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  • you suppose to be a some kind of supervisor for our game operators

    its already about a year - and maybe more - how we - " paying players " asking for merging our dying servers - we invested a lots of money in this game to start all over again and again - we know you can merge servers - why dont you do it?

    would it be possible to change the game - so we could move our character from previous server (world) t a new one completely? as it is?

    example " boring dying world 18 - my character is a level 99 I have over a 1000 rubys and you start a new world lets say 25 - so I start here but not from level 1 and 0 robys - but as level 99 with 1000 rubys and the original character would by erased immediately ?

    or when will you merge our SK dying worlds ? (it was said would be in 2018)