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    שחקנים יקרים

    אנחנו נבצע תחזוקת שרתים בתאריך 28/11/18 משעה 00:30 שעון גרמניה והוא ימשך מספר שעות ככל הנראה עד שעה 11:00 בבוקר

    במהלכו שירותי האינטרנט שלנו והשרתים לא יהיו זמינים

    צוות גלדיאטוס


    Take care when journeying through the desert...

    ... it is crawling with danger!

    Terrifying tales are coursing through the Roman Empire.

    Travellers report of drought-ridden landscapes full of horrors and nightmarish creatures living in the world's most hostile environments.

    Others talk of battles which hardly anyone survives.

    Head out into the dunes of the empire and protect our merchants!


    Additionally, you can win a costume with some nice buffs which will get active during the costume festival:

    "Mercurius' Robber's Garments Costume"



    • pay -20% gold costs at the General goods merchant
    • increases the storage duration of new packages by 7 days
    • -20% resource costs when forging & -20% forge duration
    • -20% training costs


    Costume Event: 05.11. - 11.11.2018


    During this event period, you can wear your event costumes and receive fantastic bonuses!

    16.10. - 17.10.2018

    no durability loss

    +40% gold loot on expedition

    20.10. - 21.10.2018

    +30% finding item

    +25% Forge Success,

    10% Forge Item drop chance

    -10% forge duration,

    כפי שרשמתי אין צורך לשלוח פה ושם זה סתם יוצר כפל פניות שמטופלות על ידי אנשים שונים

    דבר שמעכב את הטיפול ולא מקדם אותו

    Ave Gladiators!

    "Conquest of the Source of the Rhine" is coming back to the world of Gladiatus.

    Your team will decide over victory or defeat.


    The Rhine marks the border of the Roman kingdom and the rest of Germania as well as being the lifeline that allows for trade in the Roman provinces.

    However, this lifeline is being threatened and the emperor's source of power over the peaceful areas of Germania has become endangered.

    The Germanic tribe of the Batavi stretches from the source of the Rhine in Gallia Belgica right into the heart of Upper Germania.

    There is only one choice: To your weapons, fight off the Batavians!

    How does the event work?

    As soon as the event has started a new expedition area will appear in your menu, the Rhine Source.

    Clicking on it shows you the first wave of opponents to beat.

    In contrast to normal expeditions the enemies at the Rhine Source have a counter, which shows you how often the enemy was beaten by all gladiators on the server. This means that the more active you and your allies are, the quicker you will gain the victory.

    As soon as all enemies of the first wave are beaten (= the counter reaches e.g. 1000/1000), the next wave is available to attack. At the end there is the leader of the Batavians to beat, one single boss, but with an enormous amount of health points which all gladiators have to beat down fight by fight!

    From the start of the event you have 7 days time to beat all enemies including the boss. If you don’t succeed in that time frame, the battle / event was lost.

    Who can participate?

    All players with level 7 and higher.

    Which rewards can you get?

    For every fight won in the event you receive a temporary buff for your stats. Of course your overall performance in the event will also be rewarded, but only if the event is finished successfully!

    If you click on the tab “Highscore” in the Rhine Source area, you can see which rewards await you at the end of the event and how you did compared to other gladiators. The highscore is sorted by points, if you win a fight you receive 1 point, if you lose you get no point.

    All the best,

    Your Gladiatus Team

    13.09. - 14.09.2018

    • +200% נקודות ניסיון בזירות וצינקים
    • +30% נקודות ניסיון במסעות

    15.09. - 16.09.2018

    • +10% סיכוי למצוא פריטים
    • -20% עלות אבני אודם במכרזים

    17.09. - 23.09.2018

    • ארוע תחפושות

    18.09. - 19.09.2018

    • אין אובדן עמידות
    • -20% זמן צינון בזירות