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    Well, it is a brower game, so it is a lot of clicking, yeah. But There's events - costume and like the one we have now.

    and few more events

    And then there's the hunt for materials to make you own gear.

    After lvl 100 you have the underworld...

    Not that i'm espesially good at my lvl, but my weapon is NOTHING like yours, even though they might look the same. And I have made it myself

    Gonna put that data ("smelter drop ranking") online this week.

    Im finishing n-th rewrite to make site completely translated (will need bunch of non-english translators tho). Charplanner should be rewritten today night. Resources gonna be fast one.

    Did I missunderstod this? About getting the amount of each material back? Or have you just been buzy :D

    Sorry for the confusion, let me explain.

    The amounts that were previous displayed were wrong, for example, not all the "Lucius" items drops the same amount of "Tincture of Stamina".

    Michalus gave us the data for all the combinations (prefix - suffix) ... but they are 2mb. Loading 2mb was slow as hell :P ...

    We are open to ideas :P

    Yes I know that the amount changes depending on what suffix it's combined with, but at least we had an idea of how many of each material there was put into it. If I hunt for for example "Tincture of Stamina" I would rather melt an item that has approximately 20 of them than an item that only has 2.

    When we forge, we can see what we need and when we melt, we never get the full amount back, that was spent to forge it, anyway.

    So I'm fine with the old data - don't need to know the 100% correct amount, since I never get that back - I just need to know, if it's worth melting, if you know what I mean

    It seems like there has been an update, so the amount of the white in horrum is easier to see, but now we can't see how many of each mateial there are in an item

    No amount of material anymore

    Before you could see how many


    "We are at the moment working on reimbursing the items that were used towards the end of the event (bunnies, snowballs, pumpkins, runes used towards the end of Nile event), but this is not going to be done before the weekend."

    That means that you will get back the bunnies, snowballs, pumpkins, runes that you used.

    they shoul give triple event 20%discont +event 1.5%luck + outfits, but there are people how lost gold in packs and training with 60%discont

    Well It was clearly a mistake, when the event didn't start, so it was just to wait with the training...

    Hvis dette er supportsiden, så er det nettopp der man ikke kan bytte. Finner ingen support noe annet sted.

    Hvis man skal ha en lobby som samler alle kontoer, så skal alt være samlet der, inkl at man kan kontakte support i flere land uten at man må lete eller bytte i adresselinjen.

    Det holde vel ikke om den ligger på forumet. Siden muligheten er fjernet fra selve kontoen og lagt til lobbyen, så MÅ man kunne bytte mellom land. Jeg er 110% sikker på at jeg ikke er den eneste som har konto i mer enn et land.

    Jeg fikk det til ved å rette .dk til .no i adresselinjen, men det skulle ikke være nødvendig å gjøre.

    restlesz I don't rly undestand why someone don't stay to the 24:00 to check event don't have any problem they just go to sleep and think will by ok xD Costium Event we have 4 time in year rly is that hard wait more hours for check ? XD

    Yes it is... Since the runes, pumpkins and bunnies I have used ONLY last for 1 hour, and since they have to be droped in BEFORE midnight, they will no longer be active at 1 o'clock. Norally - when the event starts at the right time - 1 hour is more that enough to both get trained and to put over thouse 4-6 items I want to forge and therefor I have NOT put up more than an hour - well some became longer, but of couse not the ones I wanted. So YES - It is EXTEAMLY hard to wait an hour. No - I would say it's IMPOSSIBLE to wait...

    I guess you might be new at this game, since you don't know that it's all about the combo of the costume and the sun runes, bunnies, pumpkins etc. etc...