New server on 01.03.2021

  • Ave Gladiators!

    On 01.03.2021 a new server will join the family of Gladiatus UK!

    The servers will have the following characteristics:

    • Community: EN
    • Number: 41
    • Speed: x5

    Additionally this server will get a special microevent that will start at some point once the server is opened and will run until 04.03.2021 (23:59 server time)

    • 50% more exp. points,
    • 40% more gold on expedition,
    • 50% faster regen of exp points,
    • -20% training costs

    Once available you will be able to access the server via the lobby.

    Have fun and and may the Gods be in your favour!

    Kind Regards,

    Your Gladiatus Team.


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