Is it a new update, or a bug?

  • Gods level III don't work in underworld anymore? I activated Apollo's shield and it works in arenas, but it doesn't work when fighting underworld enemies. Is it on purpose, or is it a bug. I'm sure Gods worked in underworld some time ago.:?:

  • Without any emotions and swearwords, although it is quite difficult at the moment. Why does GF even show any percentages after fight? Do i really need to know i've lost 9 out of 10 fights even if i'm 53%/46% stronger than the opponent? Why do they announce any advantages, if then nothing works? Do they really think i'll sit for 16 hours and even buying rubies, so i can keep losing fights in a row? I can understand bad luck, but 5 hours long underworld run and we are talking about the easiest one isn't normal, is it? It seems to be another typical GF trick, something to rip players off.

    want any more? i have a plenty of them. Check the percentage, that is how i want to lose 90% of fights

    in your opinion my 50% chance of blocking + 15% added from Apollos shield equals 50% again? I would say, that 50% + 15% equals 65%?

  • sure, in my pictures above you can see, that the buff is shown - 65%. if possible deactivate your CA and make a new screen

  • again

    you can see at my pictures that the bonus is there!

    1. pic without bonus

    2. pic with shieldbonus

    3. pic with bonus and UW

    If the shield expires, the bonus is off - 65% - 15% = 50%

    My recommendation for you is, to deactivate CA and look again what happen

  • i would really love to disable CA, but i DON'T have one. All i can see without CA, which i don't use is, that the percentage remains the same doesn't matter if i turned Apollo's shield on, or if was fighting without it. Your pictures then show Armour 16953, but my armour is over 23000, it really doesn't look like picture of my fight.

  • oh my dear,

    so you are talking about your fight. Even if my picture clearly shows, that it DOESN'T work and even with the nice green sign it still shows 50% only. Why don't you look at the posts you disabled...they show links to more fights, when i had the shield on and blocking percentage 50%. Your best recommendation was to disable CA, which i don't use. That sounds to me like a solution.

    Thank you very much Maeve for allowing my post to become readable.

    However, this local malfunction of the Apollo's shield feature made me to lose 3 Mobilisations, 6 rubies and 2 hours of my playing time. I accept this a dice based game, but that's why i engaged the Apollo's shield and to be honest, today it was probably the worst underworld run ever. A nightmare, caused by my CrazyAdon, which i'm not using at all. At least that was the explainign of my problem according to Kicky. Still i wouldn't mind some kind of explanation, as this wasn't correct and to my best believes, it won't happen, if there wasn't a fault on th gme side.

    Basically why do i wonder. This a Gameforge classic. Why do they say Forgery in english.. for a reason. I have a problem...ypu have to turn off your CrazyAdon and buy more rubies. I don;t use any Crazyadon. Still you can buy more rubies. Something has gone wrong. Why don;t you buy more rubies? It works on my computer, so you have to buy more rubies. I've send you screnshots of the problem, could you solve it? Yes, turn off your CA and buy more rubies..But i have lost something due to this malfunction. But you can buy more rubies.. does it sort my problem out? No, but you can buy more rubies. Do i need to carry on> Of course not. there is no solution whatsofuckingever, apart from the obvious one. does anyone need me to repeat it? No. thak you. That is great, i just need to turn off my CA, which i don;t use at all, buy more rubies and nothing happens.. Of course, we are GameForgers.. but you still can buy more rubies. Welcome to the Game FORGERY world... and still you can buy more rubies


    but then i doesn't work in arena again, the opponent was lower level, than I. It seems Apollos' shield only works when fighting higher levels. Why isn't there any CLEAR explanation? Is it a purpose, or a bug?