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    they'll fix it, at least there isn't any events going on right now for it to really be a problem.

    Would be great if they gave out 1-3 potions of centurion as an apology or something..

    Jokes on you, I only see the flags once every week. cause I don't play.. I was suppose to play on the 7th but you know delays and then double delays for the merges..

    1. Scrolls have item levels. A lot of things are dependent on the item level. For example a scroll of 94 item level cannot drop for you before your character is 94 level

    This only applies to drops from expeditions (in this case your level is the max prefix or suffix you can get)

    2. Scrolls can be produced by Smelting an item. At low (~5%) chance every smelt can produce a scroll with the prefix or suffix of the smelted item

    This only applies to drops from smelting ( in this case the max prefix or suffix you can theoretically smelt is your level + 14 (16)

    RNG is RNG. He could have killed you (aka do around 5k damage in a fight).

    RNG is Random Number Generation but in other words, luck. it is all luck after all you got several stats with % chance of it to happen and not at 100%.

    whether it happens or not I do think that the level 80+ should not have the level restrictions, especially for dungeons...

    would make the grind to the UW section a lot more fun..

    The grind from level 92 to 99 is so much not fun.. with the restrictions lifted at least for the 80+ section you would be able to move to the higher dungeon (that is from level 102 currently) at level 93 (95) and then you would be able to go to the next expedition at level 98 (100) instead of being "stuck" in Africa was it?

    Also with my next account plans it would greatly help my gameplay if I could start doing dungeon UW stuff at level 100 instead of 102.

    it is safe to assume that they will not really update anything... if they had a 10 hour (a week or even a month) part timer that is a programmer and a second one as graphics designer (aka for portraits and dungeon layout design), I am sure they would have been able to finish all the needed dungeons for Britannia(?)

    I would like to hope that the money they save from having only several servers instead of dozens of servers running would be put into improving / finalizing the game (Aka adding the missing things like dungeons for Britannia).. but I don't got too much of a hope for it happening...