• I play on same IP with my brother on LAN,since the guild and community on our server is not that active i need to ask a question.

    Is it possible to remove multi acc feature so we are able to pack gold to each other?

    I think there is nothing illegal in that action right?:/:/

  • multi accounts = no fights with each other, no trade

    multi removal - yes, if there are different IP addresses for some time. You write a ticket and support can delete once the multi lock

    using one IP without multi and trading between accounts=ban

    juve - prowincja 35

  • 1. Multi accounts & shared IP connections

    Every player is allowed to maintain several accounts on one and the same server. These have to be announced to us by using a game internal function. The same option needs to be used if multiple players access the game over the same IP. Multi-accounts/IP sharing players are automatically subject to limitations and circumventing these limitations via other players is not allowed.

    Its not possible anymore, there is a high chance , that players would use it to bypass the Multi/Pushing rules via IP-Sharing.

    You can find the Rules here : Game rules

  • Well yeah,thats why i asked,i need to play on same IP cause we are on LAN,problem is gold packing which both of us need.

    I wanted to ask is there any way that we can do to pack gold to each other and not to do anything else

  • Hmm we are high level

    I am 93 and he is 89 reaching 100s both

    Jewellery starts missing out after few hundred thousands,guild has maxed crucial buildings and i help newbies a lot actually but there is not much of them on province 31

    I thought there is way to bypass this feature for packing only nothing else