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    Okay,thanks. I think this one day event it's not fair to the x1 server especially for the 120+ players because they can only smelt 2 gear without rubies and they have to time it also :D

    And in x1 speed server you need a week to earn 70M in gold if you play on hard underground. And you looted the same amount through your entire journey :P

    You are 125 level? First of all you sound like you are in your first month of playing. Second you can't have perfect statistics and if you worry about someone looting 5k gold from you then be second in the arena and donate all your gold before leaving game.

    I know just saying. Since the announcement of glimpse in 2018 everybody were just so hiped and excited because they were thinking it was just arround the corner and it turned out it wasn't.

    I agree with any idea which will make the game better. But I'm sure VitezVitez would support me when i say that for BA servers the most important thing for now is server merge. It doesn't make sense to have a better game if no one is playing it...

    I use Huawei and it doesn't work (moving an object while zoomed) in any browser except Flasfox that i downloaded from the google play store. Try that maybe it will work.