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    Farming in the UW to get the scrolls is very uneffective : it costs a ton of rubies and require a massive amount of luck. The best you can do is to rely on quest events. When there's an event with -50% cooldown on quests, you active the pact that reduces quests by 50% as well, and you magically have no cooldown at all on your quests.

    Then you go in the UW and you just reset your quests hundreds of times, looking for items with the scrolls you're looking for, or at least items with good ressources like hellstone or almandin.

    IMO that's the best way to look for those scrolls. If you are willing to reset quests for hours, you should find a score of good items, to then melt in 10% scroll drop event.

    It doesn't mean you can't find them otherwise, but it will be relying on luck only. This technique lets you create your own luck ^^

    It's boring as hell but it might be smart to time it with your lvl..

    Tzzz lol 0 work,thats imposible^^

    What a stupid comment. It's not my first character and work gives you almost nothing. I've prayed for god points a few times.. but I can rarely do it and If I can I often forget about it or ending up canceling it before finish.

    Ppl will always be skeptical of other that do better than them... :)

    hahaha you caught so hard bro,dont be panic go work 2-3 times and maybe game operators will believe you are not a bot user.:D

    Just report me then, I'm not getting banned. I'll never go to work on this game until they make it worth it and they probly never will.

    I'm honored to called a bot/script user. I've used a lot of time and cash on this game, so to do that would be strait up stupid.

    Tzzz lol 0 work,thats imposible^^

    What a stupid comment. It's not my first character and work gives you almost nothing. I've prayed for god points a few times.. but I can rarely do it and If I can I often forget about it or ending up canceling it before finish.

    Ppl will always be skeptical of other that do better than them... :)

    Maybe it‘s possible that there are 2-3 real player that are able to do that but never ever the mentioned amount of players. And for sure there aren‘t 31 soloplayer in turkey that are playing active like that

    So you are assuming but it's pretty doable..?

    I play on a x2 server: https://s11-no.gladiatus.gamef…ex.php?mod=player&p=15681

    You can see my progress with dates...

    Kinda pissing me off that ppl are assuming that ppl are using bot/scripts if they are playing consistently. There are ofc clear examples.. but I'm pretty sure that I'll be 150+ within 1,5 years if I still play.. even with good margin.

    I'd rather mainly use mercury. It's slightly better for me in general.

    I personally choose apollo.

    10% of refund is always nice when you do UW.

    72 expeditions with costume + 10% chances of refunds in my eyes out beats the mercury. It's really down to luck of how many expeditions apollo refund

    Here is an example with easy underworld costume:

    Let's compare them and say you get 8 new expedition points every hour.

    The expedition opponent you take gives you 10 exp points without the expedition bonus.

    So 10 exp points with bonus gives you 13 exp points.

    You get 1000 gold each fight and 1300 with bonus.

    +10% chance to find an item with bonus.

    +20% honor let's say you get 1000 honor normally and 1200 with bonus.

    And yes, I'll say you do ALL the points and most ppl have all the bonus for the opponent they farm.

    With mercury you get 48 points with easy underworld costume. That's 192(8x24) points + 48 = 240 total points during costume.

    Mercury makes all the expedition bonus double.

    So you will get 16 exp points with mercury.

    1600 gold

    You'll get one item anyways

    1400 honor

    Gives a total of:

    16x240 = 3,840 exp points

    384,000 gold

    336,000 honor

    240 items

    With apollo you get 72 points with easy underworld costume. That's 192(8x24) points + 72 = 264 total points during costume.
    You have 10% chance of not using a points, so I'll give you the 10%. Since it avg. out over time. So 290.4 points (264*1,1)

    Gives a total of:

    3775,2 exp points

    377,520 gold

    348,480 honor

    290.4 items

    +might give you an extra free chance in the underworld.

    So mercury and apollo is very even.

    I'd say mercury is slightly better in the exp way and apollo is slightly better for gold (more items) with easy underworld costume.

    Without costume mercury is just a little better in all ways for most of the game.

    Apollo is a good option if you often are full on points. Since the difference is little.

    In some parts of the game you might be better of switching between them. It's really up you the speed you are playing on.

    During events like this (extra opponent) or "faster regen of exp points" mercury will be the best option and even better if you reset.

    Apollo is much better these days, well since underworlds costumes were added.

    Uhm.. I don't share this opinion. Can you explain?

    "04.04 - 05.04.2019

    • 50%: more exp. points & faster regen of exp. points
    • +10% chance of finding ruby on exp
    • -50% cooldown for quests"

    The -50% cooldown for quests are OP. Just run hard uw costumes both days... you can basically earn whatever you like..

    Pontius and Sebastianus` have almost exactly the same with +, and not - and is around the same lvl (+4).

    So yes we can compare them with one and other.

    I'm pretty sure there are no mistakes here.. It's just how the game is..

    Not every scroll is supposed to be good.. The good scrolls should be hard to get.

    There is alot of scrolls that might have been useful with small changes.. but some are useful, some are useless.

    There are multiple countries where merging is all ready fully done...

    If they do a huge merge with alot for servers and are excluding the countries with only one server for each speed I'll just sign out of this game once for all.

    I agree it does seem like they have given up on us . We had alot of promises of exciting things that was suppose to happen last year and nothing. They seem to want to dilute everything by adding new servers. As a business model this may have worked 5-6 years ago but the servers are so baron now a days are they really making money by opening up new servers just for them to die in a few months? You would think if would be more profitable to merge and have a few active servers to bring back competition . On .US we have 1 dominant guild per server and they have 90-99% of all active players on the server in them . .US and .Com should have been merged a few years ago . I remember back in the day the COMA use to come into the forum and give us updates and announcement but it seems Gladiatus is becoming a failed system .

    Tbh I don't see the problem with merging servers with the same speed. Then have an option to select whatever language you want gladiatus to run in. If we then have a few global servers of each speed (depending on the total activity for that speed) the game would be more competitive..