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    Oh, my bad.

    And thanks for clarifying. I was surprised when it allowed me to cancel 16 items just now.

    هــي 8 سآعآت و زي مآ أنــآ وصــفت بس الســيرفر الــي أنت فيـلو ســرعة ضــرب خمــسه

    الســلآم علــيكم

    بإختــصآر شديد

    1- مقــويآت ال8 سآعآت و4سآعآت من كــل نوع، مش مكــفي تآخذ البقــية

    2- زيــت الدرع و الضــرر 1 من كــل منهم على خآتم

    3- لــو علــقت عنـد أول خصم، مرآتك، جرب تشــيل كده حآجة فيهآ ذكآء

    4- لو وصــلت ديسبآتر، الزعيــم الأخير، ركــب قطـة جلــد و حجــر صــغير ولو أضررت غضــب مآرس، العظيم بالأزرق أول مستــوى


    GF can and should take these GCA features, implement them into Gladiatus and then make it a whole new game. A mobile app or even an MMO like Metin2, there is a lot of lost potential.

    They have skills and money, they are just too cheap and lazy. Simple.

    يــعني مش وآضح؟ طــيب

    لآق، بطــئ، مــش بــيفتح إلخ

    الســلآم علــيــكم

    وضــع الســيــرفر 51 لآ يطــآق إيه ده :(:rolleyes:

    طــب إقترآح يـــتقســم عــلى 2 عــشآن الضــغط بـــيخــف

    This week and especially today server 51 has been barely accessible.

    They merge before fixing basic issues, we still get attacked by far stronger people of higher levels even thought they can find opponents and they wouldn't even split this into two servers to lower the pressure on us and the server.

    Venting is not helping me -___- grrr

    If these attackers are Brazillian there is a high chance that they are from a certain bot guild.

    I can't tell where they're from, but just before the merge, a high level kept attacking me day and night nonstop it was plain insane. I easily got like 40 attack notifications daily.

    Mods, of course, defended him saying "oh it is jsut for exp give it a rest"

    Now is no beetter. Names are not AS repetitive but from people at a much higher level.