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    A level 100 player on speed 1 will have collected the same amount of gold, and the same amount of orange/red items, as the same player on speed 5. He just collects it slower, as he advances slower in levels as well.

    I agree with the loot. But you forgot the smelting time..

    And that's only orange and on a x4 server. x1 would have around 56 hours, while x5 would have around 11 hours..

    Let's say you have orange helms of lvl 110-115 with an event that gives you 10% more mats, x1 speed will smelt one in around 15 hours, while x5 in 3 hours.. That means x1 smelts 6 items (Or 12 if they put a day before) while x5 smelts 48 items (Or 56 if they put a day before)

    That's the biggest difference in speed servers.

    No.. He's fighting Papa Sasama, and he has a skill which reverse your heal or damage. So damage become heal, and heal become damage.

    Basically, whenever you healer heals your allies, he actually deal damage (to allies) when affected by that skill. Also, whatever mercenary is affected by that skill, will heal Papa Sasama instead of doing damage.

    Every "beast" can be tamed.. Did you forget you about THE RANDOM? Where you lose to someone with 100 less damage and 5k armor less than you? I've had worse than that example.

    Why change the game for a player? If your guildmates are online even 10 15 minutes a day it's enough to make packs at GM with 24 hours.

    Besides, why would you be alone in a guild? What's the point of playing alone? You'll just be a farm when you hit 100 and DP costumes.

    True. But all this spins around the threat and how the bigger it is, the most damage will go to the specific mercenary. I said Lucius because of high armor, which means more damage absorbed than with Amulius or Aulus. For what i've seen on other servers, most of them have Lucius on healer, but i don't know if this works any better. I lose fights with players with Lucius healer, while their minimal damage is around 600. Also can't say if it was a random of no crits or really works, because i can't find those players every 15 minutes (example) to test more fights.

    Perhaps someone have a healer with Lucius and can write his point of view?

    This is a fight with his mercs having 620 / 650 / 680 while mine 720 / 680 / 690 (minimal damage). Those in red are mercs with "direct attention to one self". His have the biggest threat after the clone, and received the most damage.

    Still trying to understand how this works, but maybe forging the healer with Lucius while having around 1400 heal would work better? Any oppinions?

    5 times tops. Also the protection attacks works in provinciarum, so if you retaliate and steal gold, you must wait the protection time to steal gold again.

    Also, i don't know if the protection time is his server speed or your speed. Maybe someone knows that?

    As far as i know, the bigger the threat, the more attacks that mercenary will get. I didn't understood why healers were equipped with lucius's items, but can't see other reason. High armor, high blocking chance and most of attacks go for the highest threat.

    About the "Direct attention to one self" i'm curious to find out too. Although, Soundcheck20 reply seems to be the best.

    Pergamentele se folosesc la forjă

    Sus se găsec "Prefixele" (Thaliths, Ichorus etc) iar jos se găsesc "Sufixele" ( A asasinării, a delicatesei etc) Pentru a putea forja trebuie să citeşti acele pergamente (Le foloseşti ca mâncarea)

    În plus, ai nevoie de acele materiale pentru a putea forja.

    Fiecare item are o şansă de reuşită în funcţie de nivelul tău, iar durata de forjare în funcţie de nivelul itemului, calitatea materialelor (Verde, albastru, mov, porto sau roşu) şi itemul propriu-zis, amuletele având cea mai lungă durată în timp ce mănuşile au cea mai scurtă.

    Exemplu: Măciuca este nivel 1 (bază) iar suliţa nivel 9 (bază)

    Şansa poate fi crescută iar numărul de materiale pot fi reduse cu ajutorul uneltelor


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    just_beRO I don't know about you, but i am lvl 100 for a little more of 2 weeks and already got 2 scrolls (darkness and wings) with less than 50 rubies spent in UW. Easiest way was with this -50% quest reduced time + quests pact (no cooldown for quests) and spammed for 8 hours quests that rewards you items with suffixes and prefixes + 10% scroll chance from smelting.

    I can find only prefixes "Lethe" and now (just did 104) i can find "Sebastianus" too because prefix lvl is 113, and item lvl is 104, and rewards are always your level. But suffixes a lot, had some items of "torment" and "inferno" but no luck. Also, speed have advantage of course, because of smelting time.

    P.S: Someone told me that they had a quest reward +1 of his lvl (unconfirmed)

    For the limited time ones yes, but i was asking if something could be added to make them soulbounded.. Because when you change an item from a mercenary, you need to add a protection equipment minimum blue (for me) and can't find high levels ones so easy in auction house.

    Could we make some items souldbounded even if we can't equip them, like protection equipment. I get quite a lot from expeditions which are already souldbounded, but i wonder if those dropped in dungens can be made souldbounded to stack with the others? This includes damage stones (permanent and time limited)