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  • Hello pepper!

    Im playing on the Hungarian s27.

    I've got banned by a ridiculous reason and also they can not prove their statement.

    So the story started with that I continuously attacked 5 times a person in my server everdy day. He wrote a message which contained a threat. That threat was about he is gonna ban me somehow because of that.

    Few days later I really have got banned for 20 years with the reason that I used a robot or a script which played instead of me. Of course I didn't use any cheats so i wrote a letter to the Hungarian GOs, because Im innocent. After A WEEK I've got an answer. They wrote me that they are not gonna unban me because I was online for 12 hours a day and there is not a single human in this world who is capable to do such an exacting thing like this. I have requested to proof that I was cheating but they rejected my request. I wrote another support ticket 6 DAYS ago which contained my legal rights. They can not ban somebody without a proof, this is illegal. I think this person have a GO friend and they work together. This is my last try before I am going to go to the court.

    I didn't have any better idea that's why I try to get help from you. Please help me.

    I'm looking forward to your answer.

    Fibonacci, s27 Hungary

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    1. hello, when does the Romanian community come together
    • If you talk about server merges: As usual, I don't know that yet, but as soon as we know, we will communicate in the forums.

  • Gruß hier lass ;P

  • kann man euch privat anschreiben? spiel bezogen

    • Klar, und hast den Weg ja gefunden ;)