Gladiatus Fans

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    1. Hello Gladiatus fans of the English Province, I greet all of you and may need some support from each different National Province in the forum, Gladiatus has long fallen asleep and got bored, together we want to show the game provider that we players, renewals in the game, is long nothing happens in the game, no updates, nothing new, Gladiatus must not die! We have to stick together, no matter which province. I or we have opened a post in the German Forum, it is about the fact that we wish for updates in the game, maybe you also have new suggestions for the game such as installing new scrolls, new dungeons in Britain or even other suggestions, use a translator, support us in the German Forum, it's every Gladiatus fan's business, before the game dies let's stick together and share our suggestions or requests.

    Vorschläge......... <<<<<<<<<<<

  • I wish i had the dev skills to write my own Gladiatus browser game :) Some day... some day...

    If you do it, I believe the whole Gladiatus community will backup. We really love this game but It needs some serious improvement.

    Ah I just wish I have enough money to buy Gladiatus :/