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    This is a bug I am aware of and I will fix (it is server related). The number of the bottom table is the correct, the other will always be greater or equal.

    Edit: It is now fixed

    Chrome takes a couple of days to review each version. I submit all of them together, it just takes longer on chrome, if you check now it is public.

    In terms of the bug, I though I fixed this problem on v4.3.1 but apparently there is still a bug there!

    interesting, yesterday it didnt works , we try it with some players in guild. Today its work with no problem. sorry for waste your time .

    and my lvl is 128

    No that is fine, I found a bug anyway haha... You probably got the update after you show that it was not working (Chrome's version took a while to me be reviewed)

    On CZ server#38 stil didnt work training

    But thanks for all these new update :-)

    Ok! Thanks for the feedback, I will create an account on the server to make sure we fix it this time!

    Edit: I created a new player and training does work on CZ servers... but I found an other bug related to base stat maximum for players under 40 lvl. Are you under 40 lvl? Else please go to training hit F12->console and see if there is any error written there :)

    version date

    improvements bug fixes translations


      • Auction
      • Settings
        • Language: New "Missing translations" button to help translators
      • Global
        • Player ID get fixed (Issues #191, #193)
        • Prefix resources were not show for items without invisible suffixes (for id 100 to 109) (Issue #192)
      • Packages
        • Package filters: Threat option not visible fix (Issue #185)
      • Market
        • Known/Unknown scrolls feature fix (Issue #187)
      • Arena
        • Global Arena position fix for 1st gladiator
      • Mercenaries
        • Mercenaries search fixed
      • Training
        • Training features crash on some servers because of different locale (Issue #195)

    Oh sorry I forgot to answer that, you can change it in settings. Select the option to display the materials vertical.

    I'm 99% sure the names wasn't there, when I did the settings in the new update hehehe, but thanx. Anyway I'm really happy that the amount of eash material has come back :D

    You need to visit materials storage once so that the addon saves their names in your language, that is probably why you missed it.

    Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying

    @GreatApo great :D looking forward to det update. Will the names of the materials also be in this update?

    Oh sorry I forgot to answer that, you can change it in settings. Select the option to display the materials vertical.

    Everybody is in the same arena, as you climb up you will find all the elite players. I know it's painful when you start from the bottom but once you go up this will be fixed.

    Thank you for your answer. Yes, I saw the search box. But I just wanted to know how to use it. Because it didn't seem to work no matter what keywords and patterns I tried to use. But now I get it there's a bug.

    It does work if you are searching for forge help items :P

    @restlesz and @Leona , yes all items that have an invisible suffix (+1, +2 etc) have this problem. I have already fixed it and there will be a release soon.

    @dianiuxxx if you visit any Merchant at the top right cornet you will find a search box which is suppose to work but I just try it and it doesn't -.-

    Thanks for the feedback! I have already added those issues on github. The first one must be limited to the data we have for that item.

    Edit: DarkThanos made a commit that could potentially fix the second issue.

    Edit 2: I found the problem with the resources.

    Ave, Gladiators

    It has been almost a year since the last release but the new version 4.3.0 is out! Let us know if you like it or if you have any questions 🙂

    The changelog, can be found here:

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    (DarkThanos and GreatApo)

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    Hola, perdón mi inglés, estoy con un traductor de Google. Esto sucede a mí, ¿cómo puedo solucionarlo?

    Hey guagua,

    I recently found the main problem. The gold is monitored based on the total gained gold as shown in the achievements. The gold seems to have stopped updating :P (at least for high level players). I am now working on a workaround at least to get experience working.

    Edit: i believe the total gold is saved on the server as a 32 integer. That means its maximum value is

    2^32 - 1 = 4.294.967.295

    which is the number that total gold freezes.

    Unfortunately I am not aware of someone knowing exactly how threat and attack player selection works in turma. I did some research some years ago but I got nothing specific. Nowadays threat values appear in the report so I may look into it some day.

    Anyway, it is clear that "Direct attention to oneself" points to a defense stance of the player and it attract more attacks to the player.

    If i remember correctly, the simulator ( takes into account both of these (stance and threat) but the results do not change significantly based on how you combine them together.

    Ehm. When you press the cancel button for the popup regarding soulbound items in market, it will buy it even though you have pressed cancel.

    We found the problem. The problem only appears on Firefox and it will be fixed in the next release.