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  • hello, may you know when appear dungeon in Britania?

  • Happy Birthday!! May all your wishes come true!! :* :* :*

    • Thanks my dear, and many hugs to you :* :* :*

  • Hey!

    Can you fix gladiatus like it was before?

    There are just lots of problems now.

    Unable to log in to server 201!

    And .. now that gladiatus suggested a Gladiator on server 201 .. I still can't log in to my other Gladiator in Server 201!

  • hi can you help me no can join 201 server i lost Gmail

  • ich bräuchte hilfe und im neuen forum find ich mich gar nicht zurecht wo ich es hinschreiben soll...

  • Can you help me.?

    Balkan, bosnian server, nr 13 and 12 just shutted down??? Is that real??where is backup???i was 124 level and spend enourmous time and money...this is unbeliviable!

  • Şeker bayramın mübarek olsun BACIM torunlarının yanaklarından öpüyorum

    • Teşekkür ederim

      Torunlarım yok :D

  • #bavariacus, du hast eine PN von mir

  • Merry Christmas to you and your family ! :)

    Have a nice holiday :)

    • its so sweet, thanks a lot for the x-mas wishes. for you and your family a good time too. big huggs to my Türk arcadas santa_in_his_sleigh_saying_ho_ho_ho__by_r0se_designs-d6wcwxk.gif

  • santa_in_his_sleigh_saying_ho_ho_ho__by_r0se_designs-d6wcwxk.gif Merry Christmas no__6_christmas_stocking_by_acidkitty3-d6wweos.gif

    • Thank you my dear, the same for you no__6_christmas_stocking_by_acidkitty3-d6wweos.gif

  • Hallooo Kicky we want to be your guest at German forum :)

    • you can be our guest when ever you want :*

    • Which topic should i write ?

  • Hope your birthday is as wonderful and extraordinary as you are! :* :* :*

    ÎÏοÏέλεÏμα εικÏÎ½Î±Ï Î³Î¹Î± happy birthday

  • smiley1500.gif

    • warum kann ich keine smilies machen :))

    • Das können nur die ganz Guten, meine Liebe! <3