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    Since the player's name / id is public - which previously, before the implementation of the lobby, was the account's username / id - it has the same value (as an information) with the new account username / id. So, there is no "data protection" issue here, at-least in my opinion. I guess admins have access to such information, but I do not know if they signed any confidentiality agreement during their hiring process.

    Should the main account's id be visible? Probably no ... From the one hand (the bad side), some people may try to find out how many players one person controls (which is none of your business), so that they can harass players by attacking their lower level accounts. On the other hand (the good side), it would open more possibilities, like account messages inbox, account friends, etc.

    An easy to implement change to boost the market:
    The initial fee should be lowered quite a bit (or even make it fixed), and then add a tax like cut from the earnings when someone buys it.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Let me answer some questions.


    What happen to the "" site?

    The ".tk" are free domains provided from the "". We used it for many years without problems, but they unexpectedly unregistered the domain without notice and we now are not in control of it. It is now considered "special" domain and it is not free.

    Freenom lost our trust and we are not going to use them in the future. Also, since these domains are free, they are blocked by many services (for example on Facebook), but the "" was whitelisted on such services. We suspect that Freenom does the same thing to every domain that enters such a whitelist. Personally, I think something is not right with freenom and I consider them a scam.

    We expect the same thing may happen to the "" domain in the near future.


    Where is the new Gladiatus Crazy Addon site?

    The new site will be hosted at "" (the site is not ready yet). Also the simulator will be at "" (the tk domain works, but we are changing links, to avoid future problems).


    Why I can not find the Gladiatus Crazy Addon at the Firefox store?

    The addon was temporary disabled on the Mozilla Extension Store, it will be re-enabled after we upload the new version.

    If you still want to install it on your Firefox you can install the version uploaded on GitHub for firefox (no auto updates)…zyAddOnV4.2.0_Firefox.xpi


    How can I install the beta version?

    First of all, the beta may have error, and does not auto updates. Since it is an additional gca extension, you should disable or remove the GCA extension you already have installed. To remove the beta, you just uninstall it like any other extension.

    To install the latest beta version, first you need to download the code from GitHub. You can do that by visiting our github page and clicking the "Clone or Download" > "Download zip". Unpack the zip somewere safe (you will have to leave the folder there).

    Chrome guide (select the "source" folder inside the extracted folder)…ng-the-zip-extension-file

    Firefox guide (select the manifest file inside the "source" folder, inside the extracted folder)…ng-the-zip-extension-file

    Hello. Can you do it again to open packages by double clicking? It is very difficult to drag and drop our goods or items in our bags.

    Double clicking features were not removed. The only thing that changed is that you can not buy with double click items that cost rubies.

    It seems like there has been an update, so the amount of the white in horrum is easier to see, but now we can't see how many of each mateial there are in an item

    Sorry for the confusion, let me explain.

    The amounts that were previous displayed were wrong, for example, not all the "Lucius" items drops the same amount of "Tincture of Stamina".

    Michalus gave us the data for all the combinations (prefix - suffix) ... but they are 2mb. Loading 2mb was slow as hell :P ...

    We are open to ideas :P

    Even if they activate extra buffs, players will be angry since most of them just did their training with -63%.

    MasterEvil Not all the servers have the same time, since each country is in different time zone. They should instead test each build on the test server de-201... but they don't.

    But it seems that this was just a wrong configuration... thus it may be a good idea to set the event start at the morning, so that they can resolve any problem during the day.

    Denken Sie daran ... jedes Mal, wenn wir einen schlechten Code schreiben, tötet der Gott ein Kätzchen.


    Aber in diesem Fall, denke ich, dass es nur ein Bug war, nicht schlechten Code.

    However we have reported that players are complaining that the ad is coming each time the page reloads.

    We know that from like 12h plus ... Why we talk about that ... xD
    Just Fix the problem don't blame everyone becouse Gameforge use shit why to promote new product xD

    So, if this is an Adblock problem as I claim, it is not Gameforge's problem. But, it would be nice if the GF could inform the users, that Adblock related extensions may produce user experience problems. This would help the users resolve their problem faster.

    You don't really need an Adblock for the Gladiatus... thus, a "please disable your adblock" message will be OK. But, this will not fix the problem on network based adblocker (like pihole), so the game may be unplayable under such networks.

    Actually, in the question:

    "how can crazy addon have anything to do with the fact that the pop up is blocking the gameplay window?"

    You replied with:

    "Because the addon disables a cookie"

    Mea1 is accusing Gladiatus Crazy Addon, so I think we should let Mea1 explain us why the GCA is responsible for the problem.

    I debugged the problem on my PC, and my personal opinion is that neither GF nor GCA is responsible for the problem, your Adblock causes the problem.

    Don't jump into conclusions please. The problem is caused by the adblock addons.

    You should disable your adblock on gladiatus, or create an exception rule for the URL "*"

    For example, on the Adblock Plus, you may add on your filters the exception rule:

    1. @@||*

    PS: It is funny how an Adblock addon resulted in more ads, hahahaha

    The Gladiatus Crazy Addon does not touch any of the game's ads. We were asked not to many years ago by the game's developers.

    You can always contact us at our Facebook or at our email! We have more bugs to report.

    BTW, the adblock addons stops the "" request which results in the ad cookies not being set.


    Well, how can crazy addon have anything to do with the fact that the pop up is blocking the gameplay window? normaly the adds are out in he right side bar, but this time it is a big square in the upper left "corner"

    Takes up at least 1/3 of the window and I guess that is GF that has placed it there, am I right?

    And why do we get adds - not related to the gladiatus, when we have paid for Cent?

    Shouldn't it be add-free?

    Because the addon disables a cookie to prevent it from only popping up at login, and instead makes it come each time you refresh the page.

    The Gladiatus Crazy Addon's code is opensource on Github. It would be nice if you can show me where that code, that disables that cookie, is... I don't remember scripting it...

    Thank you in advance.