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    Those prefixes / scrolls are from the Underworld. You receive them only there. There are not in auction house. You can melt the objects in events with scroll chance until you receive the scroll and learn him or ask a friend who knows them to forje you object with that name for melting. Good Luck!

    Am patit si eu si s-a remediat abia dupa ce m-am logat de pe alta sursa de net (alt IP). Eroarea am avut-o pe netul de telefon si dupa ce m-am logat pe routerul de acasa, net fibra, a mers.

    Unfortunately the type of event like the revenge of the dead it's balanced to the number of the players on each server. If on a server are many acounts made but there are few players on playing there is a chance that the event would not be finished in time.


    Different parts of costume drops in different days. First part drops in day 4, second in day 8, third day 12 and so on until the last day / piece. If you have for example the first piece you will receive the second piece in day 8. The only condition is to attack at least once each day any mob in the event area.

    Hello! Any drop of anything it's random and not evenly distributed. They may drop a lot in one day or very less in other. (for example the drop in the special events of tools, rubies etc). In the end, if we do media of the number of expedition points we spent versus the objects drops they keep the percentage of that specific drop (10% or 20% of chance etc).

    Salut JinJix!

    Din pacate acest "bug" se numeste generic random si este datorat sanselor de atac critic si de blocare ce pot intra aleator intr-o lupta unuia sau altuia dintre jucatori.

    Altfel spus, intre doi jucatori cu sanse de atac critic de 50% sa zicem, poate la unul sa nu ii intre nici un atac critic iar celulialt sa ii intre 3-4 critice. La fel si cu sansa de blocare a loviturilor.

    Situatia a fost sesizata la gameforge de multa vreme si de mai multe ori (am scris si eu despre ea si altele intr-un email acum cca 1 an si ceva).

    Problema e ca nu mai exista interes ptr dezvoltarea acestui joc din pacate.

    Dropul a fost si este aleator.

    Ramane sa speram ca totusi candva, poate...

    Hello! Look in high score in 7 days and compare you statistics with his. It's not relevant when you both started. It's like you start runing with Usein Bolt at the same time and you are mad not to catch him :)

    Givelius orice inceput are si un sfarsit, asa ca sfarsitul acestui "joc" se apropie...

    Si viata are sfarsit dar asta nu inseamna ca trebuie sa ne lamentam ci sa ne bucuram de ea cat o traim :)

    Se va sfarsi cand se vor inchide serverele de catre gameforge. Pana atunci eu ma binedispun impreuna cu niste oameni veseli si binevoitori in breasla pe sv 4 in timp ce dau si niste clickuri in joc :). Cat am asta, restul sunt detalii.

    Cu placere!

    Nu sunt doua bonusuri. Doar conditionarea mareste atributele. Durabilitatea nu aduce nimic daca o maresti si nici nu scade nimic daca e zero. Durabilitatea e necesara numai ptr conditionare deoarece conditionarea creste numai dupa ce durabilitatea este 100%. Cat timp ai puncte pe conditionare este upgradat item-ul si cand scade de 1% trece pe durabilitate 99% si pierzi atributele. Redevine normal obiectul pana il conditionezi din nou la banc.

    Joaca-te la banc si o sa afli

    Salutare Specks!

    Durabilitatea nu iti da nimic in plus. Doar conditionarea mareste atributele obiectului cu cca 30%. Durabiltatea dusa la maxim 100% trece pe conditionare automat cand repari obiectul la bancul de lucru. Vezi ca poti pune resurse ptr reparat si automat, direct din hambar, cu butonul go din dreptul listei dupa ce selectezi culoarea cea mai slaba, de la verde in sus.


    The lack of logic of the provinciarum seems for me the smalest problem of the game now but is good to mention it.

    The provinciarum choose the opponents by their the level of trainings, not by their level and that makes a wider range of selection. One reason could be that are fewer and fewer active players in game and tougher opponets are better than fewer. For me at least :) . On my comunity from lvl 130-140 are between 20 to 30 players in provinciarum wich number decreases each time I grow in level.

    Hello Roy!

    I understand you frustration but, as far as I can see, it's the same reason of wich we all are loosing in the arena to an weaker opponent. It's the random chances of critical attacks and blocked hits. This chances of attacking and blocking works in random way. From 15 rounds in a fight you, or the opponent, may give / receive from 0 to 5 critical attacks and it's the same thing with the blocking chances. I loose sometimes to the same weaker oponent 3 times in a row, in the same way with the mobs from underworld. On top of that, I've noticed that the mobs from UW copies a part of your stats. For example you have the same armour with the one from you link. The bosses from Britania don't have that much chance of critical and blocking as the mobs from UW so the comparison it's not efficient.

    In that conditions we don't have anything left to do but play the game, or not. :) For now, I chose to play and relax as much as I can ;). When the frustrations will get bigger than the fun, I'll stop playing. I hope that will not be soon because gladiatus it's the most longevive game I've played ever (from 2006 till now).


    Remove the limits. Or at least make it lvl*10

    I also vote for this proposition.

    A player with full skills don't have much things to do with the gold he acumulate from one event to the other.

    Markets, and auction houses are no longer (for many years) places to spend gold

    Big level players with stats full get bored in this conditions. They don't have goals others than forging and melting again and again between events and festivals.

    Testeaza piata cu cate o unealta si vezi. Ulterior maresti sau scazi pretul daca se vinde sau nu. Sfat: cel mai bine se vand uneltele in preajma eventurilor cu sansa de forja sau in festivaluri. Succes!

    Hello Nadal! That was a looong introduction :)

    Unfortunally your proposition it's more hard to implement than a servers fusion. :p

    More easy it will be to unify server markets like arena are now in provinciarum.

    Anyway something it must be done to keep te interest and to keep players active on this game we love.

    Salut BlackGrimmjow!

    Iti inteleg frustrarea si sunt de acord ca ar fi utila o limitare de nivel la atacuri. Recomandarile sunt mereu binevenite si e bine ca se fac.

    Ce nu inteleg insa, este atitudinea de a pretinde ceva de la un producator al unui joc (orice fel de joc ar fi el) pe motivul ca sunt "donator" ca si cum a fost cineva inselat intr-o tranzactie in care i s-a promis ceva si a primit altceva. Este un joc de tip free. E alegerea noastra sa il jucam in continuare sau sa bagam bani reali. E ca si cum ai cumpara licenta unui joc si dupa ce ajungi la un nivel te intorci cu dvd-ul la magazin si ceri despagubire ptr ca monstrul de la nivelul 50 e mult prea bun ptr tine. Nu mi se pare normal sa cerem socoteala in aceste cazuri de gameplay. Sa semnalam si sa recomandam e un lucru, sa batem cu piciorul in pamant si sa amenintam e deja un alt nepotrivit. Hai sa ramanem lucizi si in acest caz.

    Spor la joc !