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    I start to think that people here in the forum not only that dont believe in what u are saying from your own experience, but they think that you are dumb....

    First of all i'm gonna clarify again, i'm playing this ultra borring game(saying this, coz except 1 update, the devs didn't do anything with this game in 2018,but the promised a list in the begining of the year) since 2008, i have lvl 151, and playing ON a NORMAL X1 server!!! So i have some eperience in game, and the x1 "speed" says all....

    If you had luck getting even 2 scroll with only 50 rubies, am happy for you, but that doesn't mean that all of us doing something had LUCK, thats all...believe me i tried all the tricks upside down to get those scrolls...

    So we have event right now, which is supposed to help all of us to get at least 1 scroll or scrolls! Friday morning i entered to the under world on medium with the medium costum on me! I made exactly in two days 150 hits (thats already more than 130 rubies) from which i lost 37 battles (thats 37 rubies thrown out on the window) i got back 13 rubies ( 10% higher chance of finding ruby on expedition ). In the medium underworld the lvl of the quest reward have exactly the same lvl as you have,so in my case 151! With the event i didn't had cooldown for the quests,so i refreshed hundred and hundred times choosing only the quests with items (the prefix and sufix what i need) so now i have loads of items to melt! From those 113 hit what i won i got the darkness scroll (and im happy for that ofcourse) and from melting an other 2 useless scrolls, but i still hope that i'm gonna have luck!!!!

    Believe it or not I don’t have any reason to lie, I’m lvl 150 player with no usable scroll from the underworld ,yet im farming it,staying 2 days inside,melting everything what i need,but nothing...and I’m nr1 on the high score 7 days from 2016 with around 800k-1.400k honor a weak (talking from a x1 server) and also a small factor: i used tones of rubies for melting and farming the uw for nothing...thx for the tips but trust me,a tried everything!

    And this topic is about smelting item for scroll,so why you talk about hitting the expedition to get a scroll....?im also sure that you are playing on a speed server,thats why you are talking so easy about this topic....

    Good morning guys!

    Just some heads up for you: from 52 hits in expedition since the microevent, i can tell you that no scrolls are included in this forging item event...i just found forging tools,and resources....i'm very sad about the fact that this events can't be clarified before hand

    So i don't know from where you calculated the 5% Skarsburning...but i can tell you one thing, i'm melting items, since 2016, non stop 6 at a time,i can count in 1 hand,how many scrolls i got from melting....not even 5, very sad that in this game where you invest time, gold and rubies the biggest factor is luck!!! it is very disapointing, and i'm not saying that those who melt items with rubies should have more chance for a scroll,but come on, gameforge don't even have a formula to tell us what are the chances from melting....and the arena/circus formulas are broken aswell,so yea, keep up the good work Gameforge, you are doing well.


    you mean like this -> 10% Forge Item drop chance (forgehelper, srolls and recources)

    I can do it with the next announced same buff, in my opinion it should be clear that ... 10% Forge Item dropchance ... includes all forge things

    this was the answer to my question on the 10% chance for forge item the 20% chance should be considered the same!

    You didn't got my point i see....looking at the forum,and i'm checking .int .en .hu .ro most of the people complain for something are playing already on x5 you question was about the pumpkin 12 minutes...x5 speed server doesn't mean that over there is everything possible! you make more gold over there, but yet your are complaining about the training discount...

    and yes,i have more then 200k in arena,made it in almost 2 years on normal server ;)

    i do understand what x5 means...yes over night your exp points are wasted,but daytime you can do more then me...i start the day with 10-12 points,you start again what is you concern....

    on the last scroll event i spent around 300 rubies on the underworld,for what?i didn't get anything...i spent 1000s of rubies only in 2018 for underworld,i don't have 1 normal scroll from there,this only one thing, you saw me complaining about this somewhere on the forum?

    first of all pumpkins and bunnies are not working together,i mean 20% discount from bunnie+ 20% discount from pumpkin,is nor gonna make 40% discount, it's gonna be 2 hours of 20% discount!!!

    The combo is : before midnight you put on you pumpkins (20%) + the training field of your guild(if it's maxed) 40% + after midnight you put the costume,wich gives you another 20% = so on total you gonna have 80% of discount! thats pretty decent i would say.

    Of course thats not only for training discount, if you put enough pumpkins + the costume,you gonna have a nice discount to make yourself new stuff(weapon, armour, whatever you need to).

    i don't understand either your concern here!!!on your speed x5 server the drop rate is x5 better then on a normal server,so lets see: yesterday from the 16 points i found 3 pumpkins on x1 server,how much did u found on x5 from 16 hits?

    A labda dobalos eventre reagalva:

    Eloszor is orulok hogy a nemzetkozi oldal utan, ide is athoztatok, egy kis aktivitast szult! Viszont en annyiban nehezitettem volna a dolgon, hogy ha az elottem labdat dobo jatekos bizonyos szinu labdat dobott, en azt nem dobhatom vissza neki, igy is lassitva a reakcio idot es azt hogy gep modjara ugyan azt a szinu ladbat dobja valaki ket napon keresztul....a masik dolog, szerintem izgalmasabb lett volna ez a jatek ha nem latom ki milyen szinu labdabol hanyat dobott! (persze ertem hogy ez nektek volt konnyebbseg) de akkor is azt mondom hogy izgalmasabb lett volna, ugy dobalozni hogy nem latom az elottem dobalo szineinek szamat ;).

    De azert koszi a jatekot!

    Take time to learn the bonuses on each npc,if you don't do that, it's no reason to hit a boss! the boss bonuses gona be full,if the previous npc bonuses ar fully learned!!! so if you want to have better chance 's at the boss,hit the npc's until you learn all the bonus!