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    Ha jól tudom most vonják hozzá a lengyel 4x szervereket az s50-hez, ezért nem elérhető.

    A nemzetközi fórumon van egy bejegyzés, amiben rendszeresen frissítik az infókat az összevonások időpontjairól:

    Merges 2022

    Mindenesetre jó tudni, hogy minden alkalommal félnapos leállás várható amikor új szervereket vonnak be.

    I think they temporarily closed registration for those servers due to performance issues. You can't access them unless you already had a charachter on one of the merged servers. However if you open the scoreboard on your own server and change the province number and the country in the url you can check out the players and the guilds on that server.

    My suggestion for that problem would be the following:

    You can own multiple characters on the same server (only trading and item transfers are forbidden between them). You create a guild with each of them. Then you join them with your main character, donate a few million gold, upgrade a few levels on villa medici (also upgrading the warehouse is a good idea). So when you run out of healers in your main guild you just leave and start migrating between your own guilds. And when you're finished you rejoin.

    As far as I know it is not against the rules. Excuse me if it is, but this is what every top guild does in my country :)

    Am I the only one having a feeling that the merges are actually never going to take place? :D Postpone after postpone for the first batch and we don't even have any information for the rest of the servers.

    Just a reminder: we've already seen something like this in 2018 when they promised server merges and other updates in the game, then had to postpone it indefinitely. They came back to the topic 4 years later. Not very promising :D

    I also have my concerns about server merges as I already explained it in another thread, however they are somewhat different to the ones you just mentioned.

    Let me share 3 problems that just came to my mind, that could possibly kill the game if you did the merges in its current state:

    1. Food and auction system:

    To keep up levelling, especially at higher levels it is essential to bet on food in the auction house basically all the time you're online. With Dis Pater's costume, centurion and apollo's pacts players often do hundreds of expedition battles a day, not the mention the ones in the arena to gain more experience from quests. Unfortunately expedition opponents are barely farmable after lvl 160, you're going to lose a lot of hp and and it will require you the bid on foods consistently, otherwise you'll have no chance to improve your charachter. I wonder what will happen if you put hundreds of active players on the same server being able to bid on the same items. It would be catastrophic, and would certainly kill the characters of the ones who refuse to buy hundreds of rubies on a montly basis, to buy out food from the auction or refresh the vendor.

    2. Cheaters, punishment and ban appeals:

    I observe overall weekly highscores just out of curiosity, and I must say I see some really interesting results. I'm not gonna name any players nor servers, but let's get realistic: hitting 15 million points of honor each week, meanwhile reaching over 10k arena wins each and every week is impossible for a human being. The only reason why these players haven't been banned yet is either there are no active GO's in their communities or they are abusing the rules as GO's themselves. (you know there are rumours about some servers). I wonder what will happen to players like this on an international server. Will GO's who hand out bans be responsible for their own communities? If not what if you falsely get banned? How are you going to be able to publish a ban appeal? In my community I experienced it can take WEEKS for a player to get rehabilitated ("It's a voluntary job for us, so you have to be patient" - they say). I don't think it would make things any easier if GO's from several communities would have to get in touch and communicate with each other

    3. Grindstone events (like Walls of Hadrianus or War against Numidians):

    In my community there's a custome: once an event like this takes place players come together and agree in a certain value of maximum points they can reach, in order to make sure as many players finish in the first place as possible, so all of them get the grindstone, the title and other rewards. It often can be problematic even on servers with a smaller player base. Putting tousands of players on the same server would just make it even harder, making it basically impossible to be able to get the title for victory points without spending rubies.

    So these are my main concerns, feel free to add yours if you have any. In my oppinion a merge between community servers or merging internationally into more servers with less players would be a much sustainable solution.

    I completely agree, I actually have many concerns about server merges but this is probably the most crucial one. I think the main problem is that expedition bosses at higher levels are extremly unbalanced. I'm currently at lvl 171 farming Kent's Taximagulus (winning 4 out of 5, still losing about 1/4 of my hp each fight). I don't even try to fight any of the lvl 170 Ford's opponents, because I'd lose so much it wouldn't be worth experience wise to farm them. With active centurion, pacts and DP's costume I do about 360 expedition battles a day and I also fight in the arena every minute to gain more experience from quests.

    To be able to do that consistently it requires me to bid on almost every food items in the auction all the time when I'm online. There's only one player on my server who's able to see my items due to his level and even him alone can cause me a lot of trouble when he outbids me on food or amulets. Now imagine what it will be like when hundreds of players will be able to bid on the same item. It would be catasthrophic for players like me, I honestly don't know how I could be able to keep up levelling without buying hundreds of rubies each month.

    In my oppinion a merge between community servers would have been more sustainable in a long run than merging tousands of players into one server.


    Megpróbálom amennyire lehet röviden összefoglalni a kérdésemet :) 97-es szinten jelenleg szeretnék összedobni egy nari anton-merénylet és táliths-magány itemet, valamint egy piros fegyvert lehetőleg 100 előtt. A problémám az, hogy nem igazán bővelkedek a szükséges narancs nyersikben, pirosban pláne nem :) Az eddigi kovácsolások során mindig próbáltam biztosra menni, mindig megvártam amíg valamelyik klántársam bevásárolt arany malefből majd eladta. De ahogy folyamatosan lankad az aktivitás a szerveremen, úgy egyre kevésbé van lehetőségem ilyesmire.

    Pár hónappal ezelőtt említett valaki a fórumon valami olyasmit, hogy sokkal hatékonyabb az, ha kovácsolás során a szükséges nyersiknek nem a 100%-át töltöd fel olyan színnel, amilyet akarsz, hanem érdemesebb több kovácsolást indítani kisebb eséllyel. Bár a leírtak piros cuccokra vonatkoztak, gondolom kicsiben is működne. Az én esetemben tehát olyan 15-20% narit tennék bele, a többit meg bármi más színű trash nyersivel tölteném fel.

    A kérdésem tehát hogy megérné-e ha így csinálnám? Egyáltalán érdemes-e az én szintemen ilyesmivel foglalkozni, ha a nari droppok nagy részét 102-től fogom kapni az Extersteintól?

    Sry előre is, ha hülyeséget kérdezek :) Próbáltam innen-onnan tájékozódni, mert nem igazán volt eddig tapasztalatom 90 fölött