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    The feature is back, but it's in the beta version of the addon, which you can get from the GitHub repository of the addon.

    Download the repository, unzip it, and inside chrome, go to extensions, enable developer mode, disable your GCA, go to add extensions, and just set the path to the 'source' folder inside the downloaded zip, and you should have the beta build, with the amount of resources showing, and even in the correct number, thus far at least :)

    Love the addon, i've tried contributing by doing a bit of translating for the domain i play on :)

    I may be slightly out of the loop on whats to come and what is a WIP, but I have noticed ever since the last update, I can no longer see the amount of materials a item requires to craft, I can only see which materials are needed..

    I really liked seeing how many of which materials I will get, simply because I knew which items to smelt, and which aren't worth the time.

    As i've said, im not sure if this feature is in the works, or if it was removed due for some reason, would love to know what the status is on it.