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    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but I don't know where else I can get some support for an issue I've been having.

    So a couple of years ago, on the old Gladiatus Forums, I made a thread about a problem I've had while playing Gladiatus on Google Chrome at the time. Basically, every action (for example, Clicking on Expedition, hitting an opponent, clicking on Auction House etc.) would make the application briefly "flash" or flicker. At the time, I was told to use Mozilla Firefox instead and that helped fix the issue.

    However, as I came back to the game relatively recently, this problem re-appeared. I've tried using a variety of browsers (Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera), disabling Add-Ons, as well as a variety of fixes for generic screen flashing in Mozilla, such as updating my graphic card drivers or meddling with the Browsers' settings. But to no avail, the problem still persists.

    This happens only with Gladiatus, no other application or "activity" inside any browser; and I don't think this is related to any background applications (I'm rarely running any) or my PC itself, as it's reasonably new and doesn't struggle or lagg with other applications or processes.

    This is a particularly big issue for me, because my eyesight is already not the best, and after experiencing dozens (if not over a hundred) flashes per hour, it tends to make my eyes ache and is just really unpleasant to play this way. I'd hate to give the game up for an issue like this, so if anyone knows what might cause the problem or knows a definite fix for this issue, I'd be really grateful.

    To visualize the problem, I've found 2 videos (though there's plenty more for sure) where this issue happens. The links already contain the timestamps when this "flash" happens. Here they are:

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi Dexter and thanks for your detailed answer.

    There's 2 things I'm not sure about in your suggestion, regarding traveling to Germania.

    1) Isn't it a bad idea to go to Germania before lv102, because there's no good Dungeon available before that?

    2) If I should rush to go there as soon as possible to start farming Mine, should I just go at lv98 with the Eagle costume?

    Thx in advance.

    Hi. After getting back to the game, I finally got a decent prefix + suffix scroll combination and decided to try forging a decent weapon to replace my purple one. The issue I stumbled onto is that I'm lacking many of the materials in better qualities (orange/red and some in purple).

    So now I'm wondering what the best way to get them is...

    -Buying from other players = not possible since the server I'm playing is pretty much dead.

    -Smelting = This seems legitimate, but I get so few orange drops, it's unreal to wait for one and hope it has the same smelting yield as the materials I need. Not to mention this brings red out of the equation.

    -Farming materials from mobs = This is what I see as the best and only reasonable solution right now. But considering I'd have to farm subpar mobs compared to the ones I've been hitting for now, is it really worth it?

    Maybe there's more methods/solutions to this issue, or there's something I'm overlooking... which is why I'm writing here, hoping to get some guidance.

    P.S. I'm lv96 if that makes any difference.

    Thx in advance.

    [Foreword]: This thread is aimed at being a small "discussion"/experience sharing/thoughts on the current state/future of 2x servers, primarily on the EN domain, not just a "rant" from my side (though of course, that is included :S)

    I don't know what it's like on other countries' servers, but the 2x servers here on EN all seem to be more-less dead, or dying.

    A few years ago, when opening a new server at 2x speed was equivalent to opening a 4x/5x server nowadays, even older 2x servers felt more active than even the newest ones are now. And the ones that are here seem to be dying more and more.

    This is probably due to the fact that Gameforge seems to be sticking to opening higher speed servers, and this hurts 2x servers because it takes what's unique from them away, the speed. Now people will either slowly invest time in 1x servers, which are generally there for the "longevity" they provide, or jump aboard a new 4x/5x server for a few weeks/months, until it drops in activity and a new one opens.

    2x is somewhat in the awkward middle of it, and it's the least alluring option of the three, because neither aspect which it's supposed to provide (partially longevity, partially speed) doesn't make the cut.

    Now, I know it's as simple as abandoning my server and investing time in another one, but not only do I have a lot of work invested here, a 2x server is simply perfect for my liking, and what fits really well with me personally is how little time it takes to invest into it totally, as well as how the cooldowns are not as long, so that they still keep you occupied with the game.

    I mean, I know it's not in Gameforge's interest to merge servers, as it makes the game seem less active and as a desperate attempt to keep it going, but right now, EN has 4 speed servers, two of which are completely dead, two of which could still be a little bit active; but I feel like the only way to save those servers or try to initiate some activity is by merging, maybe not all into one, but at least 2 + 2.

    How are speed servers on other countries? What experiences did you have with them? How do you think they'll keep up with the plethora of higher speed servers opening lately?

    I guess it's something you learn from trial and error. It is pretty intuitive that you only own a certain part of the costume, you can only wear that one, but agreed that the game lacks tool-tips or in-browser tips/guides and so on.

    The best thing you can do is to have some patience and collect items with the prefix/suffix you want to obtain and wait for a microevent with the bonus, if you want a high level scroll it's better to collect just those with only the suffix/prefix, that's what I did and luckily I got what I want (antonius scroll), that said, there was only one in my server and the one who owned it wanted to sell it for 9 millions :cursing:, when I got the scroll from the smelter I showed the picture to him and only God knows how I felt at that time.

    So basically, if you don't have a need for smelting to repair it's the best time for you to smelt hoping for a scroll, because at a time you won't have a choice but to repair your items especially the weapon, and the smelting will took longer and longer.

    I guess it's what I'll keep doing, though I'll mostly try to smelt blue+ items like those, since I feel like the green ones are not that worth it.

    Also, here is a tip for low level suffixes : you can have a low level account (15-25ish) thats buys Delicacy, assassinate, etc items in the auction house, then smelts them.

    Will definitely have to give that one a try. Currently hunting for Assassination, so it sounds like a good idea. Though too bad it has to boil down to "cheesing" the system...

    Have in mind that it is ~5% chance to drop a scroll from smelting.

    I don't think this is true, it's less than that..

    Vicegerent have in mind, that those 5% are only the personal opinion of Skarsburning.

    One more factor to this question/mini discussion of mine..

    Even so, when it's that low, it's still going to take a considerate number of tries until something finally pops out. I use <=10% chances as a rule of thumb as to when the general (100/chance) tries "rule" becomes less and less reliable, further applicable if it's <=5% or <=1% and so on...

    Point is, when it's that low, I feel like it's just a matter of luck when it's going to pop out, not a matter of 'time' or 'tries'... so wrong or not, at least it's a number to take into consideration and literally the only estimate I've seen on any gladiatus resource regarding this matter.

    Thanks Skars, always glad to learn something new and I'll definitely look back to this reply every now and then when the time is right.

    However, maybe I should've been more precise, and mention that I'm asking for my "specific" case, more than on a general level.

    I feel like it changes things, because based on your list;

    1) Smelting to repair gear- I don't really need to repair any gear, if anything, I might need to repair my jewelry once I fully swap it with Lucius

    2) Smelting anything orange/red - Orange drops are such a rarity. I'm close to lv95 and I've barely dropped 20-ish orange items (meanwhile I see people lv92 in my guild who've dropped 30+ and people lv96 who've dropped 80+...), so I have a looot of room to smelt other stuff. These items are basically non-existent for me.

    3) Smelting for scrolls - seems to be the only option. Especially since I'm lacking scrolls to make a good sword which is basically the only thing I need right now to round my gear out (after I upgrade some other stuff to purple as I mentioned).

    Now, what I meant was, is it worth it smelting "religiously" in THAT specific case? In which I can't really smelt for any other purpose and need a scroll. (note, I'm a casual player so I guess I can more-less smelt 6-8 items per day, which is what I refer to as religiously)...

    I'd hate to be that guy asking a question every other day, but seeing as how these forums are relatively active, I thought I'd try and get an answer from experienced people on most of the questions that have been bugging me whenever I'd play this game.

    So, what I want to ask today is, how likely is one to get a scroll during the smelting process, and how worth is it sinking money into it? On the fansite website, I've read it's roughly 5%, which seems like a good estimate; but assuming you smelt items with both a prefix and a suffix, that effectively makes it 2.5% if you only need either of the two; which is fairly low... leads to the question if it's worth it.

    Now, for a bit more context, so far I've either been really unlucky with scrolls or it's simply how the game's supposed to be, but out of the -not many- that I've gotten, most were garbage which I couldn't make use of. It hasn't really bothered me until now, when I'm going through a moderate gear overhaul. I've slowly been getting the items I need from the AH or as mob drops, and after I make them Purple, I'm going to be more-less done.. except for a good sword.

    Orange drops are an extreme rarity it seems, I'm near lv95 with only 22 total orange drops; none of which were worth keeping. This plus the lack of good scrolls means I'm still on a Purple sword and I can't really seem to move on from it... to make matters worse, the server I'm playing on is about as dead as it gets, so there's no other players around who might have the scrolls that I need.

    So I decided to give smelting a try. I've been smelting items (first the suffix ones) religiously for awhile, and have smelt well over a dozen without a scroll in sight. It's not that big of a cash drain, though it's still a cost which could be better spent elsewhere. This made me wonder, is smelting generally worth it; if done for scrolls? Or is the drop rate too miserable that I have better odds of using the gold for other things while waiting for a miraculous good drop?

    Go run through this Vicegerent - Will be useful

    Sure has updated a lot since I've last went through it, props.

    Just to clarify, I'll add that it applies to negative percentages as well :)

    It can be a way to make certain scrolls better by negating their % decrease in a stat

    This is very useful info as well, thanks. Maybe I'll give those prefixes/suffixes with negative bonuses a chance in the future x)

    So, recently, I noticed certain equipment doesn't seem to come with a certain stat. (Typically a %). For example, jewelry (rings, amulets) can't seem to have Strength %, Armors can't have Agility %, and Shoes can't seem to have Dexterity % as a stat from what I've noticed so far.

    I did not find any information about such restrictions anywhere, so I'm wondering if there is a certain resource which covers this topic. As I'm not sure if I'm messing something up or if this is legit; furthermore, it would be nice if there was a list of stats which a given equipment is unable to have.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the reply; I joined back only recently so this is my second day on the event (this run though), and I figured I'll just try to at least learn the bonuses from the 1st and 2st opponent so I can try to experiment a bit with the boss the next time it runs.

    Hi, with the recent 'Desert of nightmare' event, I began to wonder what the most efficient approach is for this sort of events.

    Particularly, is it more worth it to hit the third opponent (Fennec in this case) or the boss (Vulture)? Assuming both have full bonuses and 100% win rate against both.

    Basically, do the 5 levels that the Vulture has on the Fennec as well as the fact that it's a boss compensate for the overall net loss of gold, experience and, potentially, items? I understand that the question is a bit "mathy" and there's all sorts of RNG to take into account, but I'd be fine with hearing some experiences as well.

    Thanks in advance.