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    Good evening community,

    Along with saying hello and hoping it is okay, I urgently write this post showing my case, to ask for help with a topic that is very rare.

    Before commenting on the context, I make it clear that I arrive at this instance because it has been 7 days without a solution from my server.


    I am a S26 Arg player and a week ago, they gave me 35 days for alleged "game manipulation aids." from me more than 5 daily attacks (using underworld suit hard mode). So they banned me without evidence and only because of complaints from that player. I enclose evidence of a S28 go saying that attacking by province more than 5 times is not punishable (evidence attached).

    So why are the Go of the S26 Arg not responsible for lifting the sanction?

    Thursday, July 16, I am still banned due to an error on the Argentine server 26.

    I am a veteran player (I played 12 years ago), I invest in the game and with quarantine issues and no job in my country, I am generally playing constantly on PC.

    Also, my Tiket has not been answered and what is more, they closed it without giving me help. (I attach evidence).


    I have already exhausted all means of dialogue (tiket, discord, talking to experienced players, etc.) and I still do not have a solution. I hope that this message is read by the most experienced players and Staff in the world and can spread this injustice. Since they can not ban because yes.

    Honestly, I hope this has a solution, since it is unfortunate the treatment and abandonment of the server that they give to their most loyal players.


    Atte. Negan