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    Yes, you get 10% of resources from smelting. When these events when it says 10% resources drop / 10% scroll drop - it's the same for smelting. Reason that this is true, is due to the fact that when you smelt during the event you get a lot of scrolls compared to when you smelt when no event is present. If you look at the results of higher quality items (purple and above) you'll notice more for the 10% resource drop.

    I think it would be a great thing to have the name of the guild someone is in next to their name on the highscore screen. Instead of the necessity of either clicking their name or checking the guild list.

    Indeed, it needs to be addressed. It's nice to not have to drag and drop a bajillion resources. It's nice to have a giant storage. I don't have to go searching. But when I have a limited number of stamina and need to repair some Lucius items, it sucks that all my stamina gets used by 1 item.

    When I'm in the arena, it just says "before attacking use battle simulator"

    Now I'm not sure of the capabilities of the extension nor the programming that would go into it, but I was curious if the simulator could run automatically and give a probability percentage of win next to the names of players? If this takes some extra effort, perhaps this could be a premium feature and charge a price for premium key or version of GCA.

    I would like to see an improved menu for the Horreum. How it looks is pretty meh. Not sure if GCA could improve the look like you guys do with things in the guild.

    I know that GCA isn't done by Gameforge, but there seems to be some issues with it. I'm not sure if DarkApo (I think that's the dev) is on the new forum or not, but I hope he comes and updates the community.

    I wonder when we are getting an update on the merge too. A glimpse into 2018 was announced on January 5 that included that there's a delay with merge. Since then, nothing. Is it happening in 2018 or not? This game is dead on any servers before 29. Even then, I have to assume there aren't many active players on that server now -- with server 30 opening. I play on s26 and there are like 3 other players in the guild that play regularly. A merge would revitalise some of these dead servers and bring back competition. But it needs to happen soon before the few people playing stop too.

    What's going on with the extension? I have GCA set to show my items durability percentages but they aren't and it isn't showing the level of the prefix or suffix next to the title in forge either.
    Are we getting an update on the version soon?