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    You must forgive Sheo's madness. He can't think straight without Jyggalag :p

    But seriously, stop hitting the nail with your fists, man. An x5 player may not make more gold per battle, but he can fight more often than an x1.

    It's simple math.


    I don't know exactly how fast is an x5 server, but let's assume the x5 timer is one minute without Centurion or Dis Pater Hard. Taking out of the equation the natural human slowness, time to grab food from packages and heal and etc. it's effectively 4 battles while an x1, with Centurion, can do just one.


    I'm an L131 and my battles reward me around 1.5~2k without raiding active gold from players. Let's take the smallest amount. While I make 1.5k every 5 minutes, the x5 of the scenario above make 6k. A player working IRL with a headset and GCA addon, attacking every time it "beeps" during an 8h period, makes almost 144k while the x5 above, under the same physical conditions, would make 576k.

    Isn't that a big advantage?

    What about if that x5 above activates Centurion? His 60s will reduce to 30s. That already doubles the incoming above. What if he uses Dis Pater Hard? Let me assume the time drops to 20s only and those 576k becomes roughly 1.5kk. Now extrapolates for a month. Can you see it now?

    I make from 50 to 100kk per month. An x5 on my shoes would make AT LEAST 150kk! And notice that I didn't even mention player raids.

    Forging & Melting

    Then there are the shorter smelting times. How do you get red gear? Forging (unless you're blessed to get a usable red loot). And how do you forge? With goods. And how do you get red goods? Melting items. Now think, how many items an x1 can smelt compared to an x5?

    And I'll go even further.


    How do you become capable of wearing on your main character a... let's see, a Gratius or Tiberius' of the Inferno? Levelling up to increase the limit. I make from 1~3 XP every 5 minutes. An x5 player will make at least 4 and up to 12 XP points. It's a little more, yes, but once again, extrapolate this.

    To stay on the topic, otherwise Community Manager Nightmare will delete my posts in here over and over again, accusing me of spam and inappropriate content, indeed, melting timing is ridiculous and among my guildmates, I'm one of suffers most with it because 90% of the red items I get are amulets

    This is getting ridiculous already. Yesterday we lost to top players on S4, who invested a ton o cash on rubies with Centurion, Pacts and probably re-forging attempts because they just couldn't stand losing 50% of their battles to lower levels and the disgraceful speed-servers. One of them was kind of a Great Wall, so a strong player that the only way to knock him down was with all L3 blessing plus as many reinforcements as possible and still was a matter of luck

    Far be it from me to try to correct the Daedric Prince of Madness, but just to clarify to the audience, roughly, damage would be the average of what we have and armor the average of the absorption rate of the armor value.

    Maybe... What if you translated this pool to each of the languages (machine translation would suffice, I believe) and post it on each individual community? Even though English is one of the most spoken languages around the world, there a people not familiar or even comfortable with it..

    You can even warn that it's a machine translation and ma not be accurate and that's a measure to gather more supporters to the cause (sounds like I'm a rebel :p) and if someone wants to fix anything, so be it.

    The only problem is players from all servers voting in all polls, but if 25% of them come as valid votes, it's better than nothing.

    Not even one game I ever played, online or desktop, had such ridiculous value for Critical Damage. It was always 100% more than the normal hit, at maximum.

    I'd say the multiplier should be reduced, yes, but a lot more things must be done.

    See, I just reached the second boss on Britannia, Callirius, and while my stats aren't maxed yet, they're close (at least the main ones) but this guy has an insane AGI that, from what I could see, only players with the Honour of Veteran or L3 Vulcan's Blessing (and even though, only once per week) can have a chance against him. And my guild's boss showed me the stats of two bosses ahead, Cassivellaunus, and things get even worse!

    Reducing the multiplier would be a first and most immediate step, then I'd say, additionally:

    - Formulas, again, with extensive testing PvP and PvE

    - RNG, because that's influencing too much the battles (although, perhaps, fixing the formulas would solve this by itself)

    - And if needed, Bosses should be balanced to be somewhat closer to the other area opponents (so the player kind of prepare themselves for what's lying ahead)