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    I am sorry but I need to stand my ground here. We do take feedback really seriously and that is why GCA has reach this level. There are currently 48 issues open in our GitHub 95% of which are feature requests or enhancements. In addition to that, we have closed around 50 issues (including feature requests, enhancements & bugs) in the last month alone. Don't you think its a little unfair to criticize that we prioritized an other feature request instead of yours? It is a bit rude too.

    That been said, it is in my plans to add the name of the item above it's gold as soon as I have some free time. I will also open github feature requests for the other features you propose.

    The gold/stats graphs were not working because we rely on gold stats from achievements and I found out that Gameforge had that number wrong after reaching a limit (they had a limit in their database). I don't even remember when I first reported that... Now it is fixed, and you get a much better idea about your gold but selling items you bought still doubles your earnings. Apart from that, it works as it should.

    PS: Only small fixes are left out of the changelog. Everything else is there.

    Edit: We already have a merchant timer (on the green/red icon next to blacksmith) and you get a notification when your guild is ready to attack again.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Anybody knows the equations to calculate guild buildings update costs?

    I figured out that for Medic Center, War Camp, Prison, Temple, Guild market, Warehouse and Training grounds, the equations is: {cost of level 1} * {level} ^ 4.5
    Anybody knows the equation for the rest of the buildings?

    Mind that for each player with centurio, a 3% discount is applied, with a total max discount of 30%.

    Edit: found it

    Yeah, it was a lot of years ago :P

    Believe it or not, a lot of those "bot" activities as you define them, reduce the load on the server to counter balance other activities that increase it. If you want to get your repaired item back from your packages, there is no way to go directly to the last page of your packages (unless you have them in reverse and you miss expiring packages) which means you need to make 2 server requests to get there. That saves you 10 sec and 1 request from the server. On the other hand, it doesn't allow you to just leave your PC and have a bot automatically playing the game for you. Moreover, you can basically achieve the same results by leaving the last page of your packages open in a new tab and refreshing it to get your item...

    It is a trend nowadays on mobile games to click and go. For better or worse, Gladiatus is not such a game.

    Back in the days we were showing the simulation result directly next to the opponents, however, some players felt like it was unfair to know the outcome of a battle and gameforge requested us to remove it. The current system keeps everybody happy, you make a little bit of extra effort but you can still simulate the battle. Your suggestion is something between the current system and the old system.

    PS: We do try to at least save your last simulation so that you don't have to fill your gladiator's info every time.

    While I get your frustration, all previous replies are correct, this is the definition of a bot (or at least something close).

    Now when it comes to the game mechanics, you need to keep in mind that this is an oooold game. I started playing at around 2008, when chrome was not around and if you where using Firefox, you were the cool guy xD. Back then (and a bit before that actually) there was a bloom of browser games like Gladiatus (without fancy speed servers). This is just how such games were designed in that era.

    The simulator is probably wrong in this case. Turma fights are generally stable (if you loose, you will be loosing for sure) and the turma simulator is not very good. I have a good idea of how turma works but my calculation process is not exact/perfect.

    I'm sorry Crazy Addon. but lately you're been playing so much, so I've been thinking about burning up my computer. and finally I chose to remove you from chrome. makes the program easier to use as before.

    I would suggest disabling all the features you don't need. That will speed up the game. However, modern computers should not have problems running with GCA :)

    This is a bug I am aware of and I will fix (it is server related). The number of the bottom table is the correct, the other will always be greater or equal.

    Edit: It is now fixed

    Chrome takes a couple of days to review each version. I submit all of them together, it just takes longer on chrome, if you check now it is public.

    In terms of the bug, I though I fixed this problem on v4.3.1 but apparently there is still a bug there!

    interesting, yesterday it didnt works , we try it with some players in guild. Today its work with no problem. sorry for waste your time .

    and my lvl is 128

    No that is fine, I found a bug anyway haha... You probably got the update after you show that it was not working (Chrome's version took a while to me be reviewed)

    On CZ server#38 stil didnt work training

    But thanks for all these new update :-)

    Ok! Thanks for the feedback, I will create an account on the server to make sure we fix it this time!

    Edit: I created a new player and training does work on CZ servers... but I found an other bug related to base stat maximum for players under 40 lvl. Are you under 40 lvl? Else please go to training hit F12->console and see if there is any error written there :)

    version date

    improvements bug fixes translations


      • Auction
      • Settings
        • Language: New "Missing translations" button to help translators
      • Global
        • Player ID get fixed (Issues #191, #193)
        • Prefix resources were not show for items without invisible suffixes (for id 100 to 109) (Issue #192)
      • Packages
        • Package filters: Threat option not visible fix (Issue #185)
      • Market
        • Known/Unknown scrolls feature fix (Issue #187)
      • Arena
        • Global Arena position fix for 1st gladiator
      • Mercenaries
        • Mercenaries search fixed
      • Training
        • Training features crash on some servers because of different locale (Issue #195)

    Oh sorry I forgot to answer that, you can change it in settings. Select the option to display the materials vertical.

    I'm 99% sure the names wasn't there, when I did the settings in the new update hehehe, but thanx. Anyway I'm really happy that the amount of eash material has come back :D

    You need to visit materials storage once so that the addon saves their names in your language, that is probably why you missed it.

    Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying

    @GreatApo great :D looking forward to det update. Will the names of the materials also be in this update?

    Oh sorry I forgot to answer that, you can change it in settings. Select the option to display the materials vertical.

    Everybody is in the same arena, as you climb up you will find all the elite players. I know it's painful when you start from the bottom but once you go up this will be fixed.

    Thank you for your answer. Yes, I saw the search box. But I just wanted to know how to use it. Because it didn't seem to work no matter what keywords and patterns I tried to use. But now I get it there's a bug.

    It does work if you are searching for forge help items :P