Character Planner

  • Hello,

    Some people asked is there any easy way to calc stats of their characters if they will forge something (otherwords: "is it worth to forge that?").

    So gave it few hours, and made something that is usually (in other games) called a CharPlanner BETA

    Idea is simple, but UI looks like designed with hammer :D so short manual.. Insert link to char (the one below your portrait, https://sXX-XX.gladiatus.gamef…ex.php?mod=player&p=XXXXX not the 'overview' one) and load data, Later you can change gear, enchants and stats. If done your changes, click the 'Calculate' (or the long blue button, I have changed its name couple times during last few hrs :D) and should be good. Ofc you can fill all those fields without loading a char.. if you're patient enough..

    If you hover the calculated stats, a tooltip with bit more info should appear.

    As link states, its "BETA" - something can go wrong, and there are few things that need to be polished:

    - not all pacts are implemented into calc

    - those ....... enchants (grindstones etc) mess with rounding, sometimes it shows 1 armor/stat more or less..

    - the "should look like item tooltip" thing atm is not showing the enchant, but it is taken into calculations

    - if you're loading your mercenaries (&doll=X in link) you should change char level to your own level, otherwise percents are wrong

    Gonna try to fix that after work.

    If you would notice any problems or calculation errors, kindly please gimme info.