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    What if you added more chests to the premium page? Bronze chests with more common items and 1or2 limited rare things, and Silver chests will contain more rare items and then Gold chests probably with more rare items. And with different prices (rubies), this will increase our chance to win more worthy things if we are willing to pay more. and fortune dices will be an optional thing. spending rubies on a chests with worthless items in it is just frustrating you will have to use fortune dices which of course are bought with rubies and then you you have a few worthy items in the chest and then on to spinning which of course you'll probably wont get what you want, and that is just forcing players to spend rubies for worthless things. and let face it, no one buys chests at all. with this idea players will buy more chests to get more premium items and willing to pay more if they are sure to get something worthy.