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    So in that case I recommend to make 2 options: 1st for colorblinds and 2nd only for merchant. Best for merchant would be keeping it same, but only addding RED, ORANGE, PURPLE to the notification that is displayed

    We already have accessibility features to help with such situations. I would propose enabling the "Add quality symbols indicators on items". This adds rhombus above the item levels that indicate the item quality.


    GCA is working fine, only thing that I don't have is tooltips under the item, how many resources is inside the item. Anybody has same issue?

    First make sure the feature is enabled: (select any "show as ....." option and then scroll down and click save)

    If they are still not visible nowhere, let me know which browser you are using :)

    Still miss 1 thing giving my char his own picture like in the old days...

    It keeps hidden the costume you're wearing and personalized your char more you...

    Just for reference, we removed this feature due to vulnerability issues, at least with the way it was implemented back then.

    In general, if the addon runs on a browser, everything should work except some styles. The last problem on chrome was related to running the code, not the code itself.

    aka most effort on this update has been put from Thanos and Wrath. I have only coded the few useful parts :P

    The problem with chrome is related to the new requirement for manifest v3 (something bugged out). Anyway, Thanos has pushed a new release so it is a matter of time for chrome to review the addon and you will get a new version on chrome. Firefox is working.


    This is due to GCA not gladiatus itself. If you want to retaliate you can do so from within each report.

    Please, temporary disable any addons and check again before posting an issue.

    Wait for the next version (v4.3.1), I guess they will address most issues there. But I do agree that the flags need work or removal.

    Thanos has fixes a number of issues. He had to disable some features until they are fixed. You can track the progress here:

    I don't know if there will be a release before the merges, so I would propose getting the development version for now (download the code from github's green button, and then follow the guide to load the addon as a zip but make sure you select the "source" folder. Do not forget to disable the addon you already have)

    Sorry I replied in the wrong topic

    I'll just add that the blessings in the guild add the identical values as the powders but only in green. Regardless of whether we have a blessing in red/green or any other color. The values add identical at the same lvl. And the other table is the values for grindstones.

    I think I cracked it:

    (powder upgrade value) = round down[ (round down[ (level of powder) * 0.12 ] + 1) * (quality factor) ]

    quality factor = 1.00 green, 1.15 for blue, 1.30 for purple, 1.50 for orange, 1.75 for red

    Anyone knows how upgrade stats are calculated based on the quality?

    The following formula is close but not exact:

    (powder upgrade value) = round down[ (level of powder) * (quality factor) / 7 ]

    quality factor = 0.9 green, 1.0 for blue, 1.15 for purple, 1.3 for orange, 1.5 for red

    PS: Sorry for double posting

    do you intend to update your magic wand GCA, as far as you can guess from the upcoming world merge ?

    We haven't assess what may happen with the merges but the goal is to initially fix the main errors/bugs to get GCA running. I will try to get this done "soon" after the merges.

    Gladiatus-Tools got nothing to do with GCA, different owner, like I said in a different thread, check the Gladiatus discord, Michalus said that he forgot to pay for the server and is currently busy.

    I hope he sorts it soon. His page is very useful

    For a second I panicked and thought we forgot to pay the server XD

    Guys there is no point of arguing, we all have the same goal here, spend some nice time playing the game.

    Hopefully we will not have too many bugs to solve. I will try to fix the big ones within the first days depending on external factors.

    zyzzi, as far as the code is concerned, the use of regexp is required sometimes due to differences between localization. That been said, if you have code related proposals, feel free to create a pull request, our code is open on Github and we will be happy to make it better!

    I am sorry but I need to stand my ground here. We do take feedback really seriously and that is why GCA has reach this level. There are currently 48 issues open in our GitHub 95% of which are feature requests or enhancements. In addition to that, we have closed around 50 issues (including feature requests, enhancements & bugs) in the last month alone. Don't you think its a little unfair to criticize that we prioritized an other feature request instead of yours? It is a bit rude too.

    That been said, it is in my plans to add the name of the item above it's gold as soon as I have some free time. I will also open github feature requests for the other features you propose.

    The gold/stats graphs were not working because we rely on gold stats from achievements and I found out that Gameforge had that number wrong after reaching a limit (they had a limit in their database). I don't even remember when I first reported that... Now it is fixed, and you get a much better idea about your gold but selling items you bought still doubles your earnings. Apart from that, it works as it should.

    PS: Only small fixes are left out of the changelog. Everything else is there.

    Edit: We already have a merchant timer (on the green/red icon next to blacksmith) and you get a notification when your guild is ready to attack again.