Lobby Updates

  • Ave Gladiators!

    In this thread you will find all updates for the Gladiatus Lobby.

    The first update will happen on Tuesday, 29.10.19, at around 13:00.

    Changelog v2.5.0-pl2:

    • [Change] New background image
    • [Bugfix] "More Games" dropdown with wrong color
    • [Bugfix] Several backend fixes
    • [Bugfix] Background image scales with window size
    • [Bugfix] Lobby font inconsistent
    • [Bugfix] Backbutton on mobile with wrong color
    • [Bugfix] Same size for links in every browsergame lobby
    • [Bugfix] Shadow behind boxes in Gladiatus browsergame lobby
    • [Bugfix] Green "Play" button for Gladiatus browsergame lobby
    • [Bugfix] Show "Play" button as active if account line is hovered


    Your Gladiatus Team