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    What about upcoming microevents? No news about that. No news about upcoming merges?

    I can't believe that the rest of september has nothing to offer

    As far as i can tell, on Firefox it works better than ever, i didn't even need to reload my settings

    The only "problem" is that the arena list has changed.

    I can see the two different fields one above the other, instead of next to each other.

    I even tried to de- and reactivate the flags, but that ain't the reason for it.

    Any ideas? Is it a setting that i skipped?

    Revenge of the dead


    Conquest of the Source of the Rhine

    Any news regarding the (upcoming??) events ?

    Usually the first one beginns early Sept and the next one end of Sept or beginnin of Oct

    lieber Pepper

    Ich möchte in diesem Fall meine Antwort auf Englisch schreiben, wenn das ok für dich ist, da ich mir nicht sicher bin ob ich es auf Deutsch korrekt ausdrücken kann (Hast auch den Übersetzer anhand haha)


    EVERY player has thought about the upcomming merges, and there where already so many questions right after the announcing of the happening!

    We all were suspicious of the geometrical raise of the arena battles, and of the auctions problem - aka FOOD and SUPPLIES!

    So it's not logical and not accepted (!!) that we, as players could think of possible issues , that the company didn't expect!!

    On the contrary, GF should have been prepared !!

    We knew that on the new server, there would be thousands of players, most of them active!! But the company didn''t think of this? Or wasn't competent enough to see what was coming?

    I respect your immediate replies to most of the threads and issues and that you are always so helpful and polite..

    But in this case, it's a huge mistake from the company.. Unless they were careless and sloppy , which I don't believe...

    And, please!! Don't tell us that we complain about the dead servers, and/or about the new servers!!!...???

    We do not complain that the server is full, but because the merge doesn't work properly !! Especially during the back-up times, it is a horror!

    I play on 50. And during back up, i have to wait two minutes, till 50 is backed up. Then i have 5x players from 51 in the arena which i can't attack because 51 is being backed up.. Must wait another two minutes etc etc. For every server that is being backed up, I must wait on 50 till it's done!!

    The company should have known that there will be hundreds of players pushing buttons at the same time!! But didn't manage to have the capacity for this. Or worse: They thought of it but never did sth to prevent it !!!!

    That is our complain!!

    Sorry and thank you

    ps Thumbs up for YOUR work here :)

    The only thing sometimes help is closing you tab and log in again....but when the server ie over 130 players the sh*t really hits the fan

    and for sure when the auctins are in verry short many bidding like crazy on food

    I thought of it and I tried it last night.

    It took me 01:17 sec to enter the server . Lobby was ok, different server was ok..

    But 50 .??? "Error/Page not found" !!!