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    I have been stating this on different launguage forums before, im gonna try it this time too. I had the realisation, that when reaching higher levels, it becomes oh so easy to reach the level's capacity of the stats, that is lvl*5. When i first noticed this, there werent so many training events, speed servers, it only occurred for a dude who reached lvl150.

    Now it happens around lvl120, and for every single player, introducing no diversity to the player base whatsoever, everyone is maxxed out.

    The training events are good - it keeps up a routine, you stack gold, you spend gold, repeat, you get a reasonable time to accumulate a huge pile of gold, and spend it in a very satisfying way every now and then. It's a part of the game, and newcomers would be behind without it.

    I however have a simple solution in mind for this problem. Remove the limits. Or at least make it lvl*10. At least above lvl 80/100. I doubt it would take a lot more than 10 minutes to edit the source code, and it would be a simple way to garantuee that if someone is a better player, they will be more successful in the game.


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    Remove the limits. Or at least make it lvl*10

    I also vote for this proposition.

    A player with full skills don't have much things to do with the gold he acumulate from one event to the other.

    Markets, and auction houses are no longer (for many years) places to spend gold

    Big level players with stats full get bored in this conditions. They don't have goals others than forging and melting again and again between events and festivals.

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  • Yes, after reaching just a certain point in the game (like you said lvl 120 yourself) players stats are just basically the same, everyone is maxed out, just some difference in items, and even those start to look the same after a while.

    I think it would be interesting to add some more 'value' to gold, where its not just a statistic after a certain point, as for me currently its fairly useless, the only purpose I have for it is to try and buy forge tools.

    Increasing the maximum, as removing the limit may cause short-term harm(if done right away), but after time im sure that even without a limit it would even out.

    Im all for increasing it to *8, and perhaps even more in the future, but stable increments to be able to slowly see the results. Issue is, when it remaines capped, unless its almost unreasonably high, players will reach that point, and then we will be back to square one, just as you posted.

    Long term solution might be just removing the limit, or perhaps adding some other way to spend gold in a meaningful way?