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    Hello I have a suggestion that may speed up for boring auction surfing.

    Suggestion 1: I think we can have 3-5 custom button with search filter for the auction set in advanced by the user, and with one click on the button we can easily check if there are available item.

    Suggestion 2: Which I prefer if we can have a notification if there are item in the auction house matches the search filter user set in advanced. I understand there are refresh intervals needed and it doesnt have to be too frequent as auction house only refresh every few hour.

    I realized that everyday I have spend quite some time searching the auction house, and everytime i do it I had to search specific prefix or surfix, or even levels. I know high level people dont visit auction house that much compare to lower ones but somehow I still do bidding for smelting purpose.

    What do you guys think? is this a doable thing?

    I can now understand why some higher players are complaining about the stat cap issue. They are fighting people at the same stat and whatever left is just to compare their equipment, not really equipment but mostly luck when in higher level, gold became just a number and theres no better player but only higher level players. I can see why this gladiatus rules and combat simulation is killing many players to leave the game.

    RNG is RNG. He could have killed you (aka do around 5k damage in a fight).

    RNG is Random Number Generation but in other words, luck. it is all luck after all you got several stats with % chance of it to happen and not at 100%.

    It is pretty frustrating sometimes. :(

    I will accept the fact that I lost the combat but seriously how the enemy can get up to 1700 damage which is double up more than mine?

    My stat is not too weak compare to him despite my damage is lower but my armor is double higher than his.

    Is this normal in Gladiatus nowadays?

    Hi guys,

    I came across this article and there is one fact saying:

    1. Scrolls have item levels. A lot of things are dependent on the item level. For example a scroll of 94 item level cannot drop for you before your character is 94 level

    I understood I cannot get any higher level scroll from expedition.

    Take my situation as example, I'm now at 85 level, I will never get a scroll like Gaius(90) and Antonius(92) from loot drop. But Lucius(84) is possible.

    :?:But what I wanted to ask is, is this rule applies to Smelting as well?:?:

    :?:In another way, is it possible for me to get Gaius(90) scroll from smelting when I'm still at level of 85?:?:

    I have collected many Gaius equipment and getting ready to smelt all of them during the upcoming scroll drop event.

    But I don't want to risk it if it is simply impossible to smelt gaius scroll from level of 85.

    I hope someone can tell me this to put me at ease! :D

    Thanks and this is my first thread <3