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    Salut Ragnar!

    Ați încercat sa goliți memoria temporara a browserului (din history)?

    Ați încercat alta modalitate de conectare la joc (de pe pc)?

    1. Nu sunt GM sunt GO.

    2. "Legătură cu jocul" am de aproape 10 ani.

    3. Matematica mea elementara mi-a arătat ca timpul e calculat greșit pentru o misiune, nu am zis ca este imposibil de realizat.

    Mai aveți alte neclarități? Sa evitam următoarele injurii pe care le aduceți bazate pe acestea.

    "Muncește măcar 2 ore ca și Fierar."

    Munca la fierar are 12 ore. Am lăsat caracterul la munca la fierar, am anulat după 2 ore 30 minute însă misiunea este neîndeplinită.

    Sau este eroare de traducere, sau este bug.

    La misiune îmi apăreau 0/2 puncte finalizate.

    Am găsit o problema ciudata la piața, ce tine de ordonarea itemelor.

    Printre mai multe bunuri, sunt și doua poțiuni albastre și o bucata de lemn mov. Ordonate după preț, pe pagina 2 îmi apare lemnul și o poțiune, pe pagina apare iarăși lemnul, și lipsește a doua poțiune...

    la misiunile underworld, contratimp, dacă centurio este activat contratimp este socotit pentru expediții la 5 minute, însă atacurile se pot da doar la 10 minute.


    Răzbunarea Târzie: Infrange 4 inamici la intamplare
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    "Random won't be lowered, what will change is the value of other attributes."

    The "random" can be lowered...

    Now, if your stats gives you 60% to win, with "block chance" it will become somewhere between 30 and 90%.

    With 20% chance of be blocked, it will be 48 - 72% which is less random... Am I wrong?

    "If you have better stats, then you will have 8 good numbers and 2 bad numbers, hence, winning most of the time."

    True, but with every number of those 8, your opponent has 50% to block... Offcorse, so do you for your opponent 2 numbers... So, what would be the final score?

    My point is: 50% block chance is chaos... It will never be "half of hits" or anywhere near that point.

    "then why we are training?"

    We train, as at the end our training and armour does count...

    If we have 50% to win, after the "block chances" we will have a chance somewhere between 25 and 75.

    But if you have 80% to win before the block, after it you will have somewhere arrownd 40% +.

    So... It's not so bad to be well trained :)

    And I agree too that it will be nice if random can be lowered, maybe limiting the block chance at 20%...

    I think your ideea to remove the sufix and prefix from food is very nice.

    The way you removed the level is nice too. Hard to understand, but I get it now and is nice too.

    But the potion that will give you 100% life, the one that can drop from expeditions and dungeons will have to be soulbound. Else, a low lvl player can sell it overpriced to a high lvl player.

    Nice ideea, for being able to stack them. Except one thing: you forget about the level. It can't be same food for all. You must make it somehow related to level.


    Healing potion - one color - 100% health"

    It not so good. All players will hunt lvl 5 price for this potion. It must have a limit.

    As a player, I will try to explain my point of view on random: it have 2 random parts.

    The first one is "the old" random... The one that depend on your armour, your damage, your abilities. The one that can tell you have 60% chances to win, if you are skilled enough to "see" the chances.

    The second one is the problem. Is a "flip the coin" game. Meanning after the first random is applied (the one that will make you loose, maybe, 4 of 10 fights) and will make it as the coin lands. That is called "block chances" which is almost always 50%. So, you don't have 60% anymore, because "flip the coin" makes the final winner.

    The good part is that your opponents have the same odds. So, If you wanna use the odds, get your target on bigger and more powerful opponents.