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  • hello i saw the ruby action. which is already very pathetic 7 years the same events, development and nothing above the 200 level wrote 190-200 level track cannot stand it. + British dungeons? they don't care about the game. and expect to order rubies. a lot of people stopped merging after the battle engine became very bad. those who would not have a 1% chance of defeating and this was also written by my peers... there is a lot of work to be done with the game.. and so pull down the players.. I should not... I admire no one has sued Gameforge yet. send this to the developer.! if there is one at all.

  • Hello

    Gladiatus crazy addon, as you have created

    isn´t there a co-working with Gameforge

    can´t you give them some ideas to develop the game

    so we have a game to play, soon there+s not a game, the players end their gaming

    • No. We are just players. If we want to report something we use the support system just like every other player.

    • ok..i understand