Changelogs (game updates)

  • V1.0 - June 2007

    • A new shop
    • Damage balancing on items
    • Increase in max stats
    • Guild names added to profiles
    • New Guild Function: Library
    • Tiered arena ladders
    • Market
    • Food
    • Expeditions & Quests
    • Bans
    • and more


    Sells Boosts and Upgrades. You can drink potions to temporarily increase different stats or you can permanently increase the stats of an item. Unless an items says otherwise you can only use one upgrade per item.


    • Grindstones: the damage is increased by using on a weapon
    • Powders & additions: using on an item of equipment it increases an attribute
    • Watering place: for a certain time an attribute is increased by drinking
    • Herbs: for a certain time the life maximum is increased by the meal

    Explanation of improvements

    Player improves an item by placing the improvement article with the mouse on it.

    The improvements an item of equipment may receive is split into 2 categories:

    • Permanent: The improvement is added permanently on the item and cannot be changed by another permanent improvement.
    • Temporarily: The improvement is only active for a certain time and may be changed at any time by using some other improvement.

    A durable or a temporary improvement is possible for an item.

    For the deletion of durable improvements there is a special article which is sold by the merchant for rubies. However you can still win this item at the auction house to avoid the ruby cost.

    Explanation of enhancements

    A player uses the new watering place and herbs/food by dragging the item on the portrait at the overview.

    Active enhancements and duration is indicated at overview.

    Only one enhancement may be active for each type.

    You may make the market offer new goods faster for 10 rubies


    Items that have +damage has been cut in half. Before the update damage was way over valued in the combat system and this reduction is an effort to bring that back into balance.


    The new stat formula is Base + Base/2 + level = max

    Previously it was Base + Base/2 = max


    Player profiles now contains their guild name and link. A new area has also been added to the guild house called the library, it stores recipes and activates recipes but as of yet it is unclear what that means.

    Each Guild possesses a library now and formulas may be stored and activated there. Those formulas may be gathered by fighting monsters at a low drop chance. If a guild member has such a formula, he can store it in the library, by pulling it on the shelf. Activating recipes costs gold and can only be done by members who have the right to spend the guilds' gold.

    Each guild member receives an enhancement for a certain time by activating a formula. Enhancements already added by the player on his items are not wiped by this guild formula.

    The number of formulas to be stored is limited and increased with each level of the guild building.


    The arena now has different groups for every 10 levels.

    League of the circus fighters (Level 1-9)

    League of the show fights (level 10-19)

    League of the Butchers (level 20-29)

    League of the cavities fighters (level 30-39)

    League of the warrior (Level 40-49)

    League of the gladiators (level 50-59)

    League of the duel fighters (level 60-69)

    League of the veterans (level 70-79)

    League of the legends (level 80-89)

    League of grace of the gods (level 90 - 99)

    You can loot gold from anyone in your bracket and you get xp for won fights in a larger range of levels now.


    The market suggests a price before you write a different one when you place an item in the sell box. Also the actual buying price of an item is displayed above the resell value of items in the market.


    The price of green/blue food has been lowered

    Expeditions & Quests:

    The gold, xp, and honor reward for expeditions and quests has been reduced.


    This section was purposely omitted to begin with because of a bug that allowed banned people to log in, this has now been corrected. If you managed to escape from your ban in this time period expect to be rebanned shortly.

    Banned accounts are now brought to a screen that tells the user how long their account is banned for along with why they were banned. Previously it just showed a blank black screen.


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v0.25 - Oct 2007

    • new Items for higher levels
    • Players are now able to see items with a level that is maximum 25% over their own level. But the maximum difference is 9.
      For example: A Player that is level 80 should be able to see items, that are level 100 (80+25%). In this case he only can see items with a maximum level of 89.

    v0.3 - Nov 2007

    • you are able to change your nickname
    • if you click "Highscore", you'll rout to your own placing
    • you'll be able to sort the market by level
    • the name of the attacker is linked to his profile
    • the beginners sword and shield only could be sold to the weapons smith, not at the market
    • you have to be level 2 to fight at the arena
    • 2 additional alliance ranks
    • you'll see the placing of a guild in the guild description
    • if you sell something, you won't get the money directly, there will be a gold package, so if you're offline nobody is able to raid it
    • ingame notepad
    • at market/arena/auctioneer your guild members are colored (Premium feature)

    v0.35 - April 2008

    There will be 4 different categories

    1. religion,
    2. trade,
    3. fight and
    4. science

    with five different subsections. The pacts (price at the moment: 15 rubies for 14 days).

    When the player chooses a pact, there will be a cool down period of 24h before s/he is able to choose another subsection in this category.

    Note: there's a level-limitation:

    x.1 and x.2 is available from start

    x.3 you can choose from level 20

    x.4 from level 40

    x.5 from level 60

    1. Religion

    1.1 +50% expedition points [with centurio 36 exp. points, without 18]

    1.2 +50% bonus regeneration [only on the constitution base value]

    1.3 ** the maximum charisma is increased by [attribute formula and condition for critical hit]

    1.4 bonus wait-time for quests [bisects the time you have to wait, until you can get a new quest]

    1.5 The life points from constitution are increased by 50%

    2. Trade

    2.1 You are able to use items which are available 2 levels above yours.

    2.2 The waiting time for new goods at the merchant are shortened by 50%

    2.3 Items can be sold/bought at a reduced rate of 5% at the merchant

    2.4 The payment for the work is increased by 3%

    2.5 The market fee at the market is reduced by 50%; Allows auctions which last 48 hours

    3. Fight

    3.1 The total damage is increased by 25% of the level as the case may be by a minimum of 2

    3.2 The maximum skill is increased by [attribute formula]

    3.3 ** Gives a chance of 10% to cause a critical hit.

    3.4 The maximum strength is increased by [attribute formula]

    3.5 Lowers the armour value of the opponent [look at armor formula]

    4. Science

    4.1 Gives a chance of 10% to get doubled experience points. (only for players that are under Level 40)

    4.2 The chance to face a searched opponent is increased by 50%

    4.3 The chance to find a searched item is increased by 50%

    4.4 The maximum agility is increased by [attribute formula]

    4.5 The maximum constitution is increased by [attribute formula]

    • armor formula: New armor = armor - ((playerlevel + opponentlevel*5)
    • attribute formula: base*2 + playerlevel
    • ** to choose "Gives a chance of 10% to cause a critical hit." (3.3) you have also to choose "bonus charisma" (1.3)


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v0.4 - Aug 2008

    • FEATURE: Dungeons and new highscore (see 4 and 6)
    • FEATURE: Dungeons will be available from level 10
    • FEATURE: Mercenaries (see 3)
    • FEATURE: New attribute and new battle values (see 5)
    • FEATURE: New areas (see 7)
    • FEATURE: If you set the hook to delete the account, you aren't able to play until you deactivated it
    • FEATURE: Level for powders will be displayed
    • FEATURE: At battle-report overview you'll be able to see WHO attacked you (e.g.: You lost an arena duel against X)
    • FEATURE: You see in the selling message, which item you sold on the market
    • FEATURE: The guild leader gets a message when and which player left the guild
    • FEATURE: In battle reports are the guilds of the players
    • FEATURE: Security check if you really want to cancel your work at the stable
    • FEATURE: Every merchant gets new items every 24h
    • FEATURE: "Get new items" at merchant will be changed to 1 ruby
    • FEATURE: All player get three bags in inventory - Centurio will have four
    • FEATURE: Buddylist
    • FEATURE: More filter options at the market
    • FEATURE: Amount at stable work changed
    • CHANGE: New level calculation - changes the players level (see 1)
    • CHANGE: Colour of items (see 2)
    • CHANGE: No colors at the guild donation page
    • CHANGE: Generating NPCs - too hard NPCs at quests won't be generated
    • BUGFIX: Negative attribute values (e.g. Strengh: -4 => Strengh: 0)
    • BUGFIX: multiple guild circular messages at the same time - only one is delivered
    • BUGFIX: renew a current pact with less than 1 day remaining, you end up with 13 days left

    1. Changing player level

    The formula for the experience points you need to reach the next level will be changed. After the player reached Level 80, it will be much harder to get the next level.

    Because of that we have to cut all players, that are above level 80

    Some examples:





    NOTE: If a player wears items that he shouldn't be able to use (due to the level downgrad; own level + 14) and fights at the arena, the system won't count these items. So it is, like the player doesn't even wear it.

    2. Changing item colour

    • At the moment the colour of items change with their level.
    • With the update all items the players actually wear will be green.
    • The colors will change with the quality of the items. There will be six different colors, so there will be six different types of every item.

    3. Mercenaries

    • A new salesman will sell contracts for mercenaries.
    • These mercenaries are only for dungeons. Each player can have up to four mercenaries.
    • The players can also sell their contracts at the market or at the salesman.
    • These mercenaries can also be equipped, like the own gladiator.

    4. Dungeons & quests

    • There will be some fix areas on the map that players can explore.
    • Before going in a dungeon, they'll have to choose the function of their gladiator and (if they have some) mercenaries.

    They can choose:

    - damage dealer

    - arrange threat

    - healing

    The players will have the option to equip their gladiator two times. One time is only for dungeons, the other is for fights against other players or expeditions.

    So the player won't lose a battle with another player when he equipped his gladiator for healing at dungeons.

    After fighting against all NPCs at the dungeon (and winning), they'll have the chance to fight against final boss.

    The player has seven days to complete an dungeon. After that it will be reseted.

    As opposed to other fights, the player's gladiator and also the mercenaries are always complete healed when they start an dungeon.

    Fights in a dungeon first end when one side has 0 lifepoints. Because this could take a lot of rounds, after a while the NPC gets in rage and makes more damage.

    There also will be generated dungeons. The players will be able to find them at the tavern, but not at the publican, but on the guard.

    For dungeons the players will need dungeon-points - like the actual expedition points. Without centurio they'll have up to 12, with centurio 24.

    5. New attribute and new battle values

    • To heal in dungeons there will be a new attribute - intelligence.
    • It's like the other attributes, they'll be able to train it at the trainer.

    There also will be some new battle values, that also affect the arena and expedition fights:


    • heal value that you can heal in a dungeon
    • this value only affects dungeon battles
    • increase with intelligence

    better healing valuation

    • chance to double the healing valuation while healing
    • only at dungeons
    • increase with intelligence

    critical hits

    • chance to hit someone with double damage
    • increase with skill

    hardening value

    • this value lows the opponents chance to double hit
    • increase with agility

    block value

    • chance to block a players hit
    • increase with strength

    6. New highscore

    • For killing monsters at dungeons the player gets fame.
    • So there will be a new fame-highscore.
    • There will be also a highscore for every dungeon, where is listed who made most damage, best healing etc.
    • There also will be an all-time list and a list for the last seven days.

    7. New areas (maps)

    • There will be two new areas: Germania and Africa
    • To travel to these areas you have to go to the hermit and pay some gold.
    • But you have to complete a dungeon, before you can travel.
    • At these new areas the merchant has new items and there will be also new quests and dungeons.

    8. General goods: will sell on the first page shoes and gloves, at the second page only food

    9. Alchemist: will sell on the first page the usual stuff, at the second rings and necklaces


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v0.5 - April 2009

    • CHANGED: The tab "Notes" in the overview got moved to the top of the page under the link "Profile".
    • ADDED: New tab for "achievements" in the overview. With the help of this tab you get to the overview of the achievements.
    • CHANGED: The menu item "Stable" got changed to "Work". The player is now able to choose between several different jobs including 2 premium jobs that cost rubies. The job of the "Muckboy" is still available. You will get less Gold for the other jobs but you will get an item as reward additionally. The Premiumjobs just differ in the possible work durations and wages.
    • CHANGED: The menu item "Guild" got adapted completely, more details can be seen below
    • ADDED: Guild Quarter: Every guild gets an own district in town with a new guild quarter overview. At the beginning every guild has a main building, a bath house, a library and a bank.
    • ADDED: Guild Bank: Here the members can donate gold to the guild. Moreover the guild bank secures a part of the gold of the guild in case of a defeat in a guild war.
    • ADDED: Bath House: Increases the regeneration rate for the guild members. Here you are able to send guild messages as well.
    • ADDED: Library: Here you can store and activate recipes.
    • ADDED: Hall of Warlord: There is the possibility to fight other guilds. Here you can see the combat reports of the guild members.
    • ADDED: Guild market: It is working like the normal market but only the guild members can use it.
    • ADDED: Storehouse: Here guild members can store items.
    • ADDED: Negotium X: A prison for dungeon bosses, other guild members can use this to fight a prisoner for testing.
    • ADDED: Phanteon: Gives members the possibility to pray.
    • ADDED: Training Ground: Reduces the costs of the training for all guild members.
    • ADDED: Villa Medici: The guild gets a doctor that heals the members.
    • ADDED: Circus Omnipotens: A new tab in the arena. The gladiator who gets the most wins in a row without getting below 25 Lifepoints will be on the top.
    • ADDED: Circus Turma: A new tab in the arena and a new league. In this league players can fight together with their mercenaries.
    • ADDED: New eatable items. You may combine different eatable items. With doing that you will receive better items (for example you can combine cheese and bread to some kind of cheese sandwich).
    • ADDED: 7 Days Highscore. An additional highscore that displays the values of the last 7 days only.
    • CHANGED: The display of the number of losses in the highscore got replaced with the number of achievement points.
    • CHANGED: Packages will get deleted after 7 days and the value will get credited in gold.
    • CHANGED: You can get up to 3 missions in the tavern at the same time.
    • FIXED: Clicking on the Highscore does not take you to your own rank.
    • FIXED: It doesn't get displayed if the healer dies in a dungeon combat by hurting himself.
    • FIXED: If you donate 1 gold to the guild, the gold gets substracted but the guild doesn't get it.
    • FIXED: A player gets a message but can't answer it.
    • FIXED: By changing the leader of the guild another gladiator gets picked by random.
    • FIXED: Combat reports don't get displayed.
    • FIXED: Chinese characters don't get displayed at the character description.
    • FIXED: A looted item of a player gets displayed several times in the Dungeon Highscore.
    • FIXED: The text "Array" is standing next to a player name in the Familia.
    • FIXED: Sorting by player names in the market displays all names with capital letters before names with lower case letters.
    • CHANGED: All items that get equipped by a player or a mercenary will become soulbound. Soulbound items can only get sold to the traider.
    • FIXED: Some other display and security problems.
    • ADDED/CHANGED: The auction house got split up into two auction houses. The first auction house offers items that are specialized for the normal arena fights and the second one offers items that are needed in dungeon fights or in the Circus Turma.

    v0.51 (Bugfixes) - June 2009

    • The following bugs have been fixed:
    • weapons with negative damage
    • sponge costs 10 rubies if you buy it back
    • display bug in the market with value and price
    • guild overview doesn't get displayed sometimes
    • bashing protection in circus turma doesn't work correctly sometimes
    • bugs in guild combats
    • members of the guild can't start a guild war although they got the rights to do it
    • bugs in combats against dungeon bosses
    • several attacks in the same second
    • problem with the seal of consulate
    • problem with negative experience
    • bug with combining food
    • problem with heal in the Villa Medici during an expedition
    • wrong awarding of successes
    • reinforcements on items might disappear after the item got sold in the market.
    • dungeon point gets substracted even if there was no fight
    • display bug in the tool tip of blue (or higher) reinforcement
    • rest bonus got adapted
    • wrong colours in combat reports
    • mercenaries could not be stored in the warehouse

    v0.52 - July 2009

    • CHANGED: change in the expeditions - the combat will be instant and afterwards you will have to wait to be able to start the next expedition (similar to the arena fights) - that means you will be able to do other things while waiting for the next expedition - this change will also solve several bugs of the old system
    • CHANGED: players under 25 life points are attackable now
    • CHANGED: all members of a guild are allowed to donate gold at the guild bank
    • FIXED: bug with rest bonus (reset of rest bonus is required)
    • FIXED: wrong application gets approved or rejected
    • FIXED: online status of ex guild members in guild donation list
    • FIXED: several problems with the Villa Medici
    • FIXED: several Problems with the warehouse
    • FIXED: problem with bashing protection(now you get a warning when you want to attack somebody 6th time)
    • FIXED: bug in rebuy of sponges
    • FIXED: defeating rank 1 one the arena without getting the jackpot
    • FIXED: problems with soul bound items
    • FIXED: missing names and images in a combat report
    • FIXED: enemies on expeditions are not equiped
    • FIXED: problem with "Circle of Buddies" successes
    • FIXED: problem with "Cancel mission" successes
    • FIXED: errors in calculations of success points
    • FIXED: missing notice of not having enough life
    • FIXED: wrong notice of not having enough life in the arena
    • FIXED: display error after using a temporary upgrade
    • FIXED: display problem with long guild names
    • FIXED: gained and lost gold in the Circus Turma doesn't get included in the gold statistics
    • FIXED: display error: value and price in the dungeon highscore swapped
    • FIXED: wrong tool tip for gold packages from the guild market
    • FIXED: several display errors with the Internet Explorer
    • FIXED: other small bugs

    v0.52a - August 2009

    • CHANGED: Layout of player statistics got changed.
    • CHANGED: Code of the tickers/counters got adapted (the duration of the centurio gets displayed as a ticker if there are less than 24 hours left).
    • CHANGED: Premium successes don't get displayed under the last 10 successes anymore.
    • CHANGED: Going on expedition without having expedition points will cause a cooldown of 10 minutes again instead of 5 minutes.
    • FIXED: Quest items get accepted by wrong person.
    • FIXED: Recruitment of new players (with the recruit link) doesn't show the correct nicks.
    • FIXED: Wrong image in guild building preview.
    • FIXED: Rest bonus still didn't work correctly.
    • FIXED: Some bugs with the new expedition system.
    • FIXED: Player stays in the old league of the Circus Omnipotens after levelup
    • FIXED: High level items in the auction house get generated correctly now.
    • FIXED: Small rounding error for the lowest price in auction house (sometimes you had to use the lowest price + 1).
    • FIXED: Bug that caused a too short quest cooldown (15 minutes instead of 3

    v0.52e - October 2009

    [Changed]: - New network bar on start-page

    [Added]: Functions of the MMOGame-Portal connection:

    • - Live update after Login and every hour of activity
    • - Character information like achievements are shown now

    v0.53 - November 2009


    • -Statistics (+7d)
    • -Display errors in the Header in some countries (Highscore, rubies, ranking)
    • -Display errors in the normal and guild market in some countries
    • -Display error in right-to-left versions (e.g. ae, il..) in achievements
    • -The pact “Blessing from Ceres” is actually increasing the regeneration of life points by 50 % now, not by 150 % anymore.
    • -display error in circus turma fo IE 7
    • -Achievement “Dungeons successfully completed” is now correctly counting (Attention: only dungeons out of town are counted)
    • -After praying you wont get redirected to the pantheon when clicking on the arena or any expedition
    • -Dungeons (outside the town) that are assigned by the Guards, appear now in the highscore AND the achievements when successfully accomplished.
    • -long usernames dont destroy the layout of the War Master Hall and the friend list anymore
    • -wrong percentages in the tooltips of items are shown correctly now
    • -Blue items don´t have a lower minimum price in the auction house than the normal selling price anymore.
    • -actualization of honour in the guild data
    • -tooltip of the maximum bonus through items
    • -Pact “Blessing from Ceres” shows correct values in the jewellery and the overview
    • -Reinforcements can be replaced by stronger reinforcements of the same kind (e.g.agility) and type (e.g. flacons) .
    • Stronger reinforcements have a higher item level.
    • -Errors in overview of guild donations
    • -healing values are in the statistics again
    • -all guild members with the specific rights can free bosses from the Negotium X
    • -guild members with the specific rights are able to delete messages in the bathhouse
    • -recipes can only be deleted if you have the specific rights
    • -Bashing protection in the Circus Turma (was still broken for some countries)
    • -7 days dungeon statistics adapted
    • -optional profile fields are saved again
    • Changed/Fixed
    • -Guilds have a War Master Hall from the beginning on now, so there will be no blackscreens anymore when they are attacked


    • -display of fields in guild- and normal market ( before some ugly errors appeared)
    • -guild ranks are not shown anymore in the member list (if not logged in), only the Master is marked as such
    • -In battle reports the last “lethal” hit on a dungeon opponent is counting only the effective damage now, e.g. opponent has 100 HP left, player makes 120 damage, but 99 damage will be counted and shown. At 1 HP the opponent is counted as “dead”.
    • -dungeon statistics reset: max damage,heal ; average damage and heal

    v0.54 - Dec 2009

    • FIXED correct boni with items from beginners-tutorial
    • FIXED mail: useless filters removed
    • FIXED correct achievement-counts when buying expeditions with rubies
    • FIXED several bugs from 0.53 (e.g. wrong honour of guilds shown)

    v0.55 - Dec 2009

    • FIXED Honor was higher in profile than in achievements
    • CHANGED With sign-up and logout, player will be forwarded to mmogame-portal (where available)
    • FIXED Honour correct in guild-mail-menu
    • FIXED with new accounts, level in the achievements is same as in profile
    • FIXED God doesn't count twice in the achievements with market-sells
    • FIXED When searching over Highscore player or guilds, in the result, player and guild-honour is correct
    • CHANGED Highscore will be refreshed every 2 minutes
    • FIXED with sign-up, the right link will be sent in email

    v0.56 - 18.12.2009

    • FIXED The censored pictures will only be shown in the countries where its activated (e.g. female versions wear more clothes)
    • FIXED The dungeon quest "Chuanita" will only be available in Italy (as its supposed to be)
    • FIXED The highscore shows the correct highscore rank
    • FIXED You get the right award for the tutorial ( concerns countries with a starter tutorial e.g. DE)

    v0.57 - 27.01.2010

    • FIXED coloured items have now the correct calculation of the skills
    • FIXED recalculation of the average guild-honour
    • FIXED when first hit in turma/dungeon was blocked, second hit was always 0
    • FIXED inactive players are no longer in 7-day-highscore (may take 7 days till it's o.k.)
    • FIXED guild-master and guild admin are shown again in foreign guilds
    • FIXED correct calculation of regeneration-points
    • FIXED the gold form guild-markets-sells have been counted twice in the achievements
    • FIXED some player weren't able to login and couldn't request their password
    • FIXED link fixed on the sign-up tab on the login page
    • FIXED lags and performance problems have been reduced (appeared in .EE for example)
    • FIXED .us = bash-limits in turma and arena have been fixed (time-zone problem)
    • FIXED all guard-quests available again

    v058 - 16.03.2010

    • CHANGE: The payment options will appear in a pop-up (overlay). The content of the pop-up is the same like before.

    v0.59 - 07.04.2010

    • FIXED Layout in the guild-master-warhall was misplaced
    • CHANGED in the guild-master-warhall the winner in the guild-war-reports is shown with a thumb-up
    • FIXED guild-war-reports can still be seen when guild has been deleted
    • CHANGED layout when trying to look a too old combat-report
    • FIXED layout when trying to look a too old guild-war-report
    • FIXED display-error of the percentage in tool-tip from blue and purple items
    • FIXED honour doesn't change anymore while looking foreign achievements
    • FIXED display error in player profile
    • ADDED: content of guild-war-reports will be deleted after 30 days
    • FIXED a lot of special moves of the dungeon bosses and loca-text . More difficult to kill a dungeon-boss now.
    • FIXED special move "healing" works again
    • FIXED Voodoo-temple: lev 30 boss Themba name in combat report
    • FIXED guilds without members will be deleted
    • FIXED time-zone error in arena in USA
    • FIXED some players didn't have an email address in the database, because of an older bug. These players have to validate the account again
    • FIXED the charisma-skill was considered 1% less
    • FIXED no more low-level Dungeon-Drops
    • FIXED the honour of recruited players is shown in the statistics
    • FIXED mercenaries have also a blue and violet bonus


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v0.6 - 17.05.2010

    • CHANGED Internal code changed to UTF-8
    • CHANGED When changing items from bags to mercenaries or vice versa, very seldom items could have been disappeared. Routine was optimized.
    • FIXED Damagecap from 0-0 to 0-2 fixed.
    • FIXED Picture of war-elephant is now correctly shown.
    • FIXED Name filter of the auction-house and market fixed
    • CHANGED Achievements, which count every 5 minutes, like social-use overview, look at profiles, be the centre of attention, observe inbox, were changed, so that the third level will be reached with 25.000 and the fourth with 50.000
    • FIXED broken word-wrap in guild-mails fixed
    • CHANGED Possessions in the statistics of the players can only be viewed by themselves.
    • CHANGED Onlinestatus of guild-members will not be N/A anymore, it was replaced by a minus.
    • FIXED Ingame messages with special characters could have been empty. After changing to UTF-8, it should be ok. Maybe browser will cause some troubles with some special characters.
    • FIXED Max-skill-value of mercenaries (5 missing) fixed.
    • FIXED After deleting a guild, the guild-combat-reports caused a black-screen. defender will be able to see the combat-report even if guild has been deleted
    • FIXED Leaving-guild-messages will not be send to players without a guild anymore.
    • FIXED Prayers will be automatically cancelled when leaving a guild. Text for cancelling prayers was optimized.
    • FIXED Also special characters can be used in mail-folders. Names which are too long will get shortened.
    • FIXED "buying expeditions" was abused by heavily usage. Now price will raise. maximum will be 10 rubies after the 16th buy. 24h after the first usage, it will be reset.
    • FIXED Premiumuser, which had only one expedition-point left, couldn't examine areas. Now fixed.
    • FIXED The reset of the bash-protection is now always at 0.00 local time-zone. (Only important for .US)


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v0.80 - 03.08.2010

    • FIXED if a quest is open to kill certain mobs/monsters, but they are out of your level range (e.g.Harpies in Italy LvL 1-40), it wasn't possible to finish that quest. This was fixed and mobs spawn even if you are out of the level range till the quest is finished.
    • FIXED the overview of a mercenary showed the skills of the main character when upgrading an item in the backpack.
    • FIXED In some countries the message for the 6th attack in the Circus Turma wasnt shown
    • FIXED display-error in the Char-stats fixed (+1Pixel for Taiwan).
    • FIXED you cannot kick yourself out of a guild anymore
    • ADDED direct cooldown (23h) in war-master hall when founding a guild.
    • FIXED the text „questitem“ in the tooltipis is now also shown in the combat reports.
    • FIXED "non marked" mails will be deleted properly.
    • FIXED problem with quest-item level fixed (e.g. gold-symbol Level 9 instead of level1).
    • CHANGED: guild-war routine was optimized, now it needs less capacity/ storage and is working quicker.
    • CHANGED: Drag and Drop from gold was secured, there was a possibility to double the amount.
    • FIXED own mercenaries over the maximum level are not displayed in red anymore in the guild warehouse.
    • CHANGED / FIXED: when tutorial is active, the tutorial-window is not empty anymore when validating the email.
    • FIXED „report“-link in guild-application wasn't translated.
    • FIXED min. damage from recipes is no correct when player has minus-damage.
    • FIXED renaming mercenaries should be working now, there was a problem which blocked the renaming and changing tasks. Additionally it is possible to delete the mercenary-name (button added).
    • FIXED it could happen that the first mercenary was "soul-bounded"
    • FIXED recipe had been deleted when adding the same kind of recipe (Level, Type)
    • CHANGED: player-names are not case-sensitive anymore when writing a message.
    • FIXED player-rank in the new guild won't be shown anymore in the bathhouse, it has been replaced by „former member“
    • FIXED Circus Omnipotens - jackpot will be sold out to the right person. When the number of kills is equal, time is the criteria.
    • FIXED wrong line break of the quest title when handing in the wanted item
    • FIXED skill-bar in combat reports has now the correct length
    • FIXED presence in dungeon-reports is now exact 50% of healing.
    • FIXED when founding a guild with one person, the honour was 0 till a second member joined.
    • FIXED renaming folder with the name "0" is now correct, styles of the action-messages when deleting, moving etc messages changed.
    • CHANGED: new code-structure of overview, work, jeweller and training.
    • CHANGED: in combat-reports the reward is now on the top.
    • FIXED in the tavern, the tooltips of the rewards don't cause errors anymore when having the same value.
    • FIXED security issue with guild masters fixed.


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v9.0 - 31.08.2010

    • Fixed: minor errors in the drag&drop system
    • Fixed: further restructuring of the code
    • Added: News area ingame
    • Added: Shortening of waiting time in tavern is possible now
    • Added: medals for avatar changes (silver / gold)
    • Added: new symbols for messages and packages (direct link)

    v0.10.0 - 05.10.2010

    • ADDED Confirmation pop-up for deleting packages
    • ADDED Confirmation pop-up for deleting recipes
    • FIXED Mercenary pre-/suffixes are not shown anymore in the storehouse logs
    • ADDED The reason for the rejection of a guild application can be reported
    • ADDED Support info is shown below the ban reason
    • ADDED Cooldown of 24h after leaving the Circus Turma
    • FIXED When working is finished you get redirected to the stables again
    • ADDED Link to the data protection agreement added to the footer
    • CHANGED Layout of footer was changed to prevent display errors in some countries
    • ADDED BBCode editor for guild – and profile descriptions
    • FIXED Medals are now shown correctly in the level range 20-29 (only affected Venus + Vulcanus)
    • ADDED Package navigation added / changed (jump to last page)
    • ADDED Server time displayed in the menu
    • FIXED Minimum bid is calculated correctly for low prices
    • FIXED Online status shown in a clearer green
    • FIXED Guild description is also saved directly after creating a guild
    • FIXED Correct values are shown in the tooltip of the blessing of Ceres
    • FIXED The item level of recipes outside of your level range is now shown in red (storehouse)
    • CHANGED Layout of rights administration in guilds is displayed correctly now

    v0.11.1 - 20.01.2011


    Some old Centurio features available for all: highlighting of guild members, ignore function for ingame mails, folders +filters, bigger Familia (10 to 20)

    New features added:

    - Per activation half a day wages of a stable boy to player and the guild bank.

    - 100% health potion (soulbound)

    - 3% discount for building upgrades for each centurio member in the guild (max. discount 30%)


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v1.1.0 - 15.03.2011


    •· Praying and fighting in dungeons at the same time is not possible anymore.

    •· After 14 days of inactivity you will receive a reminder mail.

    •· The block mechanism has been changed in the whole game, only half the damage is being absorbed now.

    •· The formula for regenerating HP has been changed, constitution has a bigger influence now.

    •· The rest bonus mechanism has been weakend, it only starts to build up after 24 hours of inactivity (3 hours before)

    •· The experience points needed for a player to level up were adapted for players with Level 114 and above.

    •· The chance to block a hit, make a critical hit and to crit. heal is limited to 50% now.

    •· The chance to avoid a critical hit is now limited to 25%.

    •· Formula for resilience, block and critical heal has been changed.

    •. Dungeons and expedtions points are generated the same way (1point in 2 hours)

    Game World / Travelling

    •· The requirements for travelling have been changed, it is now depending on the level of the gladiator.

    •· Areas and dungeons also have a level limit now.

    •· The areas Italy, Africa and Germania have been re-arranged.

    Messages / Reports

    •· Some more filters for the messages have been added (level-up, work, item sold, price-gold, praying, new victories, player messages, guild messages, auction house, buddy requests)

    •· Number of folders raised from 5 to 9

    •· New area for battle reports added.

    •· Battle reports are not sent via ingame messages anymore (except guild battle reports)

    •· The gained experience as defender in the arena is now shown in the battle report.

    •· Honour is shown as reward in the battle report.

    •· Draws are marked in orange in the battle report now

    •· The gold reward is always on top of the battle report now

    •· Font color in the overview of arena and CT reports unitized

    •· The order of the battle report entries for absorption of normal and critical hits has been adapted. The absorbed damage is listed first now, then the damage that did go through.

    •· The time of the arena and CT fights in the overview includes seconds again.

    •· The amount of gold and rubies has now separators in it again (e.g. 1.000.000)

    •· "Browse“ function added in the battle reports; you can now switch to the previous / next one directly in the report.


    •· The user defined mercenary names stay in the tooltip now

    •· The sale of items is not anymore bound to a specific merchant, you can sell everything everywhere now.

    •· Mercenary names dont disappear anymore when selling them to a merchant.

    •· In the tooltip of food the intelligence bonus is now included in the amount of total healing points.

    •· Weapons receive double the amount of damage bonus from pre- and suffixes.

    •· New pre- and suffixes have been implemented in all level ranges.

    •· Some „useless“ pre- and suffixes have been taken out of the game and won’t be offered anymore in the auction house or merchants. All existing items in your accounts will stay there.

    •· The damage and armour values have been revised; through this change the health points should regain importance in the higher levels again

    •· The values of the mercenaries have been adopted according to their type

    •· The minus heath points have been removed from all items.

    •· The formula for the health points of food was changed; intelligence has a greater influence now. The price of food was reduced with this change.

    •· The effect of the different qualities (blue, purple) have been slightly changed.

    •· Food combinations get double the intelligence bonus.

    •· The cake gets a 1.5x intelligence bonus.


    •The game interface and startpage were completely redesigned.

    •The following informations were added to the top bar of the game interface:

    - Expedition points

    - Dungeon points

    - Circus Turma ranking

    - Waiting time for expeditions

    - Waiting time for dungeons

    - Waiting time for arena fights

    - Quicklink to the area in which you did your last expedition.

    - Quicklink to the dungeon where you made your last dungeon fight.

    - Quicklink to the arena

    •An extra button for battle reports has been added to the top bar. You also see the number of new packages, messages and battle reports now.

    •There are 3 downloadable wallpapers in different solutions on the startpage now

    •Several entry fields (e.g.notes, messages) have been enlarged.

    •The length of your text is shown while typing; added to notes, guild and normal messages.

    •The majority of popup windows got new graphics.

    •A description of the effects of attributes has been added to the tooltip.


    •New questsystem added with different quest types

    •"Quests" is replacing the old tavern.


    •The calculations of the gold loot in the arena was adjusted to the experience points

    •The damage absorbed by the armor is now visible In the arena battle report

    •There is now an additional Circus Turma attack button next to the normal arena button. If you or the enemy player is not in the Circus Turma the button is greyed out


    •The expedition system was completely revised

    •Regardless if you are Centurio or not the expedition costs are now 1 expedition point

    •Centurios still get 1 expedition point every hour - non-Centurios have to wait 2 hours in order to get one expedition point

    •You now have the chance for item drops with the quality level Jupiter (orange) when beating the boss of an area.


    •There are two new dungeons in the green forest of Germania; difficulty normal and advanced.

    •Instead of being able to choose from 3 difficulty levels for a dungeon there is at least 1 difficulty level for the normal dungeons and an additional one for advanced players (in the new dungeons).

    •Certain click areas of dungeons were optimized

    •Dungeons can now be canceled and by that be restarted

    •The difficulty level of the Grimwood dungeon (level 10) was decreased to make the fighting with the mercenaries more accessible

    •Mercenaries that are healers won’t get a presence bonus from your charsima

    •The healing caused by presence was reduced drastically

    •Special attack ‘negative attack’ ends after n-round and not after n-use


    •Some achievements and their groups that aren’t needed anymore after the updates were removed


    •The deletion of a guild will happen one week after the guild master hat initiated the deletion.

    •A direct deletion of a guild is still possible when a guild master kicks every member and then leaves it as the last one.

    •When a guild master leaves the the guild while other members are still in the guild the new guild master will be chosen by the following order:

    - Active*, not banned admin with highest honor amount

    - Active*, not banned member with highest honor amount

    - Inactive, not banned admin with highest honor amount

    - Inactive, not banned member with highest honor amount

    - After that the same the same manner will be used for the banned members

    *Active = online in the last 35 days

    •An even upgrade number of the guild warehouse prevented the rights from being updated - now fixed

    •The guild deletion function was moved to the guild administration page

    •Guild members with admin rights can’t demote the guild master anymore

    •Various HTML-code bugs of Vox Logus broke the layout - now fixed

    •Added a error message when applying with no text

    •Too long guild names and guild homepages are now being wrapped in the guild overview


    •3 pacts have now new effects - the old ones weren’t applicable anymore:

    - “Blessing of Mercury” doubles expedition boni

    - “Secret knowledge of the beast master” increases the learning chance of the expedition boni by 5%

    - “Secret knowledge of the artefact collector” increases the drop chance for items on expedition and dungeons by 15%

    •The bonus from the “Secret knowledge of the ancients” from the defender will be shown when the defender wins

    •Added the description of the Centurio dungeon features.

    Important Note :

    - Statistics for generated dungeons will be deleted since they are not anymore in the game.

    - Quest items will be deleted since quests don't ask for specific items anymore.

    - Already started dungeons will be resetted.

    - Dungeon points will be reset.

    - "Rest bonus" will be reset.

    - travelling time will be reduced to 0.5 hours (normally 3 hours).

    - All battle reports will be deleted

    - Ingame messages will be deleted


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v1.2.0 - 05.04.2011


    • A link to your profile was added on the overview (below your character), so you can easier show your friends your profile.
    • The duration of auctions was shortened to 3-5 hours (before 5-8 hours)


    • Training is now also available during work.
    • Limitation for training added (5 x own level (but minimum 200) = maximum base)
    • In some lower levels you didn't get experience points for some durations of working; now there is a certain chance to get experience points.

    Messages / Reports

    • Dropped rubies are now shown in the battle reports.


    • Popup for level ups was added.
    • The menu point "Tasks" is now highlighted when you completed a task. -> "Tasks (x)" will be shown for the amount X of completed tasks.
    • Popups added for the important level ups (Level 2, Level 10 und Level 25), which explain the new available functions (Arena, Dungeons/Circus Turma, travelling to Africa).


    • A higher chance for food rewards on tasks was added .
    • Some issues with non-completable tasks fixed.
    • The tasks didn't always refresh after travelling to another country, this is fixed now.


    • When winning an arena or circus turma fight (within the gold / XP range), you will receive a "victory reward".
    • From now on you also receive experience points in the Circus Turma (with the same calculation as in the arena).
    • A chance for experience points was added to the hourly arena pot reward.


    • The regeneration of expedition points was changed:
      - Centurio players get a point every 45 minutes now (before 60 min.)
      - Non-Centurio players get a point every 90 minutes (before 120 min.)
    • The waiting time for expeditions is now related to the level in the level range 1-7. At level 1 you have a 15 second waiting time, level 2 = 30 seconds,..., at level 7 it is back to the normal 10 minutes again. This is meant as a starting help for new players.
    • When leveling up, all expeditions points are refilled.


    • The regeneration of dungeon points was changed:
      - Centurio players get a point every 60 minutes now (also 60 min.)
      - Non-Centurio players get a point every 90 minutes (before 120 min.)
    • When leveling up, all dungeon points are refilled.


    • The menu point "Jeweller" was renamed to "Premium".
    • The centurio can be found on an extra page.
    • „Secret knowledge of the ancients“ was completely changed: when activated, the waiting time at the tasks is shortened by 50%, and ruby costs for shortening the waiting time was lowered to 1



    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v1.3.0 - 21.06.2011


    * In battle reports the values of the gladiators are on the same line now for better comparison.

    * An error with browsing through Circus Turma reports was fixed.

    Auction house / Market

    * The nick of a bidder is no longer displayed in the auction house. This is to prevent revenge attacks due to overbidding. Own guild and familia members are excluded from this rule and will still be displayed.

    * A confirmation popup was added for immediate purchases at the auction house.


    * You receive an additional bag now when you reach level 20. (non-centurio 4 bags / centurio 5 bags).

    Arena / CT:

    * Circus Turma and the arena have been divided completely. This means they have their own cooldown and 1 hour protection. The entry of the CT is still voluntary.

    * The system generated “victory reward” in the Circus Turma is now depending on the number of “killed” opponents and the number of “survivors” in your own group. The better the result is, the more gold you will receive. So if you kill all opponents, but all your mercenaries survive, you get the best possible victory reward. The rounds need to be adapted to this change.

    * The behaviour of “direct attention to oneself” mercenaries was adapted, they dont attack the healer right away anymore.

    * In the arena you receive honour and in the Circus Turma you will receive fame.

    * The description of the Circus Omnipotens was changed to a more detailed explanation.


    * Tooltips for the comparison of equipped items are now also working in the bags. In this way you can compare easily your equipped items with the ones in your bagpack.

    * Tooltips were added to the areas which show the required level to enter the area.

    The header of the interface was rearranged:

    * Health points and experience is now shown (with tooltip as known from the overview)

    * Honour and fame are now shown in the tooltip of the ranking symbol.

    * The arena and Circus Turma have their own cooldown bar now since they are separated.

    * Quicklinks are also working when the cooldown is still running.

    * As soon as all expedition / dungeon points are used, the cooldown bar shows the time until a new exp. / dungeon point is generated.


    * A new dungeon was added at the “Pirate Harbour” (Italy): normal lvl 15 / advanced lvl78

    * A new dungeon was added at the “Lost harbour” (Africa): normal lvl 45 / advanced lvl100

    Achievements / Victories

    * The layout of the victories was slightly changed.

    v1.13.0_pll5 - 15.10.2013

    • It just contains 2 small fixes for the merger:
    • A needless scroll bar was removed from the event display
    • It is possible to attack players with “#” in their nick names again, without getting logged out

    v1.13.0_pl6 - 23.10.2010


    • New T&C Link
    • Chat will be reactivated

    v1.13.0_pl7 - 07.11.2013


    • [Merge] Multi accounts can be in ONE guild but they may not trade items over the guild inventory


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v1.14.0

    • event Big Saturnalia has been installed


    • Technical adjustments of the back-end for the payment, no visible or noticeable changes.

    v1.14.2_pl1 - 06.03.2014

    • Bugfix: Multi accounts couldn’t get linked with Internet Explorer after the merger happened.

    v1.14.2_pl2 - 18.03.2014

    • [Bugs] [merging]Accounts in multi can pass items in Guild's market
    • [Bugs] [merging] V1.14.2 attack in arena not possible by writing the name
    • [Bugs] New players are unable to train after the Reconstruction event

    v1.14.3 - 28.03.2014

    • Preparations for the Easter event
    • Payment changes in the backend
    • One can no longer wear an additional costume with an event costume

    v1.14.3_pl3 - 25.04.2014

    Bug fixes:

    • Tooltips for cross server player tasks fixed
    • Hair of female chars for the Easter event costume fixed
    • Event costume wasn't shown on overview on the second place


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v1.15.0 - 26.06.2014

    • Fix: Experience was showing "100%" too early
    • Fix: Event costumes are delivered correctly now
    • Change: New button style in the shop and all overlays
    • New: A new event system which allows us to create several buff events, e. g. more experience in expeditions, less cooldown time for the arena and many more

    v1.15.1 07.08.2014

    • Feature: A new happy hour system which is not activated right away
    • Feature: Market price suggestion is calculated of the value instead of the shop price
    • Fix: Some backend improvements for the event locations
    • Fix: Payment while travelling works now

    v1.15.3 - 06.10.2014

    • Server events like Hadrians wall, Streets of Rome/revenge of the death adapted to the new event system
    • For Server events you need now event points instead of expedition points
    • Expedition bonuses are now available on server events as well
    • The winner buffs were transferred to the new buff system
    • Server events happen now at the location where they are set, so the event "The streets of rome" will only be available in italy
    • Level restrictions of travels lifted to make events also available
    • to low-level players (Expeditions still are bound to the required level)
    • Some changes on the merchants
    • Shops will not be renewed anymore due to travelling
    • Each country has now it's own merchants
    • Bugfix on Item generator, which caused Items without pre- and suffixes
    • changed some more Buttons to the new Button layout

    v1.15.3_pl4 - 28.10.2014

    • Bugfix costume festival: The event news popped up twice

    v1.16.0 - 10.12.2014

    • Winter event bugs were fixed
    • Snowballs were added to the winter event
    • The winter event is now running with the new event point system (like on the Wild Farm)
    • Important: The snowball buffs will not be weaker than the Saturn's Winter Garment buffs


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v2.0.0 - 19.02.2015

    Available now in Gladiatus: forge your own equipment!

    The forge will open its gates on the 19th of February, and will offer you a whole new play experience.

    From then on you can make your own equipment.

    What's new?

    wysiwyg image

    Gather resources:

    You can now find loads of new forging goods on expeditions.

    wysiwyg image

    Trade scrolls:

    Earn the treasured scrolls and learn the arts of forging with them.

    wysiwyg image

    Melt down old scrap:

    Is your old equipment worthless? Melt it down and build something better from its parts.

    wysiwyg image

    Create something new:

    No matter if rings or an epic trident - the forge lets you produce it all yourself.

    New NPCs:

    The Forge:

    In the Forge you can create your own equipment. You can forge all of the equipment items to be found in the game with the scrolls you find on your adventures. Simply collect the necessary resources, add optional tools to make the forging easier, and away you go!

    The Smelter:

    In the Smelter you can melt down your equipment to earn resources. Simply select the item you no longer need and melt it down into its constituent parts. Of course the smelting process is not without its costs, and you will never recover all of the resources which were invested in an item.


    At Malefica you can buy Tools to simplify your forging - e.g. the Anvil of Calibre: When you buy and use it, the Anvil increases the chance of a higher quality item.

    Ingame you will find a detailed tutorial for the new system, and if you have more questions, check out our Q&A or simply ask!

    v2.0.0_pl2 - 26.02.2015

    • deleting packages -> security question before deleting them
    • selling option for packages removed
    • smithy and smeltry only accept correct items

    v2.0.0_pl3 - 27.02.2016

    • Malefica works again
    • Resources are sellable again

    v2.0.1 - 31.03.2015

    • New forged items showed the wrong quality
    • Vulcanus costume affects smithery/smelting packages as well now
    • Search function in the packages
    • Red items will be a bit nerfed. They are available in game right now, and are too strong.
    • Golden bunnies will be dropped on the Wild Farm
    • New inventory system
    • Smelting can be cancelled now, the item won't be lost
    • Dismissed tutorial window disappears now without a page reload
    • Dynamic tabs were improved
    • Resources, Scrolls and Crafting Tools were deleted from the auction house drop-down
    • The last dice game was a bit bugged, and some players were stuck on the dice page -> fixed
    • After using a green Easter egg, drop & drag was bugged -> fixed
    • Using of a red egg visualised (Ruby)

    New inventory system

    • Each page will have 5 lines instead of 4
    • Centurion will not give anymore 1 inventory page
    • 4 more pages can be bought thanks rubies or magical bags
    • Already activated, additional bags from the Centurio will stay for the time they got activated

    v2.0.1_pl1 - 01.04.2015


    • Magus Hermeticus: After paying, the amount wasn't immediately visually taken off your depot
    • The page doesn't need a reload anymore after using consumables on a character
    • Selected bags didn't stay selected after using the search option in the packages
    • Search was reset when switching bags
    • After buying/extending a bag, players were redirected to the main view

    v2.0.1_pl2 - 23.04.2015

    • All packages add gold to your account now, when expiring
    • Package page doesn't forget the current search anymore
    • The guild's warehouse last line didn't work properly
    • Vacation mode didn't work properly
    • Affixes of resources were shown in the guild log
    • Round-off errors when deleting packages were fixed
    • The item category "Gold Packages" was added to the packages search option
    • Chosen inventory page/character doesn't change after changing the page
    • Guild lags resolved

    v2.0.1_pl3 - 15.06.2015


    • Event buffs had wrong run-time
    • Missing values in health bar in the header

    v2.0.1_pl4 - 29.06.2015

    • fixes and changes for the Hadrian's Wall event

    v2.0.1_pl5 - 30.06.2015

    • translation fixes

    v2.0.1_pl6 - 02.07.2015


    • Tabs on the inventory were not visible
    • Malefica items couldn't be used

    v2.0.1_pl7 - 13.07.2015

    • Changes in the Highscore List: Deleted users didn't vanish from the list and were shown on the respective place but with level one and the actual amount of honor.

    v2.0.1_pl8 - 20.07.2015

    • internal backend fixes

    v2.0.2 - 20.08.2015


    • More resources from smeltry
    • View of the hermit was fixed
    • Events again possible in all areas

    v2.0.2_pl1 - 07.09.2015

    • bug in the bonuses got fixed

    v2.0.2_pl2 - 24.09.2015

    • Costume cooldown bug fixed


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v2.1.0 Underworld - 28.04.2016

    • New soul bound system

      • Soul bound items can now be traded but not worn by others
      • Soul mirror: Releases items from soul binding
    • Half of the guild market costs go into the guild bank
    • Rematch button in guild wars
    • Travelling can be cancelled
    • Duration of guild membership is shown now
    • Familia-Members are now highlighted
    • Error-Screen for unexpected errors
    • Searching player names in the market
    • Quality bonus on food
    • Admin internal Vox Logus
    • Achievements are counted beyond the max value
    • New highlevel location (Level 100): The Underworld
    • New underworld costumes
    • New message system
    • Reworked battle system (double hit chance for both participants, correct hit and block calculations, reworked chance of critical chance)
    • Back button in War Master Hall report
    • Quality levels of drops reworked
    • Challenger are shown in the guild fight now
    • Away duration of Familia-Members is now shown
    • Guild praying for guild members in the Underworld
    • Scrolls now show the bonus they give
    • Items are now stackable
    • New drag & drop system
    • Reworked package site
    • Sorting order of the packages adjustable in the profile
    • Drops are now split: Primary, secondary, tertiary
    • In-game info if account is set for deletion
    • In-game info of failed logins since your last visit
    • New resources, Underworld exclusives
    • New prefixes and suffixes
    • Item durability
    • Workbench
    • New working option: Blacksmith


    • Resources all have level 1 now
    • "Jeweller" in headbar now named "Premium"
    • All flash components were removed from the home page


    • Logic of the food combinations reworked
    • Gender neutral victory announcements
    • Description of holy oils more detailed
    • Point regeneration buff of Centurio now starts with its activation
    • Tooltips of the packages didn't work properly in some languages (e. g. Italy)
    • Block chances are now correctly shown in the battle report
    • Reworked password recovery system
    • Some old error messages translated
    • Deletion of players and guilds properly fixed
    • Amount of guild members is now shown correctly
    • Performance optimisation



    • Underworld: Buttons and Settings in the Expeditions adjusted
    • Guild: Pray for the underworld tooltip
    • 0 Gold will not be shown in the donation log
    • Auto-Hide of messages deactivated
    • owner of items got changed by moving them within the guild storage - fixed
    • items of multi accounts cannot be taken out of the guild storage
    • Durability changes
    • Recipes of the same level can now be stacked
    • Drop of the DisPater costume fixed
    • Sorting of guild members by join date
    • avoid fights against underworld opponents by link manipulation
    • Magus Hermeticus fixed
    • Underworld: If you die at level "hard" you will be kicked out of the underworld
    • Underworld: balancing at level "hard" fixed

    v2.1.2 - 02.03..2016


    • Praying for the underworld didn't locked account from doing other things (like working for example)
    • Cancelling praying for the underworld cancelled guild buff as well
    • Pray Button improved (new Button version)
    • Soul mirror could be used on stacks
    • Travelling to the underworld without needed amount of gold

    v2.1.3 - 03.05.2016


    • Fixed server quests
    • Languages with RTL: fixed scrolling
    • Forged items were soulbound


    • Player could not see Ceres if session was wrong
    • cooldown buff of the DisPater costume (hard mode) fixed

    v2.1.4 - 09.05.2016


    • Rank administration in market and library fixed
    • Magus Hermeticus chance could get improved to 110%
    • Missing information while using an item (+ 1 day Centurio)
    • Dungeon bosses lost special abilities
    • Revenge Button removed from attacker guild
    • Underworld quests fixed/removed
    • IE Bugs in underworld fixed


    • Guild wars: Revenge attacks only possible for 24hours
    • Itemdrop from the dungeon bosses improved


    • Mobile compatibility improved
    • removed expedition points renew information in underworld
    • removed Dungeon points in underworld

    v2.1.4_pl1 - 10.05.2016

    • Fix forge recipe bug

    v2.1.4_pl2 - 12.05.2016


    • Forge Bugfixes
    • Fix Item search on package page

    v2.1.5_pl1- 18.05.2016


    • Workbench: Split up of durability and conditioning was unclear

    • Guild log: Amount of moved objects didn't show

    • Premium items: Tooltip didn't show quantity

    • Smithery: Stacks of resources behaved weird in some cases

    • Mercenaries: Tooltips were too big

    • Durability: Status of the CT influenced the behaviour in dungeons as well

    • Marked: Achievements were broken

    • Packages: Total value didn't update after reload

    • Guild: Revenge after guild battle limited to 7 days

    • Misc. backend fixes


    • Smithery: Parts of a stack can now be moved to a smithery slot

    • Packages: Settings don't stay hidden anymore

    • Durability: Percentages shown now


    Hotfix: there was a bug that resulted in a broken page display for some players (when a player was checking vendors shops)

    v2.1.6_pl1 - 24.05.2016


    • Rename non-premium work at the smithy
    • Durability in Magus Hermeticus preview fixed
    • Stop Button at Mysterybox had no function
    • Wrapping words in messages
    • NPC names were missing
    • Graphics missing in tooltips


    • positioning of tooltips improved
    • Collapsible boxes get loaded collapsed



    • Magus Hermeticus: wrong values in the preview
    • Workbench: store resources piece by piece

    v2.1.6_pl3 -27.03.2016


    • fixing the bug in bonuses in the Rhine event

    v2.1.7 - 07.06.2016


    • Improvements can be put on the Dungeon char again
    • access to guild market for non-members fixed (access revoked)
    • glow effect around item names fixed
    • Tooltip in Magus Hermeticus fixed
    • Several Database, PHP and JavaScript fixes


    • Some improvements on Underworld costume tooltips
    • Scrolling on mobile devices slightly improved
    • Guild temple: Percentage shown for praying for the underworld misplaced


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v2.2.0_pl3 - 16.06.2016


    • no more space after 50 characters
    • Guild Members could be sorted only twice
    • insert spaces in battle report list
    • Resource requirements for repairs changed sometimes
    • Forge: Misfortune message runs out of box
    • don't process stacks in workbench / melt
    • Backend fixes
    • Group battle report: Text for healing was sometimes different
    • Resources of different quality levels could be stacked and therefore changed the quality of the whole stack
    • Items/Resources could be purchased for resale value
    • delivered server quest title

    v2.2.0_pl4 - 17.06.2016


    • resources needed for forge/repair changed sometimes (fixed)
    • wrong amount of gold was deducted from the account while buying Premium Items

    v2.2.1_pl2 - 29.06.2016


    • Travels from underworld were done immediately
    • Guildlogs of non-existent guilds saved
    • sometimes items got changed after working as blacksmith
    • no more resource repayments in ongoing forging
    • sometimes DisPater costume could be worn without any time limit
    • sometimes DisPater costume vanished after the user activated it
    • Event and DisPater costumes considered and the costume cooldowns were correctly set now



    • Items from mercenaries vanished (fixed)
    • Event news fixed
    • preparation for server OS update
    • smithy showed wrong values
    • Runtime for holy oils in tooltips
    • changing position of underworld and event costumes (Event costumes will move below the underworld costume)
    • some background changes
    • shortening expedition times was not possible anymore
    • library and package page refreshed itself in loop
    • search broken
    • item values changed randomly
    • quality level didn't show effect if an item didn't had a suffix

    Due to the preparation of getting SSL Certificates (https) for Gladiatus as well, we have to change the URLs of the servers.

    The new URL pattern will read as follows:



    So far:

    After the update:

    This change will be done by the OS update of the servers.
    Before the OS update can be done servers will get the newest version of the game (v2.3.1_pl4).

    Please note that on the updated servers the in-game chat is disabled until further notice.


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v2.4.0_pl3 - 28.07.2016


    • DisPater costume sometimes vanished
    • Packages: sometimes empty boxes were kept there
    • chat will be activated again (SSL secured connection)
    • too many items were shown on other players' profiles
    • multi connections are possible again


    • Change to HTTPS
    • Inventory gets loaded by AJAX (without page refresh)
    • Moving items between inventory pages
    • Event-Items: already existing items (already in the inventory) will still work whenever you want to use them. New ones will be restricted to the respective Event. The old and the new items are NOT stackable!
    • No durability loss while on vacation mode
    • Summer event

    v2.4.1_pl1 - 29.07.2016

    • Performance improvement (some pages should load faster)
    • Graphics for summer event added
    • Some background changes for future improvements

    v2.4.1_pl2 - 29.07.2016

    • update fixing the problem with special characters and items

    v2.4.1_pl4 - 09.08.2016


    • Fix for female Gladiator costume graphics
    • To finish quests, the button had to be pressed twice/page had to be reloaded
    • Fix for server requests which led to problems on sell/buy stuff on merchants

    v2.4.2_pl3 - 17.08.2016


    • DisPater costume will affect Underworld- and event points
    • chat fix
    • bugged workbench fixed
    • Fixed issue with items sometimes vanishing while dragging them from/to inventory
    • name for Underworld points (former known as expedition points) changed

    v2.4.3 - 31.8.2016


    • DisPater costume didn't recharged expedition points under special circumstances
    • deleted players didn't get removed from arena pot
    • different mercenaries could be stacked
    • buff "Forge success" duration was not extendable
    • clean Smithy from empty/broken items and slots and fix of the bug

    v2.4.4 - 07.09.2016


    • Under special circumstances, the forge returned too many resources when stacks were used
    • Values at the beginning of forging will be kept until the creation is done (success buff for example)


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v2.5.0 - 14.09.2016


    • initial presence of healer was not 0
    • Saving of tutorial settings deleted game settings
    • selling resources stacks from packages user got less gold
    • timer fix (NaN:NaN:NaN)
    • permissions for guild rank "Member" can now be edited
    • Underworld level "Heavy": Player will get additional information and options if he died
    • Underworld boss: Notification of "defeated first" was not shown for each level
    • Daily login bonus was extended to several pages
    • e-mail address change will send a validation e-mail
    • Descriptions on top of pages can be minimized
    • Accounts with equal e-mails will be linked automatically
    • Level for red item drops decreased

    v2.5.1 - 22.09.2016


    • Durability problems in Circus Turma and Cross server fights fixed
    • Last package page issue fixed
    • Smeltery/Workbench: Weird behaviour while de-stacking items
    • Improved Drag&Drop didn't work after changing pockets
    • Wrong item values after moving them on mercenaries
    • Max. Favor and server speed adjusted
    • Improvement on moving stacks (press 'Shift' while moving a stack will temporarily activate "move whole stack" while 'Ctrl' will only move one piece of the stack)
    • Information pop-up blocked players if mail validation time has expired
    • Server quest locations blocked after fights
    • Awards for "Destroyer" are shown in Combat reports now
    • Adding new pre- and suffix up to level 240
    • Guild pray bonus added at the wrong time if timezone was different than CET (Central European Time)

    v2.5.2_pl2 - 28.09.2016


    • Detailed tooltips for Arena and Circus
    • DisPater costume can be activated directly after it got earned
    • Non-primary drops don't count on achievements anymore
    • New server clock
    • No empty bags in FF (firefox) anymore
    • No missing Smithy Tabs anymore (FF)
    • DisPater Costume (Level 3) counts also on Circus
    • Durability losses will only be shown if there are any
    • doubled or empty affixes fixed
    • New messages folder: "Sent messages"
    • No more durability loss for Mercenaries

    v2.5.2_pl3 - 28.09.2016


    • reCaptcha for registering new accounts has been removed

    v2.5.2_pl5 - 18.10.2016

    • fixing an issue with images in the upcoming Halloween event


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v2.6.0_pl1 - 20.10.2016


    • Revenge Button in fights in Circus Turma

      • The Revenge Button was missing
    • Drop of Chest of Divine Fate in Provinciarum-Fights

      • If a Chest of Divine Fate was dropped, it was not shown in the Battle Report
    • Resources with different values could been stacked

      • Resources were stackable, even with different values
    • Dropdown in mobile browsers broken
    • "old provinces" missing in the server dropdown
    • Time/Date one month ahead
    • Box with durability losses removed if there were no durability losses
    • Redirect to the Shop if you want to activate Premium features without the needed amount of Rubies
    • Too many items shown from sprite

      • If you moved an item from the smithy it showed too many items
    • Members with permission "Can read Guild Messages" couldn't see them
    • Change of package countdown

      • Instead of the countdown you now can switch to the date, when the package will be deleted
    • Merged JavaScript files to improve page loading speed
    • Guild market Log

      • Buying and selling actions in the Guild market will be shown in a log according to the Guild storage
    • Quick selection for writing Guildmails

      • If you create a guild message, you can now deselect the ranks which should not get it

    v2.6.0_pl2 - 24.10.2016

    • fixing the issue with missing reCaptcha after failed logins

    v2.6.1 - 27.10.2016


    • Revenge Button removed in Battle report of guild members (guild master view)
    • If there are not enough rubies available for a premium feature, you will get the "Buy premium" overlay
    • Messages and Chat can not be used until Player is level 4 and the E-Mail Address is validated
    • Guild mails: By default there is no member marked. New Button implemented to mark all Guild members
    • Soul mirror can now be used on all items, not only equipment
    • Special chars in the list of resources on workbench are now shown correctly

    v2.6.2 - 16.11.2016


    • HP-Regeneration error (changes of items with constitution bonus have not been considered correctly if they got changed)
    • Tundra counted to the wrong missions (on active missions where the first part of a location has to be done, the fights in event locations were counted into the mission as well)
    • Backend-Fixes
    • Some tooltips were wrong after drag&drop (some values like healthpoints and tooltips were not correctly refreshed after drag&drop)
    • Aeolus' Costume affects travelling costs again (due to a bug travel costs had to be paid, even though a player was wearing the costume )
    • date and time are now shown in the guildstorage log
    • wrong text in the guildstorage log (even if someone has put something into the storage, it was written that the item was taken out)

    v2.6.3_pl1 - 24.11.2016


    • Missions where not finished anymore
    • Prices were wrong on the market due to a rounding error
    • find and fix the loss of packages due to a Drag & Drop action
    • The Button for accessing the dungeons no also works when there is no open dungeon
    • Some more elements within the game can now be closed/opened
    • Code clean-up
    • sometimes the alternative compare tooltips where wrong
    • fixed an internal error while rubies get bought

    v2.6.4 - 1.12.2016


    • Layout issues on special attacks of dungeon bosses fixed
    • Reload issue on countdown timers (if the reload of a page/countdown was taking too long, there was a refresh loop)
    • after re-entering a country, clicks on the "Go to expedition" lead to the second instead of the first location
    • expeditions: tooltips of opponents will again show min- and max level
    • doubled lifetime of packages from smithy/smeltry/workbench if Vulcanus costume was active
    • text area for messages is now resizable
    • alternative comparison tooltips fixed
    • guild storage: Tab V and higher were not usable
    • duration time on workbench was shown wrong if there were less than 100% resources
    • database optimization
    • lifetime of packages which were delivered during vacation mode was not extended

    v2.6.5 - 04.01.2017


    • Dead players won arena combats
    • Wrong duration shown after forge fail
    • Some food combinations were possible although there wasn't enough room in inventory for it
    • Drag&Drop: Items are now blocked until requests are totally done [e.g. "drag item to forge and drag it back"… if you dragged it back BEFORE the request was done, it also vanished (visually, it reappeared after reloading the page)]
    • Some Backend-Fixes
    • Drag&Drop: If the user navigates while request was running, page was reloaded
    • Praying in underworld couldn't be cancelled on speed servers

    v2.6.5_pl1 - 5.01.2017


    • Drag & Drop for packages fixed
    • Refund missing forge tools to packages (2 week expiration time)


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v2.7.0 - 2.02.2017


    • Microevent-Tooltip too small (Some texts in micro event tooltip didn't break line)
    • Some fixes on expedition drop probabilities
    • Some backend fixes
    • Mercenary tooltips didn't show custom name
    • Some issues fixed for the dice game
    • Fixed serverquest: no news at the beginning
    • Reset last location of underworld ("To expedition" linked to the last visited location after underworld restart)
    • Fixed quality of Malefica's tools (no more blue quality forge tools)
    • Fixes missing backup countdown
    • PHP code was written in overlay
    • Level of mercenaries was wrongly shown red
    • Vanishing Forge Scrolls if someone tried to learn an already learned affix
    • Changed "Order new Goods" to prevent deleting items
    • New Feature: Player name autocomplete
    • Improved player search
    • All layout boxes are now closable
    • Missions for underworld are now available
    • Serverquest: quality of the grindstone can now also be red
    • Deleted (by the system) stacked packages added gold for one item instead the whole stack

    v2.7.1 - 15.02.2017


    • Some frontend fixes for dice game
    • Packages expired in vacation mode
    • No header refresh after stack use >> (e.g. taking food from a stack didn't change hp as usual, a refresh was necessary)
    • Items with durability of 0 fell to green quality >> (normally items at 0 durability should have their stats reduced to the level below the original one however due to the bug this was not happening and you could have for example a red quality sword with 0 durability which had its stats reduced to the green equivalent of that sword instead of orange)
    • Some backend fixes
    • CSS rework of working screen to prevent frontend issues in some countries >> ( "working screen" - tab in game where you can make your gladiator work as a stable boy for example. There was an issue in some countries where placing a mouse cursor on some of the available work options was causing the whole table to move)
    • Equalized error displays and ticker logics >> ( equalized error displays >> processing errors was rendered a bit differently in many places. This has been unified so that error / success messages look the same everywhere. // equalized ticker logics >> there was different code for each kind of timer (progress bar such as expedition countdown in header), it has been rewritten to have the same code used for all timers in game)
    • Removed some unnecessary page reloads after drag & drop
    • Changed some header animations

    v2.7.2 - 22.02.2017


    • usernames containing only integers were shown wrong >> for example usernames like "000" or "-12" or "+5"
    • issue when unpacking package caused doll reset >> (doll= main char aka expedition char; when a player changed a doll to something above 1 e.g. switched to the dungeonchar/clone or the mercenaries, then went to packages and unpacked one, after returning to overview the doll was reset back to the expedition char (main char)
    • problems with changing names of mercenaries
    • server clock always showed German time
    • some missions could not be completed (e.g. wear at least all items in blue)
    • most lags fixed
    • Buying inventory bags while having less rubies than necessary still showed "buy" in tooltip instead of "to shop"
    • Underworld: added expedition quests "Now there could also be expedition quests like "Defeat mob XY 5 times" in underworld"
    • Cooldown between attacking Underworld opponents on the speed servers should be reduced now
    • Second forge helper wasn't removed properly (Frontend only) >> forge helper = forge tool
    • Header update: some animations had line breaks for a short time
    • Header: bars didn't fill smoothly on header update

    v2.7.3 - 9.03.2017


    • backend fixes
    • day's name are now shown in messages and in server language in vox logus
    • Slider in underworld sometimes not working
    • Backup countdown fixed (again)
    • Speedservers are not listed in registration drop-down menu properly (speed not shown)
    • no active-class in underworld (gold borders are missing at active menu items)
    • fixed "activate recipe" achievement exploit
    • Tooltips for not-logged-in profile view fixed
    • missing locations in expedition and dungeon links
    • push notifications crash IE
    • fixed missing server side validation of expedition duration
    • Last location (expedition/dungeon) resets when points full
    • fix for seal of consulate (if you now sell an item the value is stored while the item is at merchant and not affected by seal of consulate anymore)


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]

  • v2.8.0 - 21.03.2017

    • Usernames are shortened when too long >> "Whenever a username doesn't fit page's layout it's shortened by …"
    • Prompt at forge abort
    • Last message can now be seen below the textbox when answering an ingame message
    • New donation log in guild's bank house
    • Pacts duration display >> "Some more information of duration are added to pacts tooltips in overview"
    • Add result count in player autocomplete >> "When entering chars to an input field for nicknames the number of matching usernames are shown now"
    • Show bath house bonus in lifepoint tooltip as percentage
    • Some more precise error messages after drag and drop >> "instead of "not possible" now some more precise error messages occur"
    • Removed amount / quality change at forge cancel before start
    • Fixed missing "Former Provinces" on new servers >> (in the dropdown menu)

    v2.8.0_pl1 - 21.03.2017


    • Removing mercenaries equipment not working
    • Deleting messages by quicklink not working

    v2.8.1 - 30.03.2017

    • fixed: header links not working under certain circumstances (if there was a header update while a cooldown was running the link behind didn't work anymore)
    • fixed: Microevent changes during running microevent (on servers which are not in the german timezone, buffs weren't removed properly in some cases)
    • fixed: Style issue in packages (If the gold value of packages were too long a linebreak caused some style issues)
    • fixed: praying bonus is not shown in health tooltip
    • fixed: scroll is shown in smeltery preview although it cannot be dropped in some cases
    • fixed: New player search is missing on market seller field
    • fixed: confusing colouring used in items tooltips
    • Feature: New in-game rules page
    • some backend fixes

    v2.8.2 - 06.04.2017


    • Login does not always work properly
    • Event points don't regenerate at correct time


    • Message after consuming items with more than one effect show all effects instead of just one

    v2.8.3 - 20.04.2017

    • fixed: No market tooltips on mobiles ("tooltips for market items didn't work properly on mobiles")
    • fixed revenge buttons in combat report ("now the revenge is made in the same arena like the initial combat")

    v2.8.4 - 11.05.2017

    • Changed calculations for serverquests


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]