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  • Hi Harry- lange nicht mehr nötig gewesen, aber wie und wo kann ich ein "Ticket" schreiben?

  • Üdv. a gladiatus. prov 5 vannak régi nagyon régi ilyen 2013mas. karaktereim és nem tudok hozzájukférni nem lehet esetlen megnézni milyen e-mail címen van vagy esetlen segíteni hogy visszakapjam a karaktereimet? .:D nagyon szépen megköszönném ha lehetne valamit tenni az ügyben.:)

  • Some of your game because your name is defiled operator in Turkey. Your reputation is damaged due to biased decisions, those who cannot see the log, the balance of the game, and the leading operators of their ego ideas and rules.

    Dionysos sacrificed me to his ego at noon today and removed me from the game for 3 days. While I did not take any action about the player I had been arguing with, and even the slightest insult was not in my profile, the PM message that the person sent me stopped, he abolished that message and warned me. Again, this citizen can continue his game today without any penalty, even though he called me "DOG" and "DANCE" on the night of the same day.

    I am complaining about your operator because of this biased, illegal and illegal behavior, but I have not emailed the German, UK and Russia server administrators about the issue, although I do not know exactly where the necessary authorities are. Initiating an investigation against your employee, removing my band and compensating for the damage I have suffered; especially spiritual; I want.

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