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    Hello, please consider an issue and what to do.

    After the merges there can be a lot of issues for middle-high level players (150+) to attacking crosserver people, doing uw3 (paid feature will go to oblivion) and just doing quests for "UPGRADE BATTLES".

    Local pvp is not good in that matters - coverage (impossibility to beat already covered people for exp and gold), 5/day independently on speed, upgrade quest failure, expected high concurrency for hitting someone (for timers), killing uw3 etc. There will be a lack of opponents, who start to scare of large amount of attacks (for example if we have 5 x4 people and 30 x5 people, imaging what their cries will be)

    Think please about adding uw mobs to arena /turma or random mobs as a solution to increase cross-server or keep it. Or something else?

    I have no idea (and wish haha) why I should submit something there..

    What do they really do is to stop using regular expressions instead of element.getAttribute. Why climb the fence when the doors are open?

    It already caused a bug (fixed now) in forgery when for some people learned scrolls weren't displayed.. And what else they can really do is reduce language dependencies, starting use attributes and urls where it's possible.

    (hint: it is possible almost everywhere, except quests and working with item descriptions after loading it from json.parse)

    Look, let's be absolutely honest.

    This is a small thing, and I am sure there is a way to bypass it, but currently? No one is working on new feature requests, for our own reasons (whatever they are), and with the server merges, we expect that many things will be broken, it is possible GCA will no longer work and I cannot say how long it will stay that way, surely we will take a look at it, it depends how much will GCA be broken, so I can't really say anything more.

    The main goal is to keep GCA alive for now, at least for me.

    It seems you might need to follow the advice - skip commenting things you do not understand.

    The GCA developers aren't so skillless.

    GCA is supporting each gladiatus server.

    Expected behaviour after change:

    1. https://sXX-(en) =>
    2. https://sYY-(en)

    Since GCA is not that crap-coded by junior dev as you try to say here, it will not fall.

    It may fall some features IF the gameforge will invent some bugs while merging either some game update, which is not expected.

    Any another "arguments" (hint - in this zitate - zero arguments) why you're always (!) commenting things you don't understand???


    Gladiatus Crazy Add-On

    Quote from MBT It would be very nice to make it configurable, so u could go fast to any item u wanna find on aunctions like mercenaries or gaias items for example

    It's not so easy as it may sounds (a lot of scripting around it), you can't just navigate thru pages and make it even configurable, also, this could be probably exploited.

    ok. It's not so easy. Create an array of objects that will save submit form attributes and draw it and save it in localstorage or settings /else ... not so easy... A LOT OF SCRIPTING AROUND creating array of objects. Exploiting existing form submission.. Lol. EXPERdd programming level.

    50 minutes of work including testing is way too hard.. for Wrath javascript under-developer

    Maybe for GreatApo too if he likes this post.

    Main idea - skip commenting things you dont understand, being semi-developer or less.