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    When we smelt items, can you add a tool to increase the bonus

    +% resources from smelting


    Bronze bellows +15% resource

    Silver bellows +30% resource

    Gold bellows +50% resource

    This will potentially eliminate our complaints that we do not have the resources we require to forge items we want

    This is a great topic, one which many of us believe needs more attention. I think we need doubled access to uw, and more scroll events which would help us to unlock so many of the new prefix/suffix and the materials to forge them.

    Game updates provided us so many opportunities for items however there still seems to be a gap. Perhaps DisPater can reward a uw scroll upon each defeat?

    I recently suggested increasing the rate at which we can access the uw specifically for this reason .

    Ive noticed the players actual blocking value , not chance to block a hit, seems to have big impact. Not sure if this helps, but it's given me some direction . This number isn't visible in the battle reports, it is listed in the armor statistics.

    It is great to see so much discussion regarding this topic. Thank you guys for adding some valid points . Truthfully it's not my intent to make a dramatic comparison or complaint between x1 and x5 players, but I think this would be a great way to bridge the gap regarding uw resources and equipment .

    That's the real game changer. Those epic items which take so many resource x1 has limited availability to this. Comparing stats to equipment, the equipment makes a huge difference .

    Even if this idea we're implemented across all speed of server, it would still be good for x1 players of many years. If this means x5 can go to uw every 8 hours, that's fine too ( it just wouldn't make much sense) which is why I suggested the idea for x1 alone as it would make a reasonable impact whereas x5 does not seem to have problem with uw access ...

    At the end of the day, x5 players is where I take many golds from , so I don't want to slow them down in any way :)

    I appreciate their ambitions.

    My request is simple. Currently x1 server can enter underworld 5 days after completion. If we add in the 2 day duration of costume, this is essentially once a week. I am suggesting this waiting time be reduced by half . This will give x1 players double the access to uw costumes, uw prefix/suffix items, and uw resources through smelting. This will make it possible to obtain more uw scrolls and forge more uw items . I think this would be a small , easy to implement adjustment which would make a huge impact for x1 player trying to compete with x5 players

    "how many items, you are dropping are so good" (?)

    If this claim is so unbelievable, that it requires proof...

    Then this brings to light yet another flaw within the system.

    Are good items only allowed to come from forging now?

    I am suggesting

    Items found in dungeons and expeditions should not be soul Bound.

    These items can go to market, when worthy, and bring the market back to life on each server. This would increase activity worldwide instantly.

    This feature would help buyers and sellers to advance in the game

    I posted a similar question at the beginning of event. Regarding event strategy, I didn't get much of a response. My thoughts are the third npc isn't going to reward an epic red item like the boss(should) . Last time we had an event like this, I did get some nice red items from the boss, especially on the last day of event. I have been attacking the boss appx 50% of the time, and the rest spent on third npc. On last day I will definitely only attack boss and probably purchase extra points to run through end of event - hunting for something nice. Sorry for lengthy response , hope it's helpful in some way

    Suggestion of ideas to involve smelting into micro events.

    1) 50% reduction smelting time for 24-48 hours

    2) increased % chance of higher quality resource from smelting

    These ideas would be a nice micro event feature, and this is just a small example of the possibilities . If any other have some new ideas to add, please do .

    What's your opinions , I'm looking for your strategy ??? On this event - is it better to just attack the boss for a week, or take the time to learn the bonuses on each npc and then attack boss for a few days ???