been calling them for years, but nobody listened. If a company does not do anything with the feedback of their customers, the game/product is meant to fail. This is what gladiatus/gameforge has done the past 12 years.

    I seriously dont know.. when I was a GO.. people used to contact me for help with accounts. As far as I am aware.. its on your own risk.

    As far as I know.. you are not allowed to sell it to somebody and the T&C of Gameforge do not explicitly prohibit it, since T&C 2.9 says:


    The user account may not be transferred or made available to other parties without the consent of ‪Gameforge‬.

    With this post.. I have informed Gameforge.. and now they have to answer yes or no. But as a ex-GO and communicated to the players as well... the GO's do not take responsibility/gameforge does not take responsibility for transferring accounts.

    If its not allowed, I will just throw the account in delete mode.. now I am giving GF tthe opportunity to let somebody play with a nice account who might spend some extra bucks.

    Its a shame.... I am speaking for myself right now and not representing GF.

    But I gave up on playing the game because of this, there is no effort at all to make the game easier to play for speed 1.. Everything takes so much time and there is not much change. I still love this game, but at the same time Ihate it as well. At this point I hate it more than I love it, so I took a brake from it. But when I see these messages with 50+ rings/amulets... it makes me wanna cry

    One time I remember 10 losses against myself. I just left UW after that. Figured I didn't want to bother, just try again the next day (I play speed-server with x5 speed)

    yeh.. problem right now is that it happens everytwhere and on the server x1 speed... you ahve to wait 5 days........

    The bug usually gets solved when you are able to enter the UW again.

    Unfortunately the bug does not always happen when your UW time expires and you are praying. So therefore, send a support ticket and add as much information as possible. This way it might be possible that when more ppl report the same, they can figure the constant factor in the process which might cause this problem :)

    Open all = Gladiatus crazy add on addition, not in normal game from gladiatus.

    This means that every chest you open with the GCA with Open All, the contents of every opened chests will be different. So if you got 14 chests and you open all, you are not only going to get the contents what you can see. No, after every opened chests, the rewards change, just like opening only 1 chests. But for the GCA you are not able to see this.

    This also means you are not able to use the dice inbetween these opening all chests. :)

    1. If you link your multiaccounts in the game you will not able to trade/take any items between those characters. This means that if you using a gold package system on the guild market. You can not buy with your account 1 a package from account 2.

    Circumventing these limitations basically means: putting player X between this transaction, so player 1 buys from player x and player x buys from player 2. --> against the rules

    2. No there are no pushing or pulling rules anymore. So player X can give player Y 10 million.... 100 gold tools.... whatever he want.

    I guess you are using the Add-on (Gladiatus Crazy Add On)

    In this case, you will have 7 chests and with open all you will get 7 rewards. But, you wwill not be able to change the rewards inbetween rolls. So the system just opens 7 chests.

    I would recommend to save them up.. save up some dices and then go try to get the +3 mobilisation points. This will help you in the UW as you dont have to spend rubies to complete it, but can simply activate the mobilisation poitns to get 3 new points in UW to play.

    So short: open all opens all your chests and you can not change the rewards inbetween

    Uhm, ik denk dat je je daar vergist. Ik ben een speler van de eerste week in 2007, heb alles meegemaakt, nog de oude quests met het droppen van slagtanden, zagrash de eindbaas, etc.

    Je dwaalt nu volledig af van het onderwerp. Als je een discussie wilt aangaan over wie meer ervaring en weet in het spel:

    Anders gewoon ontopic blijven.

    Kortom ontopic: als het event idd 5x zo snel moet gaan, dan moet ook elk event 5x zo kort duren.

    Nee je bekijkt het totaal verkeerd:

    Het event is altijd, maakt niet uit hoe en wat, altijd 5 minuten voor een aanval. Dat is specifiek door Gameforge besloten.

    Vervolgens bouw jij evenveel op in verhouding als een normale server, en waarschijnlijk geniet je er nog meer van ook aangezien je in minder tijd (minder vaak online zijn) veel meer acties kunt plegen. Dat je uiteindelijke de bonus niet kan meenemen om tegen de volgende vijand de strijden in de muur staat los daarvan (als je de bonus nodig hebt om de vijand te verslaan, dan kan je beter stoppen met het spel want dan is je account echt baggerslecht, de eventtegenstanders zijn echt zwak).

    Dus als ik het goed begrijp zeg je eigenlijk gewoon: alle spelers van server x1 mogen niet profiteren van alle voordelen die een speedserver er is, maar als er een event is moet de speedserver wel voordelen halen van de eindbonus zoals die op de normale server zijn?

    Kan niet he, maakt het spel nog oneerlijker, je hebt al 5x of 4x zo snelle server en alles gaat al veel sneller, en dan wil je nog meer genieten van eeen bonus?

    The only thing I hope is.. they announce it a little bit earlier.. couldnt benefit from the scrollevent in UW because I did UW on the day of announcement... and so i could only start it sunday evening.. well yeh... not really useful..

    As for events,,, keep an eye out on the forum and you will get the notification ASAP :) It will take some time now again I guess

    Hoi Akuma,

    Dit is specifiek zo gemaakt, zodat alles gelijk blijft qua events voor alle servers.

    Daarnaast kun je dus met de bonus die je krijgt voor de aanval wel genieten als je andere aanvallen doet (expedities; dungeons, arena; turma).

    Als er verder nog vragen zijn, dan vraag maar raak.

    Gr DirtyWorkz