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    hi.... another 'event' failed

    DUTCH server 2 failed mission ( again)


    imperator.jpg Verdediging mislukt!
    24.02.2020 00:00

    Verdediging heeft gefaald en de doden hebben hun slachtoffers gemaakt. Al je inspanningen zijn voor niets geweest! Rome zal haar slachtoffers nog enige tijd moeten rouwen.

    GERMAN 5x server also FAILED ( again)

    imperator.jpg Verteidigung gescheitert!!!
    24.02.2020 00:01

    Die Verteidigung ist fehlgeschlagen, die Toten haben ihre Opfer geholt. Alle deine Bemühungen waren schlussendlich vergebens! Rom wird lange um seine Opfer trauern.


    What is the use of these events ? :/ every time i fall for it and join the battle hoping this time it will succeed, but it always fails, usually at the same point it ends.X(

    Wouldn't it be better not to have these anymore? afterall all they always fail.8|

    hi.... another 'event' failed

    DUTCH server 2 failed mission ( again)


    imperator.jpg Verdediging mislukt!
    24.02.2020 00:00

    Verdediging heeft gefaald en de doden hebben hun slachtoffers gemaakt. Al je inspanningen zijn voor niets geweest! Rome zal haar slachtoffers nog enige tijd moeten rouwen.

    GERMAN 5x server also FAILED ( again)

    imperator.jpg Verteidigung gescheitert!!!
    24.02.2020 00:01

    Die Verteidigung ist fehlgeschlagen, die Toten haben ihre Opfer geholt. Alle deine Bemühungen waren schlussendlich vergebens! Rom wird lange um seine Opfer trauern.


    What is the use of these events ? :/ every time i fall for it and join the battle hoping this time it will succeed, but it always fails, usually at the same point it ends.X(

    Wouldn't it be better not to have these anymore? afterall all they always fail.8|

    hast du das prüfen lassen? oft stellt sich nämlich auch raus, dass es doch mehr emailadressen gibt.

    schreib also ein ticket und lass das nachprüfen.

    das stimmt , ich hatte das selbe probleme

    aber , schuld war die lobby , lobby versucht um accounts zu mergen, aber das gibt nur problemen

    Thats right but lobby is too blame, when i first started with the lobby it "detected' more accounts and advised me to merge them , so they would all show up nicely in one lobby...

    and thats where it went wrong, i had to conctact support, i asked in dutch, German and English since i also had egrman server i played on and english server, my first server i played on was server 1, but that merged to server 2 because all worlds were merged to creat more populated worlds / servers.

    The proces went flawless, problem only started when lobby was introduced.

    Anyway i contacted support and they managed to

    add the different gladiatus games with different emails ( that was how we started, cause there were no lobbys when i first joined)

    And Pepper fixed it, he helped me a lot , :thumbup:

    now my gladiatus accounts are accesble through the lobby with one email.

    Now i only have to ask help for my ogame but i already have a ticket for that and i think they be able to solve it...

    So my advice is if you had more emails for eacht account one email, cause thats what we had to do in the beginning, you should contact support and they will do their best to help you.

    ( i used Google to translate text ( English to German)

    Lobby ist schlecht ....

    Zuerst konnte ich nicht auf den s201 DE Server und den holländischen s2 Server zugreifen (ich habe ein paar Rubine auf s2 (holländischer Server ist mein allererster holländischer Gladiatus Account (FeriteMortali) (für Rubine bezahlt)

    Meine OGAME-Accounts haben einen Zauber gewirkt, gearbeitet ist Vergangenheitsform, weil jetzt NICHTS funktioniert

    Nur die älteren Pioniere Dot Org und Bermuda Server arbeiten plötzlich, aber alles andere ist jetzt "weg", zumindest kann ich keine Verbindung herstellen, Lobby sagt immer wieder falsches Passwort.

    Ich überprüfte gameforge Support Ticket und sagte, dass ich nur Probleme mit Dutch Server 2 hatte.

    Als ich versuchte mich einzuloggen, zeigte sich nichts: Nur die Pioniere OGAME und Bermuda scheinen plötzlich zurückgekehrt zu sein.

    Wie auch immer, jetzt ist es noch schlimmer als zuvor, ich kann auf nichts mehr zugreifen, nur das Bermuda-Spiel und die Pioniere, zwei Spiele, an denen ich nur zum Spaß teilgenommen habe, und ich hatte den Verlust dieses Kontos bereits in Kauf genommen.

    Jetzt sind meine aktiven Accounts nicht erreichbar, meine wichtigen Accounts:

    Gladiatus Server 2 Niederländisch (mit Rubinen, für die ich bezahlt habe)

    und mein testserver auf deutsch 5x speed server s201.

    I hope this translated text is readable

    This lobby thing is the worst idea GF ever had. :thumbdown::thumbdown:

    i think this is not a bad idea, because in this way it is much easier to connect the servers :) And the other thing is that this has been on ogame for two or three years if I'm not mistaken

    Agreed :thumbup: it is not a bad idea , but as it is now its a very bad implementation :thumbdown:

    i mean i showed GF support various screenshots of my Dutch gladiatus account on server 2 ( province2) name: FeriteMortali

    and also a screenshot of my account on German 5x speed server ( s201) also accountname : FeriteMortali

    but nothing was fixed , i was given a link to a forum topic that also doesnt solve anything.

    This is my real account that the lobby messed up :

    hiscore link:

    DUTCH server 2


    GERMAN s201…98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e

    and somehow its seems to be so hard to correct the mistake cause i still cant play them :whistling: ... this will end up as never solved, the s201 de account will expire i guess after 30 days no login, at least thats what the ogame accounts used to do if it was not played once in 30 days or if some paid DM (dark matter) was on the account.

    Anyway my s2 has rubies on it, paid for so it might not expire but i cant play it either .... another unsolved problem by GF 8|

    I played more online browsergames in the past and currently many are also German companies , sofar they always solved the problems .....

    but gameforge ...... 8| i asked another question at GF support page but .... no reply, no mail nothing seems this is it, a link to this topic and thats it for support :rolleyes:

    sad :huh:

    okay, i removed all login/stored PW that were older then this year, keeping only the ones created this year ....

    Anyway i think this wont change anything... :/

    but one can always try8)

    going to try to enter the gladiatus lobby again....

    maybe something has changed i seriously doubt it ;)

    will reply back when done :thumbup:

    back :D

    as i expected, the s201 DE account keeps showing an entire new level 1 account

    seems my 90+ level FeriteMortali is gone , only shows in the toplist.

    My s2 dutch account keeps showing as a new server i can join

    so after removing all old login information things stayed the same

    i cant play my S201 DE character , and it shows a newly to play level character

    so this account is mixed up and gone thanks to the lobby

    and to make things worse my first dutch account i played since the start is also ++++

    thank you GF for the lobby ,,^^, account no longer reachable ;(and all the time invested and EUROS gone with the wind8|:cursing:


    at least i can play my ogame accounts i also spend lots of cash on in the past 8)

    that is... until GF fixes more and these will be gone aswell 8|

    Seems all bad things come at once:

    playa-games replaces their games by html 5 cause flash will be gone in 2020 so the flashgame cant be played

    now GF comes with its lobby and one account that i spend a nice amount of cash on is also gone ...


    i made a screenshot of the gladiatus lobby its dutch so i added some English text in red

    i will explain:

    the RED arrows point to the 'mistakes'

    on top there is the s201 DE

    it reads marius, seems to be a new level 1 account , BUT mine is 90+ the name is FERITEMORTALI

    look at the position and the level ( this shsows lobby messed up my account)

    second part shows the province i can join :D

    2 should read PLAY or Spelen in Dutch it says START so the lobby destroyed my account i play since the start of the province ( and spend a nice amount of cash on)

    100 rubies or so were still on it.... its gone.... thank you for the great lobby :thumbup:

    i showed GF support a screenshot showing the S201 my real account instead of the marius BUT the tech did not even talk about it

    also showed a dutch screenshot and also no reply in any ticket ( unless they quickly add it at the moment i am writing this ;)

    Anyway you can see the small arrows and the stats of my original accounts

    and now they are gone with the wind :whistling:

    user profile DUTCH province 2


    check :

    levelone_s201 DE server.jpg

    this shows a new lvl 1 'replaced' my 90+ level ( lobby mistake)

    Anyway they( the accounts) are gone, GF support hasnt solved anything and no more replies from GF support since my last re-reply telling things are still not fixed...

    So this is it .... the account with no rubies on it on s201 DE server will expire i guess

    and the dutch one with rubies on should not expire BUT cannot be reached ... so


    all i have left are the old ogame , and they will probably be messed up later , gone are all the years of work to play and create it and cash spend

    ...... and nothing we can do about it

    do you have the same email and pw for ALL communities?

    I also have different accs in different comms and lobby is doing the right job

    all communities ? :/

    i thought one ( community) would fit all, compare it with clothes: : one size 'fits' all ( stretch t-shirts and trouser will adapt to a person because it has some elastic in it)

    okay let me give you some background how i played:

    once upon a time there was ogame long long ( repeat 1000x) ago

    the game looked very simple, tons of bugs, lots f x ( x: because some gifs were improperly linked the browswer would show an X.

    It sound weird but trust me, it was far from perfect, i played in that era 8)

    so if one person is NOT to blame it would be me 8)

    i started in uni 3 because some friends from previous (much older games) were playing there so i joined UNI 3 ( dutch)

    At the end i had ( original accounts NO funny lobby messing things up)

    Uni3, Uni 8, Draco( renamed now) Gemini and a few others all renamed by GF , anyway i had NO double accs in ONE server always ONE on ONE server and yes different emails seemed to be needed dont ask me why

    but thats why i had to create 6 or more free mail accounts

    for gladiatus server 2 DUTCH i used one of the mails used for ogame since ogame <> gladiatus i could use an existing mail

    ogame and gladiatus should be seperated BTW as they are two different games , problems arise because GF started with the lobbies.

    I remember similar things /changes in the past =O

    and they took many weeks before GF managed to get it all working

    Today we have lobbies causing too much problems

    accounts 'disappaer' even some with rubies ( PAiD) on it

    i been looking for solutions since 29-07 -this year

    today it is aug 6 thats 8 days ... and still nothing

    i am getting tired .... || problems occured after GF started the lobbies and now we the players are stuck...

    are balmed for perhaps using multi accounts ( on same server?) i dont DO multi accountsX(

    I just want to play my games , and i would like acces to my gladiatus account on server 2 dutch server .

    Anyway tbh i fear things will all mess up , accounts will be 'lost' also the ones with rubies i paid with real money .

    I will end up with nothing , have to start from zero ...

    sighs thuis is not a good way from GF to help

    were out in the cold and it is all because our own doing 8|( according to GF)

    almost forgot:

    so basically GF claims we can just delete ALL login info

    afterall we need to use a email instead of a accountname

    so all pw and inlog we stored since the beginning of gladiatus can be removed safely?

    that is what GF is claming in away ;)

    well i will export my old pw and logins from my browser and delete the old login, this should help GF claims ....

    i wonder :/

    okay i will eply back after i did some 'house cleaning' in my old logins

    danke für die Ausführung

    wie kann ich dir denn helfen?

    okay this is translated using google i hope it did a good job: here it goes:

    Ich habe keine ahnung, wie du mir helfen kannst, ich habe probleme, weil gameforge zu viele dinge auf einmal geändert hat.

    Das große Problem ist die Tatsache, dass die Lobby nicht in der Lage zu sein scheint, zu überprüfen, ob der angemeldete Spieler bereits ein Konto hat.

    Im Falle des niederländischen Servers s2 habe ich ein Konto, FeriteMortali, irgendwie erkennt es es nicht und zeigt, dass s2 benutzt werden kann, um ein NEUES Konto zu eröffnen.

    Es zeigt start, aber es sollte play zeigen, weil ich bereits ein Konto habe.

    Das gleiche könnte mit dem deutschen s201 passiert sein

    und zeigt jetzt ein neues Konto, das von Anfang an neu gestartet werden muss.

    Es ist offensichtlich, dass die Lobby durcheinander ist, weil ich in der Lage sein sollte, den FeriteMortali-Account zu spielen, bei dem es sich um einen Level 90+ handelt.

    GameForge-Support konnte das Problem nicht lösen.

    Also stecke ich jetzt fest, obwohl ich sicher bin, dass GF es lösen kann, indem es es manuell wiederherstellt, um es anzuzeigen.

    now to server 2 dutch

    Nächstes Problem mit dem niederländischen Server 2:

    Wenn ich auf den Startknopf drücke, stehen die Chancen gut, dass mein aktuelles

    feritemortali-Konto auch in der Twilight-Zone landet. Das wäre sehr schlecht. Ich

    habe in der Vergangenheit eine ganze Menge Geld für den Kauf von Prämien und

    Rubinen ausgegeben vor.

    Aus diesem Grund befürchte ich, dass meine Konten weg sind, weil die Einführung der Lobby die Konten nur durcheinander gebracht hat.

    You are not the only one missing 2 accounts on the dutch server 17....they are on the server just not in lobby....

    no way to logg in :(

    and as we speack they are back lol

    Im happy to see yours are back ....:thumbup:

    mine are still in the Twilight Zone =O

    i do hope the rubies i bought on the dutch server 2 arent gone cause that would be :thumbdown:.....

    afterall i could have spend the money on buying games online at Steam or so or similar , and i would have had somethin i can keep cause i usually buy my games drm free 8)

    So lets hope GF did not messed things up....

    Anyway they know our IP they have all loging so all the have to do is compare data check if the player had an existing account on s02 and then the START new game should NOT have been used , yet it has and that is why the s02 is gone ....

    I always feard some day sooner or later Gf would mix things up so bad resulting in loss of accounts i spend hours leveling up and might loose some premium i bought ( rubies) because of an error .... ;(

    Ahwell ... gonna offline now.... getting a litlle tired , since 29 june problems began... not able to login properly thats almost a week now :/ maybe even more :huh:

    okay another day and still no fix for gladiatus , 9 days have past

    last login at 29 june

    i checked my ogame and sofar they all check out correct....

    it seems Gladiatus is either not worked on , or tech doesnt know how to solve the problem created by the lobby yet... maybe they will someday, in the meantime the german account on s201 still shows a fresh character , that was created ebcause the lobby for gladiatus is buggy and does NOT work.

    check this ogame lobby screenshot:

    ogamelobby_shows_available_servers_i_ have_no_accounts_correctly.png

    this shows servers i can start a new account ..... and unlike the Gladiatus lobby (which is a total mess )

    correctly with a START button meaning when clicked on i start a new account.

    If you check my screenshot: my_gladiatuslobby.png

    you will notice the server 17 is not free and is shown in the games i can play

    this shows that the province 2 account ( dutch server) which ought to be shown in the existing accounts instead of the new available to start playing in

    This clearly shows lobby is bugged and still NOT fixed by support ;(

    why is it so hard to get the gladiatus lobby working like the ogame?

    the ogame lobby ( so far) works a charm

    gladiatus does NOT and it looks like no one is actually aware of the problems, or dont think its that important or may not care...

    If i press the start in the available account to play ( my premium account will be messed up with a new level one,

    gamesupport please fix that, it should not be that hard.... it might require manual labor to locate all accounts one by one and is time consuming... maybe thats why they might "ignore' it afterall after a long epriod popele will forget it start a new account pay lots of money and voila

    Anyway it is verey quiet .... no reply , doesnt seem people are working on it...

    GF support seems to have closed " the chapter" on my problem, i got a link to this forum with info that doesnt solve anything and thats it......

    very very very sad :(


    okay i checked my old links to the games before lobby exited

    i am adding the old links one by one hoping that one of the emails will show the dutch 2 servr properly

    i managed to get my Feritemortali on s201 back ( i hope it keeps working)


    s201_feritemortali__account_seems_to_be_added now.png

    it shows the feritemortali name and sofar it seems to work

    now i have to remove the

    AncientMarius level 1 account that was added by the lobby ( maybe a glitch or something)

    i added a red arrow to the left and the right of the name in as you can see in the screenshot

    Now i have to find a way to get my dutch account back

    that might be harder cause they used names and not mail to login before the lobby came.... so i have just add any emial i have and try it one by one ( if the lobby was never made this problems would not exist, but since the lobby is born we have to do with it i guess :rolleyes:

    anyway if and when it suceeds i will reply here

    still weird it does not show a rank, ogame shows ranking , gladiatus does not

    so all is not 100% well yet 8|

    uncool wird es erst, wenn man Fakemails benutzt.

    idR kann jedem geholfen werden, der seine Email nimmer weiß. Ticket reicht da völlig aus, dann schauen wir, was man tun kann

    fake mails sind uncool das stimmt..... aber

    warum sollte ich fake mails benutzen ?

    ich bin erwachsen ( im an adult and i dont like fake mails, never used one)

    server 2 NL habe ich seit den anfang das Spiel nur EIN ( ONE ACCOUNT) account

    same name as my forum name which i used when i signed up at start of the game

    Aus dem s02 Deutche 5x testserver auch nur EIN account: FeriteMortali ( thats italian for Exit Wounds one of my favorite Seagal movies.i 8)

    den lobby hatte eine neue account gemacht, meine orignele account ist FeriteMortali

    auf s02 DE server habe ich einen 90+ level un jetz is alles gemichsts dur eine fehler des lobbys, aber alle schuld liegt nur beim uns die Spieler un das ist unfair. =O

    the lobby is too blame after its introduction problems began, i attached a few screenshots to GF support showing my first original account on s02 DE server

    also showed a screenshot of my ONLY account on dutch server 2

    and now we the gamers are the ones that caused the problems ? :D

    My ogame accounts i have seem to work properly , once again: i have only ONE ogame account in a universe, no fake mails no multi

    Also bought premium on the dutch universes when i played the game, the game has DM on it so it wont expire making me lose all time i spend in the past ( played ogame for almost 10 years)

    Anyway please dont put the blame on us gamers, for mistakes being made by the lobby transition :whistling:

    ich kann meine account auf die Deutche 5x testerver s201 ( Deutsch) nicht Spielen seit dem lobby .... Ogame loby functioniert .gut ... aber gladiatus nicht....

    meine Niederlandische account habe ich einmal gespielt, aber ich kan das spiel nich mehr finden.

    gameforge support dauert zu lange.... bevor Sie antworten ....

    Unable to play my account on the German s201 ( 5x speed) server , problems began on June 29th , i managed to link my Ogame accounts to the lobby... BUT since i have one German ogame server i used to test the server merge of Universe.

    Seems you have to select the language of the game in the lobby, which is ridiculous. a German game needs me to select the German language , and Dutch language for my Dutch accounts

    Anyway as it is now the lobby is far from userfriendly .... and contacting Support will take too long, it takes awhile before i get a reply , in the mean time accounts that have no rubies or dark matter on them will expire after x number of days...

    The s201 5x speed server has no premium on it, it took me many days to get to the current level... dont want to start from scratch so please fix the lobby for the Gladiatus accounts..... it is far from perfect

    hi... the game says the GERMAN server is…er&submod=genderChange&sh

    seems my old account is gone ? if the speed server server has been reset its okay, but it shows its more then 300 days old ....

    i guess all my work on the 5x german server is gone?

    i guess i wont be starting over on the 5x test server 201 cause it took me lots of hours

    Anyway i hope this will never happen to my dutch account.... that suddenly my account is reset to level 0 and all my stats and rubies and items will be gone....

    this lobby thing brought many problems .................

    I have exact same problem ... i managed to add my dutch gladiatus game to the lobby after 80 miutes of pain and grief

    it seems to work ... i havent logged out yet and re logged in to check if it still works...

    This lobby is wasting time, time i could have been playing games

    Anyway.... how do i add the 201 DE server to the lobby ? i want to play my 5x speed German server account :D

    I use the same name: Ferite Mortali

    testserver 5x speed .... :whistling:


    Der Hadrianswall ist gefallen

    10.09.2018 00:00

    Der Hadrianswall ist durchbrochen und die Legionen befinden sich auf dem Rückzug. Alle deine Bemühungen waren vergebens und die Schlacht endete in einer fürchterlichen Niederlage.

    :huh:  schon wieder gefallen ? wie is das moglich ?

    fallen again? i wonder why .... 8|

    dont go away, more to come: Dutch server provincie 2

    De Muur van Hadrianus is gevallen 10.09.2018 00:00 De Muur van Hadrianus is doorbroken en de legioenen trekken zich terug. Al je moeite is voor niets geweest en de slag is verloren in een verschrikkelijke nederlaag.

    Like i said: before the big mergers we won , but after the mergers, which were meant to make the province more active by merging several onto one server things went wrong ? :/

    the previous the one before the Hadrians wall event also failed


    Die Schlacht am Hadrianswall - 03.09. - 09.09.2018 29.08.2018 11:21 „Ave Gladiatoren,Von der nördlichsten Grenze des Reiches kommt ein Hilferuf. Zu den Waffen, die Grenzen des Römischen Reiches sind in Gefahr. Wirst du dich dieser neuartigen Aufgabe stellen und mit Freunden und Konkurrenten Seite an Seite zum Wohle des Reiches kämpfen?In der gesamten Provinz gilt es die gegnerischen Armeen zurückzuschlagen und den gegnerischen Anführer zur Strecke zu bringen. Es erwarten euch unterschiedliche Belohnungen je nach eurer Aktivität und eurem Kampfglück. Doch eines sei angemerkt: es bleibt euch nicht viel Zeit, um die anstehende Aufgabe zu verrichten und den Gegner am Durchbrechen des Hadrianswall zu hindern

    Schon wieder ein Schlacht :/ ,die lezte Schlacht war nicht erfolgreich

    well thats about as German as i can reply : back to english: Another battle coming up, the last battle was a fail, ;( a little mess if i remember correctly, so far the he odds are against us, why would it

    be different this time, i fear the same result as the Hadrian wall .

    Gut gemacht Jungen ..... :whistling:

    nice going guys .... nice fix of the event, Dutch failed again to complete the event, before the big merger we won .... after the merger you seem to feel you had to change the number of AI ..... hats off to you .... :thumbup:

    Verteidigung gescheitert!!! 8|
    27.08.2018 00:01

    Die Verteidigung ist fehlgeschlagen, die Toten haben ihre Opfer geholt. Alle deine Bemühungen waren schlussendlich vergebens! Rom wird lange um seine Opfer trauern.

    When i saw the event i had this feeling again, a feeling we would loose again....:D

    I dont think we will win again, i also don't believe they can adjust the settings, or maybe they are just unable to fix it at all :/ ?

    Anyway.... now i know for sure i won't waste my time trying similar events cause it allways ends in a defeat :sleeping:

    Blaue is sowieso nicht ein von meinen Lieblingsfarbe ( blue is not one of my favorite colours )and any color thats too bright is hurting the eyes.

    Ok thanks for the reply ...

    in Dutch:

    Okee maar ik zie geen v-achtig iets om aante klikken kan zijn dat ik mischien niet goed kijk, dit forum is ook best onhandig, gebruiksonvriendelijk in de staat waarin het nu nog verkeerd.

    Misschien dat het forum straks beter word,ze zijn tenslotte pas begonnen met het nieuwe forum.

    Meerdere kleine dingen die niet kloppen: de teksten lijnen niet goed uit, de spatie-ering ziet er ook niet uit zoals ik gewend ben in andere fora, de letters zijn ook niet echt je van het , is misschien wel in te stellen maar het is allemaal erg veel zoekwerk momenteel.

    De balk bovenaan met al die extra overbodigde info: Official Posts dan komt er INT met een nummer AE met een nummer BG met een nummer en DE met een nummer dan EN en een > omdat er meer info is denk ik, kortom dit wordt de komende tijd weer even afzien tot ik dit allemaal weer onder de knie heb.

    Nog bedankt voor de reactie en ik hoop dat we snel een NL deel krijgen ik speel nl die DE testserver omdat ik destijds wel eens wilde zien hoe dat gaat, het loopt best snel, nadeel is dat je wel 5x zo snel aangevallen word en dus veel meer aanvallen per dag krijgt op je karakter dus dat is echt wennen in het begin.

    Kein NL language ? ich sehe alle languages aber kein NL forum ......

    I assume we have to speak english ?

    Another question: by merging all in one forum things are rather messy, i used to log in the German ( DE) forum if i wanted to ask about the german speedserver , if i wanted to ask about the main Ducth game i used the NL forum, now it seems we have to do everything in a rather awkward and 'overloaded' international forum? About the topbar thats does NOT show up until i reduce my fonts with 10 or 20% this makes the forum visible, a proper code should detect all kinds of resolutions ( mobile ipad desktop/laptop and more.

    Did you know that a site or forum is basically a visual inetrface to communicate and if done properly it can show different layouts which fit several devices.

    Doing so you can still use the same database to store and retrieve all posts, so the visual part is mereley a 'shell' a interface to allow users to reply.

    ABout the 'avatars' or icons showing left oin the screen, they are large and do not blend in well, the whole authentic feeling of the gamesetting is lost, using these vector like forum parts all forum look the same: egyptian game, roman game, sicifi games, casual games, etc etc if it were not for the title that says gladiatus it could be anything.

    I know about mobile first but a layout ( okay it might cost extra time to create a decent layout for large screens) should be easily to make and mobile should show the mobile compact site ( using html and media queries you can set this) and people who mainly game from a larger device /screen like laptop ( much larger physical screen) or desktop(tower) with HD screens.

    Anyway applying this mobile skin looks preety bad on a larger physical screen.

    I also want to ask how to get rid of the top bar showing all foreign languaes messages i cannot read... i would like to see only the english and german part cause i cannot find a dutch part otherwise i would love to see german english and dutch parts otehr languages i cannot read... but for now they clog up the screen making it extremely different to see whats going on ause it is too crowed, too much clutter on the screen.