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    I am so glad soemone gets my point and also realize that when I say they celebrate my loss, I am being sarcasting about how they wrote to us earlier... unlike someone above *rolls eyes*

    I believe mods and admins etc are celebrating as I lost all upgrades, around 6 pages worth of them collected over the last year and a half because I skipped the game for just 2 days because oh... I have a life.


    0:00:00 08.05.2022 - 23:59:59 09.05.2022

    +25% نجاح حدادة

    -10% وقت حدادة


    0:00:00 11.05.2022 - 23:59:59 12.05.2022

    +20% اسقاط ادوات الحدادة


    0:00:00 14.05.2022 - 23:59:59 15.05.2022

    -25% وقت تجديد نقاط الابراج

    +25% نقاط الابراج


    0:00:00 17.05.2022 - 23:59:59 17.05.2022

    -20% على اسعار البضائع بالذهب عند التجار

    +150% خبرة في الساحة


    0:00:00 20.05.2022 - 23:59:59 21.05.2022

    +40% زيادة في الذهب من البعثات

    لن تفقد الصمود


    0:00:00 23.05.2022 - 23:59:59 24.05.2022

    50%: تجديد +عدد النقاط الاقصى للبعثات

    +10% اسقاط الياقوت من البعثات

    -50% تقليل وقت المهام الجديدة


    0:00:00 26.05.2022 - 23:59:59 28.05.2022

    50%: تجديد +عدد النقاط الاقصى للبعثات

    +40% زيادة في الذهب من البعثات


    0:00:00 30.05.2022 - 23:59:59 30.05.2022

    +10% فرص اسقاط لفائف و ادوات


    بالتوفيق جميعا

    تجـهــزوا الــمرة دي الآحـداث حــلــوة أوي

    And you forgot the unbelievably unfair results when you fight in the arenas and sometimes mobs.

    Also, fine, let someone 10 levels higher than me find me and attack for whatever reason but allowing them ro rob me AND the amount they are allowed to rob is the same as someone on their same league?

    Where does one ebgin to list what is wrong with this game, I wonder.

    its not because its written GA that i cant have my own opinion on things as a player :)

    wheres the fun if you cant raid a penny anymore

    Games like this don't work these days. All games have auto-farming, idle gaming mechanics and stuff to speed up the game for a smooth experience. This game is old even back at the time, not keeping up with what became standard features. Heck, they did not even fix half common issues over the past few years, including typos. TYPOS!

    said it already before , this is a fighting game .

    raid and getting raided is part of the game :) if you dont like it you should go play monopoly instead.

    That should not be a reaction expected from a Game Administrator even if the idea is not good.

    You'd better make your job by ensuring the communication between players and GF

    Couldn't be more true. I was like "ugh one of those people" I did not realize it was a game admin comment until you mentioned it and I was shocked.

    But this shows you how much we're F***ed with gameforge haha.

    Lv115 here

    I also wish they would do something about it.

    At the very least, make pruple+ items never expire; for example.

    Having things expire on their own is good but allows you to be easily raided.

    It also doesn't work when there is a training event and you want to sell things quick.

    Another option would be an additional permanent page for high levels, say 100+ and adding a whole new row to existing ones. Having to use x2 of the extention bag item for the last 2 slots is also an overkill, each should be worth x1 to activate.

    The list goes on, but they need to make some serious adjustments.

    Edit: Talking about the game not the mod FYI

    أوه طلـــبنـآ أشيــآء كــتــيرة من ســنــين تــعــتبر أسآســيآت أصلآ بس أنــسى. نــقدر بــس نفــضفض كده و نــتحــلطم شــوية لكن مــش حــيحـصل أي حآجة

    بالـــعكــس حـــتى الســريع بيــحتآج زي و قآئــد

    بالنــسبة للــذهــب بقــى عــندي ملــوش لــزمة كبــيرة

    الفكــرة أنكـ مش بتــــطور ولأآآآآآآآ حآجــة طآلمــآ مـآفــيش حدث تــدريب! صــعب أه و طـفـــش أه بس التـــوفــير خيآآآآآآلي و لــمآ تيجــي تــبـيع فــعل القـروش 5% زيآدة بــيع

    الجــحــيم مــش بــينفع خبــرة بحد زآتو بــس زي الجحــيم+بركــة أبولـو+حدث بــعآت+قـآئد رومــآنــي = مش حــتقدر تــخلص نقآط البــعـثآت

    مــش تســتخــدم أكثر مــن 3 من الـ 4 دول عــشآن تــوفرهآ لــيوم تآني

    و شآكــرين شــرحكـ

    Please don't use my donation for buying alcohol o r "beer" as mentioned in your page, because I am really not supposed to support that haha.

    (Literally had to ask this before sending, seriously)

    Love GCA so much! Keep it up.

    مش كــده بالضــبط

    الــزي تــقدر تــلبسو كآمل بكل الــعلآوآت بعـــد إنتهآء حــدث المــزرعـة

    ده بــس يــديكـ وآحد من علآوآت الزي فــترة قصــيرة ريثمآ تقــدر تــلبس الزي