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  • Hi Frksan,

    i ve recently made account on the newest server 33. It wants me to confirm the account through email. I ve tried to send that confirmation in game many times, but nothing appeared on my email. Now it wont let me play until i do that.

    Help! :(

    • Hi Marescarele123,

      can you please contact me in private messages so we can discuss this thing?

      If you can't just answer me here and we will continue conversation here.

      Best regards,

      GO Frksan

  • Hi, is it allowed to attack through Provinciarum my account in other Server without getting any coins? I am playing in Bulgaria with nicname Priscus in Server 2 and with nickname Priscus 3 in Server 8 (affected accounts), and nickname Priscus2 in Server 5. If it's allowed i can immunize my account from attacks or for test. Through this link can see links of other accounts https://s2-bg.gladiatus.gamefo…ebdff44344ad43242e4b82f0d

    • Hi Priscus,

      well you shouldn't use Provinciarum in that way, but if you want to test your accounts against each other you can try that in simulator.

      Hope I helped you with my answer and if you have any more concerns feel free to ask.

      Best regards,

      GO Frksan

    • Thanks for the answer and have a nice day :)