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    You guide is incomplete, you don't mention, that you are just a victim of a scam by Gameforge and the only thing you have to do, is to pay for rubies. I understand the concept of paying for fun. Somehow i don't see any fun in losing combats with much weaker opponents for couple of hours just to pay for rubies to Gameforge scammers. Spending 4-6 hours of my life getting into the underworld, constantly losing with 35 levels lower opponents is a disgrace. In conclusion, there is no way of buying any more rubies, just using the rubies i can win during events. There is no way to put any money into a rubbish like this. If it happens and i don't get enough rubies for centurion from events, i just quit playing. Should Gameforgery want any more money, then they need to make it funny and worth the effort. So far it is just a rip off, providing me with no fun and giving me enough time to write angry messages like this one. How much money will you make, if you let your customer wait for 10 minutes just to cheat and rip him off? Nothing, I guess, and that is exactly what Gameforgery deserves.

    That's it for today, thank you for wasting another hours of my time, I'm just glad the nature of my job allows me to run the game in the background, otherwise I'll be gone a long time ago. Gladiatus itself is a good game, unfortunately f....d up by Gameforgery.

    It is a nice video, but it is exactly copying, what you can find out just by reading the tutorial. It doesn't explain any tricks you can use and any tricks GameForge is using to rip you off. It doesn't give any warnings what temporary boosts bring nothing, but disappointment. It doesn't say, that the so called easy is in fact the most difficult. It also doesn't say you need to have many, many hours of time available to finish it, because you'll lose many fights, even in a row, with much weaker monsters. It doesn't say, that entering the underworld is just attempt to clean as many rubies from you, as possible. It doesn't mention you shouldn't look at the statistics, because you'll be shocked how you get beaten by weaker opponent. You should be happy, if you finish it in less, than 6 hours and even more happy to buy more rubies. Because this is the only purpose of it, just to make you buy more rubies. Definitely, it isn't about fun, or winning because you forged yourself a great armour. You are right about the weird. Yes it is weird, in underworld you can forget about Apollo, or Vulcan, doesn't matter what the game says, they do not work in so called easy underworld. Basically your video is pretty useless, as it is not about this game. It describes underworld, if it was fair and honest, which it definitely isn't. I don't want to be critical to your video, it is fine. Unfortunately, it doesn't respond to the reality of the game, which is dishonest, unfair, shortly Gameforge.

    just have a look, this is how do you lose 4 out of 5 fights

    Welcome to Gameforgery.

    If it wasn't such a cheat, I wouldn't have time to write all the posts. Just have a look.

    Every single one of those fights makes me sure I'll never spend any money on this dishonest, fake, and unfair game. This is how you lose with monsters 34 level below you, should it be like that in the rest of game, you'll never progress, at all.

    Good job mate, but I doubt it'll make any change. There are so many mistakes and some of them even more apparent. Hard to say, if no one reported it, or, even worse, no one noticed it. Just a brief look in the Panteon where you can see descriptions of quests. E. g. "Circus Turma: Vyhraj 4 bitev, které zlepší Tvou pozici nebo vyhraj bitvy v Circus Provinciaru" Czech language has 2 different plurals of nouns depending on the amount. They are 2,3,4 "bitvy" and from 5 onwards it is "bitev". The same mistake occurs in scoresheets. Fame and honour don't use any numerativ, while experience does. I never really understood, what is the meaning of "Z odměny vítěze: 1.814 res2.gif" so I can't even say what is the mistake in there. The last example, not the last mistake, as they are countless mistakes all over the game and i doubt there is just one page without them, will be the name of level 130 expeditions. The area calls "Lední pevnost". Is it the fort, where is the ice hiding, or is it the fort, which belongs to the ice? Questions and more questions.

    I personally thought, that mistakes are ignored, otherwise, at least the worst of them, will be fixed by now. I just gave a few examples, as the mistakes are everywhere, not just in descriptions no one reads. "Jít do Circus Turma"

    That was a great way of answering. The move from bug reports to feedback discussions clearly says, that all the unfair tricks aren't any mistake, but a purpose. The good thing is, I don't buy any rubies, I'm just using what I can get from events. More than that, I'm sure I never again spend any money on Gameforge, never again. Why should I spend any money on something, which lies about difficulty and it's only purpose is to make you lose money.

    I think is time to make things clear. What is called an easy underworld is by far the most difficult. Let me list a couple of reason why:

    1. Apollon's shield doesn't work with them, it only works with higher level of opponents.

    2. This is maybe the most important one, but without it some other don't make much sense. They automatically match your armour. Doesn't matter how good armour you forge yourself, they have the same armour. Poor monsters at so called medium and difficult level can turn green from envy, they don't have such armour.

    3. No. 2 immediately eliminated Volcano's armour, you think it will help you, but they match your armour and still have the same.

    4. Any temporary whetstones bring nothing at all. If you lose a fight and for the next one use one of your whetstones, monsters match it again. Just a look at their previous and current damage rate shows, they have an automatic whetstone as you use one.

    5. Any other armour, or damage enhancements don't work, well they do, but bring nothing, as monsters get the same advantage at the time you use it, just automatically. Sweet. Definitely it sounds like an easy underground.

    6. Extreme portion of luck. Knowing you don't have any other chance, you apply all possible elixirs to boost your stats. Even if you make it to 60:40 probability of hit, they still manage to win 3 out of 5 fights. I know this is a dice based game, but seeing this makes me believe, there is something rotten. The only god's favour you can use is Diana, but even 80:40 probability of strike doesn't slow them from winning 3 out of 5 fights.

    I know it will bring nothing, as any complaints to Gameforge do. I know nothing will happen, apart from possible upgrade of medium, and hard underground. Please do it, make them 10 times stronger than any player. Then i can finally stop wasting my time playing this game. Eventually, be honest and say, every entry of easy underground costs 5 ruby's. 10, 15 maybe? Waiting times can't be shortened and to get to the underground costs hours and hours with the unexpected lost fights with much weaker monsters. At least be honest, just take ruby's from players for any attempt to get into underground, and don't let them waste their time.

    It is disgusting to lose 3 fights in a row with the same weaker monster, all dressed in Sebastian's armour but unable to get into an Easy underworld in less then 5 hours. You only have all higher stats and 75:40 probability of strike, but keep losing. I just wonder how they match my 33294 armour, I've spend months to get it, but it doesn't make any difference, still they get the same and keep beating you, even they supposed to be weaker. Enough said, why do I waste my time, it will bring nothing at all.

    oh my dear,

    so you are talking about your fight. Even if my picture clearly shows, that it DOESN'T work and even with the nice green sign it still shows 50% only. Why don't you look at the posts you disabled...they show links to more fights, when i had the shield on and blocking percentage 50%. Your best recommendation was to disable CA, which i don't use. That sounds to me like a solution.

    Thank you very much Maeve for allowing my post to become readable.

    However, this local malfunction of the Apollo's shield feature made me to lose 3 Mobilisations, 6 rubies and 2 hours of my playing time. I accept this a dice based game, but that's why i engaged the Apollo's shield and to be honest, today it was probably the worst underworld run ever. A nightmare, caused by my CrazyAdon, which i'm not using at all. At least that was the explainign of my problem according to Kicky. Still i wouldn't mind some kind of explanation, as this wasn't correct and to my best believes, it won't happen, if there wasn't a fault on th gme side.

    Basically why do i wonder. This a Gameforge classic. Why do they say Forgery in english.. for a reason. I have a problem...ypu have to turn off your CrazyAdon and buy more rubies. I don;t use any Crazyadon. Still you can buy more rubies. Something has gone wrong. Why don;t you buy more rubies? It works on my computer, so you have to buy more rubies. I've send you screnshots of the problem, could you solve it? Yes, turn off your CA and buy more rubies..But i have lost something due to this malfunction. But you can buy more rubies.. does it sort my problem out? No, but you can buy more rubies. Do i need to carry on> Of course not. there is no solution whatsofuckingever, apart from the obvious one. does anyone need me to repeat it? No. thak you. That is great, i just need to turn off my CA, which i don;t use at all, buy more rubies and nothing happens.. Of course, we are GameForgers.. but you still can buy more rubies. Welcome to the Game FORGERY world... and still you can buy more rubies

    i would really love to disable CA, but i DON'T have one. All i can see without CA, which i don't use is, that the percentage remains the same doesn't matter if i turned Apollo's shield on, or if was fighting without it. Your pictures then show Armour 16953, but my armour is over 23000, it really doesn't look like picture of my fight.

    Without any emotions and swearwords, although it is quite difficult at the moment. Why does GF even show any percentages after fight? Do i really need to know i've lost 9 out of 10 fights even if i'm 53%/46% stronger than the opponent? Why do they announce any advantages, if then nothing works? Do they really think i'll sit for 16 hours and even buying rubies, so i can keep losing fights in a row? I can understand bad luck, but 5 hours long underworld run and we are talking about the easiest one isn't normal, is it? It seems to be another typical GF trick, something to rip players off.

    want any more? i have a plenty of them. Check the percentage, that is how i want to lose 90% of fights

    in your opinion my 50% chance of blocking + 15% added from Apollos shield equals 50% again? I would say, that 50% + 15% equals 65%?

    Gods level III don't work in underworld anymore? I activated Apollo's shield and it works in arenas, but it doesn't work when fighting underworld enemies. Is it on purpose, or is it a bug. I'm sure Gods worked in underworld some time ago.:?:

    That's right, a compensation would be nice, but we are talking about GF. Wouldn't help me much anyway, knowing GF i've already spend gold a resources as well trying to use at least existing buff's. They were real unlike the costume event. I'm afraid it was the right thing to do. In my opinion we'll get as much compensation, as get got apology for a mistake, or at least some announcement. 3 times zero is zero. This is life, this is Gameforge.

    If you announce an event for 2 days then it should last 48 hours. If there is a change of time, it can affect the duration if the event, i understand that. Well, if the time is going to change AFTER the event then it shouldn't affect the duration, right?

    Well i play on server cz29 and live in Thailand. I wanted to make the most use of the forging event, so i, of course, calculated forging times with the longest ones coming last. It worked out nicely with both smithies finishing forging during the last hour of the event giving me the chance to set two more forging jobs. Due to the time zones difference i needed to wake up 4:45 am to start the last 2 forging jobs. To my big surprise the event lasted only 47 hours. Well it is my fault i didn't notice the timer says the event is still going on, but the forging bonuses are already gone. Well it was in the middle of the night and i didn't expect such a trick. I don't understand why we can't cancel forging; melting has this option. Without the bonus the probability dropped to 90% and i personally wouldn't gamble with a full set of golden malefica and so many of my red resources. Lucius shield of earth requires a lot of resources and this time 90% probability wasn't enough and it failed.

    As i said, this was unfair trick and it cost me 300 rubies and just "some" red resources. I really wouldn't mind some compensation, where can i ask for it?

    Pocitas to moc pekne, ale par veci ne uplne sedi. Zapocitavas do slevy na cviceni i gildovni cviciste, ale to funguje porad bez ohledu na kostymovku, ze jo? Nebo vy ho mimo kostymovku vypinate a nebo opoustite gildu kvuli cviceni bez cviciste? Ne, proste zapocitavat cviciste do slev je zavadejici. S paktem znamena za rubiny, nebo kdyz vylosujes z truhly, ale je to urcita investice. Rikas 9 dnu, nicmene mesice mivaji vice nez 27 dnu, to i unor to tesne zvladne. Dale asi mluvis o ukladani bez poplatku mezi znamyma z gildy, ale to znamena, ze o zminene poplatky zase prijdes pri ukladani jinym. Fungovalo by so samozrejme skoro bezchybne, kdyby se jednalo o ukladani sperku, kde poplatky nehrajou zadnou roli, ty muzes preukladat do zblbnuti a furt to vyjde vyhoddneji. Nicmene to skoro urcite vede k vyse zminenemu zblbnuti. navic se to uz po par tydnech stane casove neunosnym(a vedoucim k vyse zminenemu zblbnuti). Co jsem se snazil rict bylo, ze prekladani vice milionu zlata ve spercich by mohlo mit nasledky na dusevnim zdravi. V tom se doufam shodneme.

    Sleva ziskana kostymovkou je 20%. Cena za ukladani pres gt je 2+2 to jest 4 % s paktem tedy 2%. Tyto 2-4 procenta podle situace s paktem se ztraceji s celkove hodnoty zlataku. Bez paktu tedy 5 preulozeni bezpecne eliminuje jakoukoliv slevu, 3 preulozeni eliminuji vetsinu z ni presne jak jsem rikal. Tedy i s paktem sleva pri kostymovce zanika pri 10tem preulozeni a to nevydrzi ani na pul roku a to i kdyby mesice mely 27 dnu.

    Loni byla kostymovka hned po eventu Na brehu Nilu. Ale nesazel bych na to, obvykle byvavala kostymovka hned po eventu na ziskani kotymu, nicmene posledni event na ziskani kostymu byl reseny jinak. Bylo by to pekne a sam bych to taky uvital, nasetrit pres event a protrenovat pres kostymovku, ale ony se diky kostymovce po eventu daji ziskat az skoro nesportovni bonusy, takze bych se nedivil, kdyby se od teto praxe upustilo. Ale event je dost dlouhy, tak se treba nejaka ta informace objevi. A zacinat setrit 2 tydny pred kostymovkou se zase tak moc nevyplati. ztraty na dvojim az trojim ukladani penez eliminuji vetsinu slevy na cviceni. Slo by to samozrejme pres sperky, ale prehazet sperky za nekolik milionu je pakarna a chci videt toho dobraka, ktery bude 2x prekladat sperky v hodnote nekolika milionu. Sam jsem to teda jednou udelal a porad si pamatuju na to odpoledne stravene klikanim do GT a uz nikdy vice.

    What exactly do you mean by enormous? I don't see anything enormous there. Almost all stats are nearly the same and ratio between charismas is 2/3. At the same time is the ratio between double hits almost exactly the same 2/3. Do you expect to get 20% double hits for each point of difference in charisma?