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    This may not be a popular opinion but I dont see the ability to sell all packs at once ever happening/ To be honest as a X5 speed player i hope it never happens. at lvl 128 i raid more because peoples packs either expire or they are in the process of selling off to pack . I have no problem playing 10-12 hours per day with centurion and keeping my packs in line or selling off my packs . With the double click to sell option you can sell packs in half the time than dragging and dropping .. I usually have 130 packages and maxed out stats except for strength I usually train 5-600 mil each time with no issues . To me its a small price to pay for being very active.

    As far as the rest i can totally agree with . Id also like to add we need to raise the amount of rounds in arenas after lvl 100 to 25-30 as we stand 80% of the rounds are misses and throws off the dynamic of the actual battle when you have players so close together in stats and gear. We also need to do something with the vendors as it stands the level of items are too low for the level of the player getting mirrors is almost impossible at a certain point i see lvl 90 mirrors at lvl 128 .

    Auctions need to be generated differently right now they are generated based off of participation . Since the servers are so dead it takes for ever to get anything mainly mercs in a auction compared to more active servers.

    Get rid of the recipe or make them secondary drops my packages are flooded with them and no one uses them any longer.

    Stop creating new servers and start merging . I cannot believe they are making the funds they use to off of new servers . Yes back in the day we use to buy rubies to get to the top of the servers but anymore many of us just stay with one or two accounts and the enjoyment of starting over has dissipated. No i see more leaving than actual paying players starting new accounts.

    The only thing is would be how dead the servers are . Most players have condensed into one guild on each server so the auction battles might not be what you might think it will be . If they ever decide to merge say .US with .com then maybe there will be competition for a period of time. Auctions are pretty much useless except for the occasional mercs now then we would have people complaining about how the only ones who can get gear are ruby users and its unfair and hoe x5 servers are the only ones generation this gear more than the regular servers..

    Below is the only response I ever get when I try that method... :?:

    Usually when this happens in my experience is that you haven't waited long enough to hit ,you waited too long to return the hit or you have hit too many people in between . On regular servers its a hour cool down and for some reason if you hit too many people in between hits you lose the ability to hit cross server again not sure why that is but its happened to me on many occasions..

    Suggestion would be after lvl 110 separate arenas to 5 levels instead of 10 seeing it takes 10 times as long to level and stats are usually maxed out its only fair that there be 2 arenas in each section than 1 also raise the amount of rounds in arena battles . We get to a certain point where armor and stats are about equal an15 rounds doesn't seem to be enough to give a proper battles as 80% of the rounds are missed hits..

    I play on s22 .US and the server has massive lag . No other webs sight has it just Gladiatus servers.. Anyone else having this issue? Keeps saying its trying to connect to server . .com is fine only on .US

    I understand you have to stay in the UW in order to get the drops and scrolls . How long does everyone stay in before they start getting decent drops also does boosting bonus increase the chance of a rarer drop pr scroll? I stay in for about 1.5 - 2 hours per time with a suit on and been getting basic stuff i can get out side of the underworld.

    sure all is possible, but there is no need to remove the soulbound from the items :D

    I remember when there wasnt soulbound we were able to trade gear freely . All soulbound is a attempt for more revenue gained by using rubies for mirrors which i might add is a crock seeing you can rarely get a mirror close to your level never the less a level for a item you want to trade because he vendors are not balanced per level . If you are in a big guild being able to trade freely would be a great thing . So the need is there . If the wont remove soulbound then balance out the vendors to where we can actually get mirrors that reflect our levels .

    nice idea, but I can`t agree with you, the soulbound from the items will not be removed

    we hear the same thing about server merges,multi players, pushing etc if we know anything is that anything is possible in this game .

    Ive asked this question before . Its a wasted event when your a higher level on a dead server which most of the are now . For many of us the only battles we can get are cross server . Another wasted event is the discount from the vendors that usually have nothing of value except once in a while a merc or a mirror but usually you have to use rubies to get those so the event isnt valid for those items..

    Where have you guys found the most underworld exclusive scrolls Easy or Medium? Theory is medium as the level is a bit higher I get a lot of scroll in Easy but they are standard scrolls and i feel Medium is a suit wasted ...Just curious as to where everyone else got theirs ..

    Is there a direct link for gladiatus support ? Here lately ive been having to go through gameforge then its redirected .. Thanks

    Sorry i found it please close the thread thanks..

    The problem isnt can i lose the problem is its constantly . I can show all the battle report but there is no need . I lose 80% of the time and its only started in the past few weeks if anything the only thing that has changed is i have gotten stronger but that seems to have no bearing on the battles. Its not just attacks defending they do more damage.