Gladiatus Crazy Add-On

  • This is probably the worst idea ever. So you want to play the game without playing a game or what?

    GCA is here to help and improve user experience (not bot experience) and to make things easier. I can say that GCA is the best thing that happen in Gladiatus history. So please do us a favor and leave this post.

    Btw players on low levels are not giving up because they have to click on the button that is the stupidest thing I ever heard in my life. They are leaving the game because GF allows pushing and there is literally one super strong player in each level range that you can not beat unless your guild provides you orange/red items. There are other problems as well which I am not going to talk about, but they definitely do not leave the game because they can not use bots...

  • Back in the days we were showing the simulation result directly next to the opponents, however, some players felt like it was unfair to know the outcome of a battle and gameforge requested us to remove it. The current system keeps everybody happy, you make a little bit of extra effort but you can still simulate the battle. Your suggestion is something between the current system and the old system.

    PS: We do try to at least save your last simulation so that you don't have to fill your gladiator's info every time.

    While I get your frustration, all previous replies are correct, this is the definition of a bot (or at least something close).

    Now when it comes to the game mechanics, you need to keep in mind that this is an oooold game. I started playing at around 2008, when chrome was not around and if you where using Firefox, you were the cool guy xD. Back then (and a bit before that actually) there was a bloom of browser games like Gladiatus (without fancy speed servers). This is just how such games were designed in that era.

  • Some non-technical users don't understand something, so they like to present their opinion as reality.

    Lets see other activities.

    Work: click few times, thats it.

    Forge: click few times, thats it.

    Smelting: click few times, thats it.

    I do not see any complaints about work/forge/smelting :

    * I want clicking during whole the smelting process, it is a bot!

    * It is a created bot, are you feeling ok?

    * forging process is a bot fiesta!

    * This is probably the worst idea ever. So you want to play the

    (forge/work/smelting) without playing a game or what?

    Lets see add-on activity - picking the item from package to inventory with double click.

    You redefined it (implemented bot?). You AUTOMATICALLY choose a space where to put the item, taking out the choose from player. Where are complaints "it is a bot I wanna decide which spaces to place the item? You do it instead of me!"

    That is about technical value of some arguments. The only valid one could be about hourglasses. So far I know several gold tool buyers and no one hourglass buyer.. They exists, but amount..

    Describe the difference between requested change and existing activities.

    There is a Player. Player has family, work, dog, hobby...Player likes Gladiatus. Player faces this issue after some playtime.

    Describe the variants what he will do.

    Describe probability he stays playing without extra tools keeping the same game interest and online.

    Evaluate the reason why player will go. Another game era or just bad usability?

    I will appreciate to see how some of commenters use average amount of expedition points (long play session):

    * 10 streams on YouTube or video recording how they doing the farm with underworld suit in speed server

    * 10 streams of daily long-time game with or without suit in x1-x2 server

    I am pretty sure I will not see it.

  • I see there is no point in argumenting with this guy, he just keeps telling about his crap, that is not much helpful nor useful, I won't react anymore.

    GCA wasn't meant to be a bot, if you want a bot, try to google or pay someone who knows some javascript and bot your account at your own risk, that's your thing.

    Unless GCA dev is on drugs, he'll never implement such crap you are trying to make him to do.

  • Hi, I tryed using the Global arena on my main but I cannot load the ennemy list (I keep having this :

    Is it a common thing ? Can I fix that somehow ? (Lvl 100, speed 4 serv, if it changes something)

    Try not to open 2 or more chars on the same server, if you do it doesn't work...Simple solution close tour browser and ope it again the it wil work again ;)

  • Still thanks haha, was definitely old a/f, i don't even fight in Global arena anymore ^^

    "I have a vision. A vision of everyone having cheese. Olroy cheese. Together we can put an end to the rule of Jyggalag, the Prince of Biscuits... Or was it order?"

  • Believe it or not, a lot of those "bot" activities as you define them, reduce the load on the server to counter balance other activities that increase it. If you want to get your repaired item back from your packages, there is no way to go directly to the last page of your packages (unless you have them in reverse and you miss expiring packages) which means you need to make 2 server requests to get there. That saves you 10 sec and 1 request from the server. On the other hand, it doesn't allow you to just leave your PC and have a bot automatically playing the game for you. Moreover, you can basically achieve the same results by leaving the last page of your packages open in a new tab and refreshing it to get your item...

    It is a trend nowadays on mobile games to click and go. For better or worse, Gladiatus is not such a game.

  • Actually, you got an answer from a technical user, but that is not important.

    1. Now to give you some idea about the technical part and to make you see a difference between looping and repeating an action manually.

    Work, smelt, forge. You put an item, you pay for fees and you simply wait until it is over. When the process is over you can do it again with another item (there are 6 slots so you can smelt 6 items at once). But there are no LOOPS !!! Once the smelting is over you can pick up materials and put another item, but all of this you have to do manually !!!

    However, your solution for expeditions/dungeons requires loops that work in an automatic manner (hit this mob every 10 minutes for example).

    The difference which is bordering you is that for smelting/forging/working you need to click once in 6-8 hours and for expeditions, you need to click once every 10 minutes (or less if you use centurion or if you play on speed servers).

    I understand that you do not want to spend too much time on this game, but creating a bot that is clicking instead of you every 10 minutes is totally against the rules !!!

    2. Double click, pay attention to "CLICK". So yes you have to click and as far as I know, clicking is a manual activity. The only thing that GCA does here is finding empty space in your inventory and if it finds it then it puts the item there. This is definitely not an automatic process because you have to CLICK manually. In worst-case scenario this is a semi-automatic process because you are right, GCA does not allow you to chose where to put it, but this is not a bot. Bot would be a program which is placing all items in your inventory without requiring you to click on them.

    3. A player has a family, dog oh wait hobby as well !!! Gladiatus is a hobby bro... To all of us (ok maybe not all but for at least 95% of us, some people take it more seriously than others).

    If you play some other game CS: GO, Dota2, or LoL or anything like that do you spend 5 minutes to just click a couple of times, or do you play them for an hour? Do you want a champion to auto-last hit minions instead of you? Or if you go to see a movie do you watch it for just 5 minutes or you watch a whole movie? If your hobby is basketball, football or any other sport do you play it for 5 minutes or do you play a whole game?

    See these games are also a hobby and you spend a whole hour playing them. If you spend an hour playing gladiatus you can spend 50% of expedition/dungeon points without using any premium stuff.

    4. If you want to watch Gladiatus stream on twitch or youtube then something is wrong with you.

    I agree that this game is not optimal and that many things can be improved and done in order to make it better and more popular. I even wrote about some of the problems this forum, so I am also someone who thinks that many things should change, but introducing a system that will allow you to collect gold, honor, fame, and experience points without requiring you to play the game is something that I really do not like.

  • Thanks for the answer. I did not know that you had it in past and I also did not know that GF requested to remove it. If it is against the rules then the current system is fine :)

    Best regards.

  • I am talking about one thing, I get an answer about something completely different.

    The difference between work/forge/smelting and requested change is the work/forge/smelting are server-side jobs.

    You are not authorized nor requested to upgrade the server.

    Saying about balance load if the MMORPG client sends 1 extra request per X minutes that's funny.

    I think you understand this but just don't want to do it.

    Don't you understand the problem?

    The required online is not a problem.

    Autoplay is NOT requested.

    Problem is that player must CLICK_AND_WAIT a lot DURING whole his ONLINE.

    The game requests INADEQUATELY large amount of CLICKS and WAITS, that need to be REPEATED CONSTANTLY, IN A LONG TERM.

    That's why the change is requested.

    If you limit loop (like I said) for example by 15 actions maximum and 1 hour maximum, this won't allow user to start and go.

    Moreover, his online and actions are required to use the gold coming.

    But you can ignore problem (like Gameforge used to do by years), blaming another game era, blaming people who do not want to play your games, collecting feedbacks ("game is clicker", "good mechanics, broken on clicker") and former users (including me).

    I think I said all I wanted.

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  • "The game requests INADEQUATELY large amount of CLICKS and WAITS, that need to be REPEATED CONSTANTLY, IN A LONG TERM."

    Yes, I can agree that the game requires a large amount of CLICK_AND_WAIT actions. But you clearly do not understand the point. GF has implemented this game not GCA !!! GCA has to follow all the rules and policies which were defined by GF.

    GCA should not implement something that is considered as a bot, simply because it is against GF rules.

    If you think that your suggestion will improve the game go and talk with GF. We like GCA just the way it is and we do not want GF to ban them because of one guy who is trying to do things in a silly way.

    And about loop with time limite. 1-hour loop you say? Let's do some math

    12 expedition points 10 minutes CD, 1h30min regeneration time (or 24 points 5 minutes CD with the centurion, 45minutes regeneration time)

    Let's say that you have 12(24) expedition points. During one day you will get 16 (32) additional points from regeneration. In total that is 28(56) expedition points.

    In one hour you can do 6 (12) expeditions, which means that you need 5-one-hour loops in order to spend all of them. Keep in mind that after that you will not start with 12 (24) points but with 0, which means that you will need to spend only those points which come from regeneration 16(32) and that is 3-one-hour loops per day.

    In conclusion:

    5 clicks per day if you start with the maximum number of points (if you just level up for example)

    3 clicks per day if you are playing "active".

    You will get the maximum possible amount of gold and experience with 3-5 clicks per day.

    The math for dungeons works in a similar manner.

    I am not going to talk about UW and other bonuses which come from micro-events.

  • Yeah, it was a lot of years ago :P

  • Merry Christmas everyone!

    Anybody knows the equations to calculate guild buildings update costs?

    I figured out that for Medic Center, War Camp, Prison, Temple, Guild market, Warehouse and Training grounds, the equations is: {cost of level 1} * {level} ^ 4.5
    Anybody knows the equation for the rest of the buildings?

    Mind that for each player with centurio, a 3% discount is applied, with a total max discount of 30%.

    Edit: found it

  • Happy new year Gladiators!

    A new GCA version is out, v4.3.5, will start popping up in the stores, with:

    - 24 improvements

    - 28 fixes

    - 6 translation updates


    For bugs, ideas etc, open an issue on GitHub:

    Have a healthy and productive 2022!

    PS: edge version will be delayed and sorry for double posting

  • Thank you for the release!

    I think we all should or are thankful for what you are doing for this small community, I know the development took a while and you are doing it for free, taking your free time from your real life.

    Let's be honest people, without GCA, Gladiatus would be terrible and very underdeveloped, GCA is still trying to keep this game above water.

    Maybe Gameforge did give up with their game (it's further development), for their own reasons, but GCA didn't, it's still here and kicking!

    Happy new year everyone.

  • Very nice for updating, but could u instead of reward value:Quests

    • Quest item reward value displayed next to the icon (#265)

    Change it to the name of the item? It would make it way easier to find UW items from quests on -100% quest events when u can shuffle all the time quests, so u wouldnt waste time checking items every time. Reward value doesnt help in that case, ppl dont pick up quests cause of amulets as rewards. They care more about EXP

    • Added a new button - shortcut to food auctions (#291)

    It would be very nice to make it configurable, so u could go fast to any item u wanna find on aunctions like mercenaries or gaias items for example

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