Localization feedback

  • Hello Community,

    Our localisation team asks here for your help with the reporting of translation errors (i.e. spelling mistakes, grammar errors or missing texts).

    Game bugs should NOT be posted or mentioned here.

    While creating your report please use the following template:

    • Screenshot:
    • Exact text content that needs to be corrected:
    • Game version:
    • Point in the game where it appears:
    • What exactly should be changed:

    We would also request you write these posts in English so that they can be resolved more quickly.

    Please open a new thread for every new error: this will help with maintaining an overview and simplifies the resolution process.

    Please note that we cannot always fix found mistakes, as sometimes the fault lies with the game’s mechanics – especially in instances of grammatical error.

    Once an error has been resolved, the thread will then be moved into a designated archive.

    Thank you for your assistance and warmest regards,


    Localization Department


    Community Manager of Gladiatus [BA] [CZ] [DK] [EE] [FI] [LT] [LV] [NL] [NO] [PL] [SE] [TW]